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The market leader in Vacuum Cooling for the Bakery market provides tailor made solutions for the implementation of this revolutionary technique in production lines. Systems for batch production, semi-continuous and continuous production have found their way to innovative bakeries all over the world.

The advantages are multiple. Vacuum Cooling leads to substantial savings on production time, space and energy consumption. The product results show significant improvement in stability and shape. A longer shelf life can be realised. Additives can be reduced. Full advantage is based on knowledge of the product technology. The V-Team involves a number of specialists with Bakery backgrounds, leading the way of technology development and ready to advise you in one of the most impactful decisions you are to make for the future of your production. 

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  • Come to visit our stand and join us during one of our Vacuum Cooling demonstrations. ‘Mr. Vacuum’ will give several demonstrations to present the vacuum cooling principle. Come to learn more!

  • (Aug 29, 2019)

    Come to our stand and take a look at our scale model. The scale model gives you a good idea of our possibilities. In addition it shows how a Vacuum Cooling system differs from the conventional cooling method in space and much more. Come and explore the options.

  • Come to our stand to get all your questions about Vacuum Cooling answered by our Vacuum Cooling expert ‘Mr. Vacuum’ Patrick Duss. He will join our stand personnel to show the latest developments.

 Press Releases


    The rights of Aston Foods have been transferred * to VACUUM COOLING COMPANY, a BVT Group Member.
    With the realisation of this transfer the brandname of one of the pioneering organisations in the Vacuum Cooling industry is reunited with its founder Patrick Duss.
    Mr Duss is ofter referred to as ‘Mr Vacuum Cooling’ and is the absolute authority in the segment. Mr Duss and the Dutch VACUUM COOLING COMPANY have joined forces to create more awareness and understanding for this game-changing technology in the food industry.

    Should you be interested to learn more about what Vacuum Cooling has to offer you, please
    do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you.

    * VACUUM COOLING COMPANY wishes to emphasise it has not acquired any passiva of Aston Foods International and therefor does not accept any responsibility or liability in this respect.



    With the introduction of the V-Team (Vacuum Team) as part of the Vacuum Cooling & Baking Company, the Dutch Verhoeven Family of Companies emphasises its position as market leader in the global market for Vacuum Cooling & Baking in the bakery segment. The team will give a positive impulse to the sales growth by Verhoeven's subsidiaries BVT and NewCap and is preparing steps for the wider acceptance of the technology in the market.

    'Mr Vacuum' Patrick Duss as Pioneering Ambassador

    The current team consists of four specialists and will be further expanded in the coming months. The proud Ambassador of the team is none other than Patrick Duss, known as 'Mr Vacuum' and founder of the Swiss Aston Foods. This company was one of the first to introduce Vacuum Cooling batch chambers all over the world. The Vacuum Cooling & Baking Company has recently taken over the trademark rights and intellectual property of Aston Foods.

    The other members of the V-team are Uli Lauck, Rogier Vos, and Martijn van den Broek. Lauck has decades of experience in the profession of baker and held various positions. For example, he bore final responsibility for Research & Development at TTZ (Technology Transfer Zentrum) in Bremerhaven.

    The Group Product Management consists of Martijn van den Broek (Technical Group Product Manager) and Rogier Vos (Commercial Group Product Manager). Both specialists represent the next generation within the company, but have gained years of experience in the Verhoeven organisation. They have been active in Vacuum Cooling & Baking since five years.

    Leadership in Technological Knowledge

    "We are able to serve and advise all market segments, and have a continuous R&D for the further development of our product portfolio. But to achieve the best results with this superior technique, it is paramount to emphasise the knowledge of process technology. In the past years, we have gained experience that has led to a solid market leadership, also in terms of knowledge. We are happy to share this knowledge with our customers and anyone interested in the contribution this new technique and technology can offer to the market. To realise this, several initiatives are being developed in the short term." says

    Hans Stoop, general director of the Verhoeven Family of Companies.

    One of the initiatives is the launch of the Vacuum Cooling & Baking Academy and Members Club. Details on this launch will be announced shortly.

    Notes to the Press:

    For further information, please contact:

    Vacuum Cooling & Baking Company

    René van Ass

    The V-Team

  • Industrial Vacuum Cooling: a new perspective for the food industry

    Industrial Vacuum Cooling has been introduced to the market some years ago, primarily by the Dutch Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family (BVT / NewCap / Vacuum Cooling & Baking Company). In the meantime this game-changing application has been appreciated on a Worldwide scale. The continuous -fully automated- system to cool baked products such as bread, toast, croissants, muffins, buns and rolls is part of the extensive product range the group of companies can offer Industrial bakeries.

    The development of processes like Vacuum Cooling opens up a whole new perspective for the market of food production. Although technically incorrect, the term ‘vacuum baking’ is often used in the bakery industry, implying the fact that the Vacuum process has great influence on the baking process. While the baking process can significantly be shortened, a different baking profile and baking curve arises.

