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The Brands of Middleby Bakery provide reliable low and high volume production solutions for bread, rolls and buns, cakes, biscuits, cereal, baked snacks and much more. 

We cover all industrial baking processes, from dough mixing, feeding and forming, laminating and sheeting to baking and cooling. 

Brands: Auto-Bake Serpentine, Baker Thermal Solutions, Burford,Corp, Glimek, HInds-Bock, Scanico, Spooner Vicars, Stewart Systems, Sveba-Dahlen, Varimixer


This is Sveba Dahlen - Your partner in successful baking

 Press Releases

  • We are now launching the proofing cabinet of the future—the F-series’ new F500! The F-series range of dough proofing cabinets belongs to a new generation of proofers jointly developed with bakers from all over the world. High priority has been given to smart functions to simplify and streamline everyday workflows at the bakery. The F500 not only provides full control of the entire fermentation process but it is also very user-friendly and features well-thought-through choices for the control panel and for easy cleaning, energy efficiency and long service life.The proofing cabinet also comes in a black model and is being launched in 8 sizes. Its design embodies the same good qualities as its predecessor, Fermatic Q4, but the proofing cabinet is now optimized to meet future demands for good fermentation properties.

    - We’ve focused our product-development process on optimizing the utility value for bakers: the cabinet must be flexible and quick to clean, and its fermentation, dough retarding and freezing settings must be easily adjustable, says Ion Folea, R&D Manager, Sveba Dahlen.

    The F500 is designed to meet today’s stringent demands on baking machines for energy efficiency and user-friendliness; at the same time, it must be able to readily handle stressful, high-paced conditions. Therefore, the walls of F-series cabinets are also insulated with tight-fitting 80 mm of polyurethane foam which possesses unsurpassed insulation properties. The sturdy cabinet doors are equipped with large, insulating double-glazed panes, which are not only energy-efficient, but provide fine views of cabinet contents. When the doors open, fans and humidifiers stop automatically, thereby reducing energy consumption and improving the bakery’s working environment.

    - We’ve also given high priority to fast installation and simplifying the maintenance processes,” Ion Folea continues, “This makes everything run as smooth as possible and minimizes downtime, both for initial installation and subsequent maintenance.”

    The optimized fermentation process is not only more energy efficient, but also quieter. Speed adjustment and demand-driven fans process the dough so just the right amount of air is circulating inside the cabinet. Parameters such as cooling, heating and humidity control the fans in each program phase, running the fan at just the right speed. Heating and humidity are pulse controlled to facilitate precise climate control.

    - We’ve also taken great pains to provide plenty of light: vertical LED strips mimic natural daylight inside the cabinet, illuminating the rack trolleys and providing good views of the dough on all trolley sheets—features required by almost every baker we’ve talked to. Therefore we’re particularly pleased to provide these in the F500, says Åsa Ericsson, Marketing Manager, Sveba Dahlen.

    The F500 is made of sturdy materials, and its top-quality, tried-and-tested components guarantee the cabinet’s performance and long service life. Stainless-steel drain valve and baking trays will withstand the stress and strain of bakery production time and time again.

    Welcome to our world of fermentation opportunities!
  • (Jun 18, 2019)
    We are happy and proud to present our new logo for the Glimek brand. Furnishing one of the strongest brands in the bakery industry with a new logo required both courage and reflection. With deep respect for the existing brand, we redesigned the logo according to the basic criteria we wanted it to manifest. 
    - “We decided to update the brand because we wanted to show that, despite its more than 70 years in the industry, Glimek is still a modern brand, ready to meet and step into the future,” says Åsa Ericsson, Market Manager, Sveba Dahlen/Glimek. She continues: 
    - “Glimek is and must remain a premium brand deserving of respect, which we now want to emphasize through our graphic profile and future product development.”
    The logo will be implemented on a continuous basis, starting immediately. Machinery ordered from September 8, 2019, will be furnished with the new logo.
    About Glimek

    Glimek has been developing and manufacturing high-quality bakery machinery under its brand since 1948. Ever since, the basic concept has been to cooperate with bakers to deliver machinery and complete bakery lines to meet their specific needs. Equipment flexibility in terms of both weight and type of dough is a crucial ingredient of Glimek’s success. The product range includes dough-processing equipment, entire bread lines and customized machine solutions.

    Glimek is a Swedish brand owned by Sveba Dahlen. Almost all Glimek machinery is manufactured at its Fristad factory in Sweden. Glimek delivers world-renowned dough-processing equipment to every continent in the world. Welcome to Glimek!


    If you have any questions, please contact Åsa Ericsson, Marketing Manager, Sveba Dahlen, on +46 3315 1547 or by e-mail at aer@sveba.com

    Åsa Ericsson
    Marketing Manager

  • We offer customized training at the Bakery Innovation Center (BIC) in Fristad, Sweden, where you have the opportunity to learn more about our ovens and bakery machines and how to put them to best use in your business. Our training managers and bakery consultants are experts in Sveba Dahlen ovens and Glimek bakery equipment. They are trained bakers with a knowledge of the industry and its challenges and together with their more than 30 years of experience from bakeries all over the world, they are an unbeatable source of information and knowledge – we guarantee you will come away from your training days with invaluable tips!

