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MIWE is recognized worldwide for its expertise and experience in the baking sector. The company is active in all climate-controlled aspects of baking – proofing, cooling, freezing and baking – as well as automation technology and plant engineering. Over the past 100 years, MIWE has fundamentally shaped the baking industry: from its introduction of the rack oven to Central Europe to the pioneering of “sight-and-scent baking”, which has led to the triumphant success of in-store baking.

With nine subsidiaries and 50 representing agencies, MIWE supports bakers all over the world in achieving continuously improved baking results, offering a broad assortment range from baking ovens for production and stores, baking refrigeration systems, as well as loading and automation technology. With the foundation of MIWE America 20 years ago, bakers in the USA and Canada benefit from a direct technological support and service.

Brands: Founded exactly 100 years ago in Germany, MIWE is also celebrating 20 years of MIWE America in 2019.

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  • (Apr 23, 2019)

    All the best for your business!

    Intelligently networked systems give you a crucial competitive edge. MIWE connectivity is our new strategic business area that consolidates all our activities related to digital solutions, the Internet of Things and smart factories. We provide a toolkit that not only helps you keep track of your information, it also helps you make dramatic improvements. Our solution gives you access to all incoming and outgoing information from your systems in real time and in one place for comprehensive monitoring and informative reporting. And there's more: Intelligent tools process the data so that proactive measures as well as self-optimising functions can be systematically implemented.
    Discover MIWE connectivity live at our booth at the IBIE!
  • (Apr 23, 2019)

    Take a look at the bakery planning of the future. Experience a complete bakery in 3D thanks to virtual reality. Move around inside as if you were actually there. Zoom in on important details. Take a look behind the scenes. Visualise your material flow. Let our experts advise you.

  • (Apr 23, 2019)

    Tempting freshness

    Would you like to bake your products right in front of your customers? Or offer oven-fresh snacks? At our booth, we will gladly introduce you to different possibilities, concepts and products. Experience the fine baking results from the deck oven MIWE condo and how the MIWE gusto can bake on a very small footprint. We will also show more shop ovens and will be happy to personally advise you on which solution is the right one for you.


  • MIWE orbit
    The new star in the baking universe
    Excellent baking results, simple operation and a robust design for heavy-duty use typical of MIWE. Convection wagon oven with a rotating rack for dough pieces of all kinds. With oil, gas or electric heating....

  • With its quadruple-pass heating register made of heat-resistant steel, a completely newly developed high-performance steam generator and its intelligent airflow, the MIWE orbit delivers first-class baking results and beautiful sheen with optimum volumes right from the start.

    The MIWE orbit is available with both established systems in the world of convection oven baking: the rotary plate and the lift variant, and therefore allows you to remain true to your preferred system.

    The modern Touch Control MIWE TC with its large seven-inch display is easy and intuitive to use.

    The MIWE orbit functions with a minimal footprint – and yet all of its technical components are accessible from a single side, namely the front, for easy maintenance.

    The thoroughly optimized insulation of the new MIWE orbit makes it safe and economical at the same time as energy loss is reduced.

    Smooth surfaces inside and outside, a single piece floor covering and a splash-proof outside add up to perfect oven hygiene.

  • MIWE condo
    The all-rounder. The same excellent baking results as with a large professional deck oven and a wide variety of baked products – the MIWE condo makes this possible even in a small floor space....

  • It‘s no surprise that this oven is appreciated the world over in bakehouses, branch outlets, pastry shops, hotels, gastronomy and catering companies or as a mobile baking oven during events. Thanks to its modular construction and the great variety of sizes, it can be perfectly adapted to the respective capacity requirement.

    • Powerful steam device with steam-proof casing for intensive steam and an excellent crust.

      Steam device as a separate component with its own heating system: no drop in baking chamber temperature.

    • Top and bottom heat can be regulated separately for each deck to ensure the best possible


    • Oven decks lined with stone slabs so bread can be sold as “stone-baked“.

    • Saves energy: separate insulation for each oven deck. Ultimate stability and durability:

      steam-tight welded baking chambers with reinforced top.

    • Hygiene and cleanliness via (daily) cleaning of the interior of the door with just a few movements thanks to a special, ergonomic cleaning position that also prevents the cleaning

      agent from dripping into the baking chamber.

    • MIWE connectivity included: integration in the MIWE shop baking suite possible (in combination with MIWE TC).

  • MIWE backcombi
    Combines the best of both baking worlds. The MIWE backcombi provides room for your ambitions. It combines the active heat of the convection oven MIWE aero e+ or MIWE econo with the gentle baking atmosphere of the deck oven MIWE condo....

  • Combining two oven systems in minimum space (which can at the same time be used for a suitable proofing cabinet) ensures maximum flexibility and exceptional variety in baking. Each of the two ovens in the MIWE backcombi is a proven expert in its field. The MIWE condo in the MIWE backcombi can be optionally equipped with one or up to three baking chambers.  If your shop concept so requires, the MIWE backcombi is also available in black.

    Choose between the high-performance cascade steam device integrated in the baking chamber (MIWE aero e+) and steam input with spraying technology (MIWE econo).

    Benefit from the economic use of cost-intensive resources thanks to autostart function (also combined with MIWE cleaning control) and configurable eco-mode; optional third glass window for even lower surface temperatures and reduced energy loss; window can be opened for cleaning purposes.

    Of course the MIWE condo is equipped with our high-performance steam device for intensive steam, and the ovens are lined with stone slabs, so the bread can be sold as “stone-baked”.
  • MIWE ideal and MIWE sherpa
    Always the first choice in deck baking ovens: the heating gas circulator with its static baking atmosphere is ideal for baking products ranging from heavy rye breads to wheat buns and rolls....

  • The MIWE ideal impresses with exceptional baking properties and subtle control functions.

    Heated with oil or gas the MIWE ideal offers significant variation options for the number of oven decks, heating circuits and deck heights etc.

    In the MIWE ideal, baking is done on a stone slab. Thus bread baked in this oven can be labelled as ”stone-oven bread” for marketing purposes.

    Always ready for operation, with saturated steam that condenses intensively on the baked products, a short heating phase, high heat storage capacity and fast recovery time.

    With MIWE atmo-jet saturated steam is available almost immediately in the baking chamber, leading to better products, optimal bloom and better sheen.

    The new MIWE variobake technology allows different baking characteristics (flue gas, thermal oil) to be used in the MIWE ideal e+ as well as far finer and more flexible temperature control in the baking chamber and thus optimal baking results thanks to the modulating burner with Touch Control MIWE TC.

    Effective rationalization: easier and automatic loading and unloading thanks to a variety of loading solutions namely the MIWE sherpa product range.

    The MIWE sherpa, the MIWE sherpa 3D and the MIWE sherpa 3Di can each be operated by a single person and will be attached to the oven for a safe and secure positioning. They differ in the grade of automation and the number of ovens to work with.
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