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DSM Food and Beverage’s extensive portfolio includes enzymes, hydrocolloids, bio-preservatives, nutrients and taste solutions, all aimed at helping you create the best possible baked goods. That means products with your preferred sensory properties (including great freshness, appearance and softness) —and which satisfy the unique taste, texture and nutritional needs of your customers.

At this year’s IBIE, DSM Food & Beverage will deliver solutions in “Taste, Texture and Health” for baking and confectionery goods. Read more about our featured solutions below:

Create the ideal tortilla with DSM’s tortilla toolbox

Not only does DSM’s solutions for flour tortillas help extend the shelf-life, but it also can prevent the zippering effect when stacking them. Use our toolkit to achieve all sensory properties that make tortillas so appealing: irresistibly soft, fluffy (not sticky or gummy) and flexible. Visit our booth at IBIE and unwrap the secrets of the ideal tortilla!

Discover ‘better for you’ muffins and cupcakes

We will showcase our solutions for sugar-reduced muffins and cupcakes with enzymes that create softness for extending shelf-life. Besides that, our family of carotenoids can be formulated into your products to provide natural coloration and health benefits.

Fortify your baked goods with Omega-3 in every bite

Create a standout, premium offering with Omega 3s for white and wholewheat bread. What’s more, this is all achieved with minimal impact on dough handling, and no impact on the taste, texture and appearance of your product.

Brands: BakeZyme® CakeZyme® Panamore® PreventASe®


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