    The first continuous Vacuum Cooling systems have been installed at major Industrial bakeries over the world. By integration of this technique in the bakery production environment the average production capacity could be raised by 30-50%, because of the substantial reduction of the production time. Industrial Vacuum Cooling has now been applied for the production of standard baked products such as toast, biscuits and apple pies, but also for special products such as Gluten free. The implementation has resulted in substantial cost reduction and quality improvements.

    Most of these customers are continuously looking for a better quality of their product. But the investment is based on more than quality improvement alone. The scale of economics can be obtained by saving on space (the system is substantially smaller than a conventional cooling system) and on ingredients (the volume of the product is increased by Vacuum Cooling). Furthermore the reduction of the ecological footprint is supported by a massive decrease of the huge energy consumption which is an important characteristic and one of the future challenges for the bakery industry.

    The continuous Vacuum Cooling Process is much less time consuming than the conventional one. The modular designed installation is compact. The cells are stackable and can swiftly be loaded and unloaded. The ingenious operating system allows a rapid, partly pulsing increase and a controlled decrease of the vacuum. The Vacuum Cooling process enables a high capacity of production. The room capacity is customised and modified to the conventional oven production requirements. The system can be scaled up to quantities of 45.000 cakes, 54.000 croissants or 12.000 toast breads per hour, depending on the capacity of the preceding production line, the recipes and baking processes.

    The average cooling time for the products is reduced to 2-3 minutes instead of 60-90 minutes. At the production of Zwieback Toast, the maturing time of up to 24 hours can even completely be abolished.

    Next to the production of batch chambers for bakery products the Dutch company offers tailor made Vacuum Cooling solutions for the production of other product like sauces, soups and fillings, tailored to the recipes and production requirements. The systems are wanted because they are suitable for versatile applications which allows the use for a variety of products.

    The operating system forms the heart of the process and system. The product quality can be maximised and an increase of the volume can be realised due to a substantial reduction of the baking time. While the product is still dynamic the product quality is influenced and the capacity of the oven can be increased with 25-40%.

    The Vacuum cells are closed and therefor the heat loss which occurs in the conventional cooling process, can be efficiently regained through heat exchangers. The existing temperature and condition of the production rooms is much less influenced by the baking process.

    The baked product is stabilised due to the vacuum cooling process, and will lose practically no moisture (less than 4% sometimes down to 2,5%) compared to the conventional products.

    Vacuum Cooling influences the distribution of the moisture, which leads to energy saving. On freezing time for instance a 30% saving can be realised. At the same time the physical characteristics like the crust can be improved and controlled. The baker steers the process in a detailed way, resulting in a better product with less Acrylamide and other unwanted compounds.

    Vacuum Cooling & Baking Company

    Parallelweg 13

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    The Netherlands

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  • 3 Star Baker Chris Vreugdenhil on Vacuum Cooling


    Together with his brother Gerard, Dutch baker Chris represents the fourth generation of the Vreugdenhil family that has been running a wonderful, as well as artisan, bakery business in Maasdijk in Zuid-Holland. For years, Vreugdenhil has been one of the best bakeries in the Netherlands, receiving several awards. The first—now one of the nine in the Netherlands—three-star bakery shows an enormous amount of passion that keeps motivating them to reach ever higher. The Vreugdenhil motto of 'not bigger or more, but better' is lived up to every day as they strive to improve quality. And customers appreciate that. On an average Saturday, the cash register in Maasdijk does many hundreds of transactions. Part of the success can be attributed to the application of Vacuum Cooling in the production.

    Biggest Fan Makes the Product

    'Each of the almost 1,100 products that are made here has at least one super fan. If none of us actually truly like the product, we can't put maximum amounts of love into it—so we don't make it. One example is banana bread. It's a very trendy product right now, seemingly as a result of the popularity of healthy alternatives to unhealthy food, but it hasn't given us that 'wow' feeling. That means we won't be selling it,' explains Chris.

    'And 'roggeknar' (a rye bread variant with wheat in it). It's not one of my favourites, but my dad Jan loves it, so he makes it. In addition to his family, the business is my father's 4th child. He doesn't actually need to work any more, but he still is here a lot. Simply because he loves it. He was highly driven, a passionate, competitive baker. He passed his passion down to us in our DNA.'

    Not bigger or more, but better

    'We adopted my father's policy: you don't always need more, but you can always do better. That's our strength, but it's a possible pitfall as well. Throughout my career, I've never had a day when we said, "Now everything is perfect." That's our mindset when we spend months training for a competition—and I do mean actual training and top competition—to know that we prepared perfectly. However, when the day comes, we still have to perform, and the result will still always be a natural product. Those are never 100% predictable. That has taught us to never be satisfied and to always look for ways to improve. That mindset has won us many awards: locally, regionally, nationally, and even internationally. We were the first bakery in the Netherlands to receive the maximum of three stars, and we've been the only bakery to keep these three stars since they were introduced in 2011.'

