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Colognola ai Colli (Verona),  AL 
  • Booth: 7547

Backed by 100 years of combined experience, GEA Comas & GEA Imaforni offer tailored solutions for high quality bakery products. Our scope of supply spans modular processing units and integrated lines for cakes, cookies, layer cakes, pastries, pies, pizzas, special bread, crackers and snacks. GEA also offers solutions for freezing and packaging.

Brands: GEA, Comas, Imaforni

 Press Releases

  • Düsseldorf (Germany), July 9, 2019 – Under the motto “100 years of combined passion and know-how,” GEA
    will be exhibiting advanced bakery technology from its leading brands, GEA Comas and GEA Imaforni, at the
    International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas from September 8-11, 2019. Both processing and
    freezing technology will be represented at booth 7547 to demonstrate the company’s innovation, craftsmanship,
    partnership and know-how in creating bakery lines that are built to perform and built to last.

    Exhibits will include the high capacity GEA Rotary Molder for making soft dough cookies and shortbreads with
    different shapes and dough consistencies. Also on display, the GEA Multi-piston Depositor, which works with
    ovens up to three meters wide and boasts a host of innovative features that result in better products and higher
    productivity. As well in the spotlight, the GEA Paper Cup Denester, which places paper cups, aluminum foils and
    plastic containers for production of cupcakes, muffins, pies and layer cakes and operates at up to 50 cycles/minute.
    And throwing a little light on things will be the GEA TecLight, the new LED light option from GEA, specifically
    developed for use under freezing conditions reaching -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

    GEA experts will also present CALLIFREEZE®, a unique new freezer control system for GEA spiral freezers that
    continuously monitors the product’s level of frozenness to ensure that products are perfectly frozen without wasting
    energy; GEA A-Tec spiral freezers which have been designed specifically for the North American market and
    featuring hygienic design, high product yield, fewer defrosts and low energy consumption; and GEA Packaging
    Solutions, including vertical form, fill seal and thermoforming systems that maintain food quality throughout the
    supply chain.


  • Rotary Molder – RM 2000
    GEA high capacity rotary molder ensures precise control of dough weight and so consistent formation of every dough piece.


  • A high-capacity rotary molder for soft dough cookies and shortbreads that allows the easy extraction of biscuits with different shapes and dough consistency. Stainless steel construction and practical GEA design ensures high-hygiene, simple cleaning and good accessibility for inspection and servicing.

    • Useful working width of 2,000 mm (78.5 “)
    • Speed up to 40 m/min (130 ft/min)
    • Accurate weight control across the width
    • Automatic belt tracking for better control of the conveyor movement
  • Multipiston Depositor – DF
    Industry-leading multi-volumetric piston depositors from GEA offer precise depositing and gentle handling of all types of doughs, mixes, batters for cakes and fillings for pie shells....

  • A multi-piston depositor for tunnel ovens and conveyors. The depositor head uses a pressurized manifold to feed the dough or the filling to the dosing cylinders through a D-Valve. Every cylinder is connected through special terminal parts, such as a dosing nozzle and injection needle, that guarantee high deposit accuracy. 

    • Independent cylinders reduce product waste
    • Available with vertical and horizontal motion, fixed or moving heads and a range of bases and hoppers. 
    • The depositing head can be easily removed for simple cleaning or fast change-over. 
    • Maximum production rate: 50 cycles/minute
    • Suitable for ovens between 600 mm (1.9 ft) and 3,000 mm (9.8 ft) width
    • CIP capability
  • Paper Cup Denester – NCR 1200
    GEA has developed a broad family of accurate and reliable denester systems that automatically pick and place containers for cupcakes, pies and layer cakes....

  • A family of reliable denester systems for paper cups, aluminum foils and plastic containers that automatically pick and place containers for cupcakes, muffins, pies and layer cakes. The double-effect rotation head increases operation speed by collecting the cups from the magazines and simultaneously placing them on the baking tray.

    • Places single or double rows
    • Up to 40 cycles per minute with tulip cups and 50 cycles per minute with standard cups.
    • Interchangeable magazines for various types and cup dimensions.
    • Optional horizontal tracking movement for continuous baking tray motion.
    • Highly efficient brushless motor technology
    • Operates with Rockwell or Siemens PLC
  • GEA TecLight
    GEA TecLight represent new and robust LED lights specifically developed for use under freezing conditions....

  • GEA TecLight can be used with the whole range of GEA freezers for the bakery industry. They are resistant to thermal shocks within a temperature range from -40°F to + 160°F.  The one-piece molded lights eliminate water ingress and offer a perfect draining surface. 


    • Resistant to thermal shocks

    • Large temperature range -40°F to + 160°F

    • Resistant to detergents

    Hygienic design

    • One-piece resin molded

    • Perfect draining surface

    • No cable gland

    Maintenance Free

    • Long-lasting LED lights

    • No water ingress

    • No wire connection inside the freezer

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