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Sottoriva America Inc. is the North American Headquarters for C.M. Sottoriva S.p.A., based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sottoriva - Italy is a family owned bakery equipment manufacturing company since 1944, located in Marano Vicentino. In 2019, Sottoriva celebrates it's 75TH - DIAMOND Anniversary. We are a international company for bakery machinery design, fabrication, sales, service and distribution, worldwide.

We manufacture / supply:

Mixers - Spiral (TWIST), Planetary (QUICK), Double Arm (IBT), Fork Style (ARCA), Self Lifting & Tilting (PRISMA), Double Tool (DUAL) and Removable Bowl (EVO) series.

Bread Equipment - Dividers (ZERO5 / ZERO6 / ZERO 10) - Rounders (ASR) - Intermediate ProofeRrs (NEW - CLI) - Moulders (F4 / F4L) from 750 to 4,500 pieces per hour, with weights from 100 to 1500 grams (3.5 to 52.9 ounces.)

Roll Equipment - Dividers (LYRA) 2,200 to 3,300 pieces per hour / DINAMICA 4, 5 or 6 rows - 3,200 to 9,600 pieces per hour / ATHENA PLUS4, 5, or 6 rows - 5,000 to 15,000 pieces per hour / ATHENA LARGE PLUS - 1 to 6 rows (exchangeable) from 1,500 to 15,000 pieces per hour. All units can run 15 grams (0.6 ounces) up to 180 grams (6.45 oz.) The ATHENA PLUS to 210 grams (7.1 ounces) and the ATHENA LARGE PLUS to 700 grams (24 ounces) with the proper optional accessories **

Roll Production Lines - SMALL LINE (with LYRA Divider) for round rolls, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, finger rolls or Bolillos. HI LINE (with the DINAMICA Divider / Rounder) for round rolls, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, coney's, brat buns, steak buns, hoagies, grinders, subs, and stamped rolls like Kaiser Rolls, Rosette Rolls, Portuguese Rolls, Armadillo Rolls, Telera Rolls, and Bolillos. FLEXLINE- w(ith ATHENA LARGE PLUS Divider Rounder) for all round rolls and moulded roll products up to 24 ounces. SUPER LINE - (with ATHENA Plus Divider Rounder) for all round, moulded, and stamped rolls to 7.1 ounces, and, the SUPER FLEXLINE - (with the ATHENA LARGE PLUS Divider Rounder) for all round, stamped, and moulded rolls / breads to 24 ounces. (All lines must be equipped / supplied with the accessories to make the full range of products noted, under "OPTIONS" for each type of line)

Artisan Roll Equipment - OPERA ON ( for a compact production of Ciabatta rolls and breads) MR8 - (for the complete production of Ciabatta Bread and Rolls) with guillotine cutting and special die cutting.


Brands: Sottoriva S.p.A. / Sottoriva America Inc. - SMALL LINE / HI LINE / FLEXLINE / SUPER FLEXLINE / LYRA / DINAMICA / ATHENA / MR8 / EVO / ZERO5 / ZERO 6 / ZERO 10 / QUASAR / ANTARES/ CICLO


    This compact bun/roll line suits the smaller intermediate / large retail baker perfectly for the production of 3/4 ounce to 6 ounce buns and rolls, including Bolillos. Up to 3,200 units per hour....

  • The Sottoriva LYRA-SFF SMALL LINE is compact, yet universal, for small intermediate wholesale and large retail bakery operations. For the production of dinner rolls, finger rolls, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, Bolillos with pointed ends and breadsticks. 0.75 ounce to 6.3 ounces with optional accessories.

    The LYRA Divider / Rounder is a two (2) pocket divider / rounder with adjustable pistons and interchangeable rounding cup sets. The rounding cup sets have a range for dough ball rounding, and, the internal cups are height adjustable to loosen or tighten the roundness of the dough ball.

    The SFF Moulding station has multiple functions for flattening and moulding the dough pieces. TYPE A has a Motor Driven Top Belt which is height adjustable, variable speed, and, reverse direction capability. TYPE B is for Bolillo Moulding, whereas, the Bolillo Moulding Unit specifically contours the shape of the Bolillo Roll with pointed end.

    Hourly capacity - low speed = 2,200 units  high speed = 3,300 units. Speeds are normally dictated by the size of the dough piece being produced.

  • Sottoriva HI LINE Series Roll Production Lines
    Sottoriva America's mid-sized roll production line Series called the HI LINE, has seven (7) basic variations, from the DINAMICA Divider to a complete Roll Line with Proofer, Moulder, Stamper, Seeder and Panner....

  • The Sottoriva HI LINE Series of Roll Production Equipment offers the medium sized baker / wholesaler an ability to produce 3,200 pieces per hour, up to 9,600 pieces per hour, depending on the Model DINAMICA Divider the baker chooses to for his line. The DINAMICA is available in three (3) models, DINAMICA 4 Pocket, DINAMICA 5 Pocket, or, DINAMICA 6 Pocket. Ultimately, the choice for the divider is based on hourly capacity, and/or, range of dough piece weights to be realized on the line. All DINAMICA models can run dough pieces as small as 15 grams (.53 oz.) with reduction pistons, and, top out at 180 grams (6.35 oz.) on the DINAMICA 4 model (up to 6,400 pieces / hour), 130 grams (4.58 oz.) on the DINAMICA 5 model (up to 8,000 pieces / hour), 110 grams (3.88 oz.) on the DINAMICA 6 model (up to 9,600 pieces per / hour)

    From the point of the DINAMICA Divider (chosen), the baker can choose the combination of a Divider and Panner, a Divider, Moulder and Panner, or, a complete line which would include an Intermediate Proofer, Roll Stamping with Interchangeable stamping tools, Moulding, Seeding and Panning in complete automation. Sottoriva can also deliver a line with Automatic Dough Feeding and Conveyorized delivery of baking trays or peel boards, as a further form of Automated production. These combinations present the baker with best solutions for roll production.

    Please consult with your Sottoriva professional for further information about our HI LINE Series of Roll Production Lines, to understand your best automation alternative.

    We are Sottoriva America and C.M. Sottoriva S.p.A. - names synonymous for quality around the world for 75 Years. 1944-2019 - The Diamond Anniversary

    Come visit with us at IBIE 2019, Booth # 2205 - North Hall - Las Vegas Convention Center, September 8th-11th, 2019. Tel: (704)-714-5880 /


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