    Best 'Ontbijtkoek' in the Country

    Vreugdenhil earned the title 'best product of the Netherlands' for a variety of products. Gerard is part of the National Boulanger Team. They have won European awards and will be competing for the World Cup next year. One of the most remarkable awards was the one for the best 'Ontbijtkoek', or 'breakfast cake'. It's a typically Dutch product, or more specifically a typically Northern Dutch product. In its history, the award had never left the North. 'My father, however, has spent ten years preparing and developing improvements to this product. When we first got the Vacuum Cooling system, it helped improve the product by two classification grades. It resulted in a first prize, which we won last year. That meant the trophy had to be moved from the North to the West, where it is on display now.'

    About Vacuum Cooling

    'We really embraced Vacuum Cooling, and we're very excited about it. Everyone can achieve 60-70% quality, but it's that last 10-15% that determines the difference between just okay and excellent. When we first heard about this technology, we wanted to learn more. The difference we saw it make was just incredible. The visible effect sort of depends on the product group, but in general you could say that, by using this technique and employing this technology correctly, you get a bigger return on the same investment. We truly consider ourselves an ambassador for the Vacuum Cooling & Baking Company, part of the Verhoeven family, which also includes specialised businesses such as BVT and NewCap.'’

    Chris adds a few examples of advantages per product:

    'Sourdough fruit buns, a 100% sourdough-based product. The dried ingredients, such as sunflower seeds and dried fruit, tend to inhibit the formation of the end product. Using Vacuum Cooling, it's possible to create a nice and fluffy product.

    Cake becomes smoother, gets more volume, and has a longer shelf life. You can also notice the difference in bread in the form of of better stability, more volume as a result of better structure. As a consumer, it also means that the experience of freshness is extended from two or three days to four or five days because moisture is distributed better.

    There is another big advantage for us as bakers: a loaf of bread can now be taken from the oven at 7:45 AM and sliced for customers at 8:00 AM. Normally, it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to cool first. That saves you a lot of time.'

    Does that mean that bakers can finally sleep in longer? 'No,' he laughs. 'We've just gotten a bit busier. One time, when we were renovating, we had to shut down the Vacuum Cooling system for a few days. Believe it or not, we immediately received complaints about products that weren't as good as they normally were and that didn't stay fresh as long.'

    When you're on top, everyone wants a piece. That's something Vreugdenhil has certainly experienced. The company has often been approached for partnerships, franchising, or use of its successful products. 'We know who we are and what we want. At some point, retail and restaurant businesses started asking us to become a supplier. An honourable request. And an understandable one from their side, since our products are certainly worth it. But it's a different ball game. Our focus is on the consumer, with quality and service. That's what we're comfortable with. We could have opened twelve additional locations if we wanted, but that would have meant shifting our focus. We want to cherish what we have and continue to aim at improving that.'

    Next Generation

    Daughter Lise can be found in the shop all day long and likes to be a part of everything. Son Ben is in school. Will they be the next generation? 'Our parents never pressured us, but when both my brother and me said we wanted to go into the business, they were of course proud. That's our attitude too. If they want it, we would love that, but you need to have the same passion to be able to do it.'

    In box:

    Bakkerij Vreugdenhil, Maasdijk / Zuid-Holland

    Founded in 1923

    The fourth generation:

    Chris and Linda, Gerard and Ellis Vreugdenhil

    Number of employees: about 40

    3-star bakery since 2011

    Awarded many titles on local, regional,

    national, and international level

    For more information about Vacuum Cooling:

    Vacuum Cooling & Baking Company



  • BVT Batch VaC
    The vacuum system is suitable for bakeries that work with rotary rack ovens in manual operation. The system is available in various types of models that are suitable for the required number of racks....

  • Manual application

    Batch production process

    Cooling capacity of up to 20 batches per hour

    Average space required 4 m²

    Low energy consumption

    Energy recovery

    Suitable for almost all products

    Rapid installation and commissioning

    Manual process

    1 to 3 rack solution

    BVT Vacuum Cooling

    Parallelweg 13

    5349 AD Oss

    The Netherlands


    Telephone: +31 (0)412 69 90 09

    Fax: +31 (0)412 63 95 65

  • BVT VaC Continous
    The vacuum system is suitable for bakeries with continuous high volume production and can be placed behind a deck or tunnel oven....

  • Fully automatic application

    Cooling capacity for high capacity production lines.

    Continuous production process

    Average space required 16m²

    Low energy consumption

    Energy recovery

    Suitable for almost all products

    Rapid installation and commissioning

    Suitable for new and existing production lines

    BVT Vacuum Cooling

    Parallelweg 13

    5349 AD Oss

    The Netherlands


    Telephone: +31 (0)412 69 90 09

    Fax: +31 (0)412 63 95 65


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