    Introductory training – basic training for newcomers! 
    Our introductory training is a basic training course created for newly trained service technicians and sales staff who lack experience in our machines. The course lasts up to four days and covers technical training concerning provers, dough processing machines, rack ovens, deck ovens, and pizza ovens.
    The course also covers the digital SD touch panel and the Sveba Connect cloud service. The curriculum also includes test baking where participants get to put their theoretical knowledge into practice by baking together with our experienced bakery consultants. Participants are also given a presentation about Sveba Dahlen and its product range together with a guided tour of production in our factory.

    Previous knowledge: None.
    Number of days: <4 days
    Max number of participants: 8 
    Lunch: Included every day.
    Language: English and Swedish.
    Cost:  EUR 150 per day/participant.

    Expert training – for those keen to learn more! 
    Our expert training course was created for service technicians who have experience working with our ovens and bakery equipment and who process a broad knowledge of our equipment but who seek in-depth specialization. During the training course, participants also exchange experiences with each other and our expert team of service technicians and bakery consultants. Training is tailored to suit the participants' level of expertise. The participants also receive a technical review of the latest product models.

    Previous knowledge: A deep understanding of bakery equipment from the Sveba Dahlen and Glimek brands or completed introductory training combined with two years' professional experience.
    Number of days: <3 days
    Max number of participants: 8 
    Lunch: Included every day.
    Language: English and Swedish.
    Cost:  EUR 150 per day/participant.

    Custom training – focused on your particular needs!
    Our custom training is fully customized to suit your bakery's needs. Maybe you need more in-depth knowledge in a certain product field, or a certain type of baking? A better understanding of panel settings… or the Sveba Connect cloud service? Or maybe how to bake bagels in one of our rack ovens? Together with you, we can create a training plan to meet your needs.

    Previous knowledge: None.
    Max number of participants. 8 
    Lunch: Included every day.
    Language: English and Swedish.
    Cost: Please contact us for a quote.

    Please contact us for a quote and more information by calling: +46 33 15 15 00 or emailing us at: academy@sveba.com
  • Making your baking business as successful as your bread! 

    Want to increase your profitability and strengthen your brand while at the same time ensuring the quality of your bread? 
    Sveba Connect can help you with that! By using modern technology and connected ovens in the Sveba Connect cloud service solution, you can access a wide range of tools designed to give you full control of your baking – all the way, all the time, and all you want.

    With Sveba Connect you can: 
    • Monitor all of your bakery’s connected ovens online – from any device and regardless of where you or your ovens are. 
    • Collect information about usage and performance through real-time statistics and data on your ovens’ energy consumption, shutdown and running times, and when the steam system was turned on and off.
    • Use and download data to your own system and use it to calculate running costs, optimize procedures, improve profitability, and ensure quality.
    • Save time and money with central software updates. You no longer need to travel around or hire professional help for service installation of new software.
    • Save, distribute, download, and share recipes between all your ovens – easily, quickly, and securely.

    This is the beginning of a new era using connected machines. We aim to lead development together with brands in Middleby Corporation and our customers. In collaboration with Middleby Connect, we will among other things implement scheduled services and preventive maintenance. 

    Welcome to a world of endless possibilities! Find more information here 

    When signing up for Sveba Connect you will get the 2019 for free on all your panels!
    ​All Sveba Dahlen SD-Touch panels from 2012 can be connected to the Sveba Connect cloud service.
    Welcome to the future and to Sveba Connect – the first step forward in new technology!


  • D-Series Deck Oven from Sveba Dahlen
    The D-Series consists of robust, reliable and energy-efficient ovens with double temperature sensors to ensure an even heat distribution throughout the oven interior, which gives excellent baking results....

  • The model selection is broad, which makes the series suitable for different types and sizes of bakery. The deck oven is also modular, allowing the possible addition of up to five decks.

    The deck oven is available in five different widths and is heated by electricity. It is well insulated, which leads to a good working environment while also using less energy. The heating elements are placed inside the all-welded oven and regulate the top, bottom and front heating evenly. The oven is also equipped with a power guard that monitors and controls the power output. The deck oven is equipped with radiation cover and turbo function, which means that it quickly reaches the desired baking temperature.

    The few moving parts of the oven along with its robust handle and seals that can withstand high temperatures makes it easy to clean and maintain. The sections come apart for easier assembly in small spaces. Equipped with a stone sole and steam, this is an incredibly flexible oven that offers endless possibilities in professional baking of sourdough bread, bread and more delicate baked goods for a reasonable price.

    1. Modular design
    Four standard widths – suitable to all types of bakeries and confectionary. 
    The oven can be expanded vertically and is easy to install.
    2. High efficiency heating system
    High-quality door seal and a well-insulated oven interior that retains the heat more effectively. Reliable heating elements with turbo function that quickly and efficiently bring the oven up to the right temperature.
    3. Robust construction
    The precision-built doors ensure safer handling through cooler, 
    ergonomic handles that give a better grip. The front of the oven is made of stainless steel.
    4.   Choice of control panel
    Choose between three different panels: D2 (standard), D1+ or the energy-efficient and intelligent SD-Touch. SD-Touch is a highly user-friendly panel; with only a few simple steps and intuitive menus it adds valuable properties to create and develop the best baked products.
    5. Choice of oven chamber
    Customize the robust, welded oven chamber according to your needs. The oven comes in five widths. The height of 160 mm can be replaced by a 220 mm high oven chamber.  
    6. Choice of leg height for ergonomic use
    The oven comes with black aluminum legs fitted with castors, available in different heights for optimal working conditions.
    7. Effective lighting
    Halogen lights provide the oven with a whiter and more concentrated working light.
    8. Oven grid
    Practical grid for baking on trays. One oven grid per deck is included.
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