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Your trusted partner for innovative bakery and snack solutions

Reading Bakery Systems is a global leader in bakery equipment manufacturing. For 130 years, we’ve been driving the food industry forward with innovative technology and solutions. Our brands offer a portfolio of snack production systems, continuous mixing solutions, & oven profiling services.

Discover the latest in innovation, automation, sustainable solutions to futureproof your facility at IBIE 2022. RBS Booths 3425 & 3435.

  • Sustainable Solutions for Bakery Processes
  • New, Advanced WCX Wirecut Machine for multi-colored cookies, filled products, and all types of snack and cookie bars
  • Versatile MX Continuous Mixer for cookies, plant-based mixtures, snacks, icings and pastes
  • Hydrobond Instant Hydration Technology
  • Redesigned Reading Thermal Air Velocity Sensor Array

Don’t miss this and an impressive showcase of snacks made on our systems!

New WCX GenesisPro Wirecut Machine: An advanced forming machine for an incredibly wide range of cookie and bar products

RBS will display and run our new WCX Wirecut Machine. This advanced forming machine creates the widest variety of cookie products on the market including two dough, filled, and iris cut cookies. As an option, we offer an integrated ultrasonic cutting blade in place of a traditional wire cutting mechanism for stickier products.

Sustainable and the Baking Process

Sustainability is a big initiative at RBS, but our efforts specifically around Ovens make RBS not only the industry leader in oven technology, but also the industry leader in sustainable baking solutions. Our updated oven designs reduce harmful oven emissions, improve energy efficiency and product throughput, conserve resources, and reduce waste.

Cutting-Edge, Automated Continuous Mixing and Hydration Technology

At the Exact Mixing IBIE booth #3435, we will feature the MX Continuous Mixing System including a dry ingredient feeder and two tank liquid stand. The versatile MX Mixer is suitable for plant-based mixtures, snacks, cookies, batters, icings and pastes. We will also present Hydrobond Technology® a new instant hydration technology, and an FX Continuous Mixer for fabricated potato-based snacks.  Stop by to learn how we can improve your process, reduce labor and energy, and create a more consistent product.

Brands: Exact Mixing, Reading Pretzel, Reading Thermal, and Thomas L. Green


RBS Science and Innovation Center
Reading Bakery Systems Overview

 Press Releases

  • Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of snack production systems, has announced the creation of a Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Regional Operations Center (ROC) to better service and support their customers.

    Changes include the promotion of Joe Pocevicius to Regional Director, EMEA as well as hiring Roman Romanov as Aftermarket Sales and Technical Support, EMEA. Hassan Harakeh will continue in his role as Sales Manager, Middle East and Africa.

    In this new role, Joe will be responsible for executing strategic and tactical company plans, leading sales, and servicing existing customers in the region, in addition to managing EMEA ROC staff.

    Roman will provide local technical service, support, and parts sales focused on enhancing customer relationships and improving customer service.

    “We’re pleased to have such a great team to service our EMEA customers. Joe’s promotion is a direct reflection of his leadership and achievements in the region. Coupled with Hassan’s experience and Roman’s local, on-site availability we’ve created an industry-leading customer support and service model.” said David Kuipers, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, RBS.

    Pocevicius started with RBS in 2012 as a Project Manager and was named European Sales Manager in 2016. Harakeh, who has been with RBS since 2016 as the Sales Manager, Middle East and Africa, previously worked in sales for AMF Bakery Systems, a sister company of RBS. Romanov is returning to RBS, after originally working as a Field Support Technician from 2011-2018.

  • Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) announced the release of the new 18-Nozzle Rotating Die design to supplement the 12-Nozzle Design that has been available to the snack industry for 40 years.

    The Rotating Nozzle Die mounts directly onto all standard RBS Low Pressure Extruders. The Die creates spirally wound shapes while continuously extruding a rope of dough. The number of turns and the speed of the extrusion can be controlled independently thus creating the possibility for an array of product shapes and textures. One of the popular shapes produced by the Rotating Nozzle Die is the braided or twisted rope. Spinning continuous dough strings together while extruding creates the unique texture of the rope.

    Depending on the size of the finished product, manufacturers can expect to see up to a 33% increase in throughput capacity on the same size production line when upgrading from the 12-nozzle to the new 18-nozzle design.

    “We are excited to offer this new product offering to our customers looking to increase capacity or create new products. The braided products are very popular because of their unique texture and ability to hold tasty seasonings,” said Nico Roesler, North American Pretzel & Snack Equipment Manager.

    Both size Rotating Nozzle Die designs incorporate gear-driven nozzle bodies constructed of FDA-approved sanitary plastics. The new design utilizes a food-grade semi-solid lubricant vs gear oil that virtually eliminates the possibility of oil to product contamination.

  • Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a leading global manufacturer of snack production systems, introduced a new pita chip production system that produces baked, split pita chips, as well as a variety of other baked crisp products.

    The fully automated pita chip production system builds on the RBS Multi-Crisp Technology with an additional multi-pass proofer, pita dicer and a high heat application during the baking process to produce a new baked pita chip. This flexible line can produce other cracker crisps, beyond pita chips, by bypassing the proofer and pita dicing steps. The pita chip system is available with batch or automated continuous mixing systems depending on the level of automation needed by the snack manufacturer.  

    “We are really excited about this new production process, as snack manufacturers are always seeking equipment flexibility to maximize production capabilities. We’ve developed a new way to produce baked pita chips on a system that can also create multi-crisp products. It’s a game-changer for manufacturers that want to innovate their snack portfolio.” said Shawn Moye, Vice President, Sales, RBS.

    The new system incorporates Thomas L. Green sheeting equipment, multi-pass proofer, and a convection and dryer. Collectively, the proofer, oven and dryer combination are an efficient solution, delivering consistent overall product quality in a relatively small amount of floor space.

  • Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a leading global manufacturer of snack production systems, introduced a new ambient cooling conveyor that efficiently cools crackers before entering packaging in a more-compact footprint.

    Prior to entering packaging, crackers must be cooled down to a specific temperature. If the crackers are not cooled to the correct temperature, condensation can occur in the sealed package, which compromises snack product texture and shelf life. Final product moisture and temperature control is critical to success.

    “The new Thomas L. Green Ambient Cooling Conveyor design is a win-win for cracker manufacturers, as it is more efficient to operate and easier to clean and maintain. It also reduces energy consumption, energy waste and employee safety hazards.” said Cameron Johnston, director, engineering RBS.

    The new cooling tunnel system is modular, allowing customers to add multiple sections to suit their plant or process needs. Each module is equipped with upper and lower fans, each with individual speed controls. Operators can control the amount of air blown across the top and bottom of the crackers via touchscreen control screens that makes changes quick and simple.

    Additionally, maintenance has been streamlined and made safer. Air filtration cartridges can be handled without ladders and can be changed or cleaned without the use of tools. Air handling blowers can be accessed at ground levels, again not requiring ladders.

  • Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a leading global manufacturer of snack production systems, introduced a new multi-pass environmentally controlled proofer that accelerates dough development time in a reduced production footprint.  

    An environmentally controlled proofer is instrumental in creating many snack foods, as the yeasts and cultures inside the dough require time to develop. Flavor, color, and texture of the final product are all affected by this proofing process and when temperature and humidity levels are precisely controlled, product consistency and quality are improved. 

    “With the new RBS Multi-Pass Proofer achieving snack product consistency, while improving operational efficiencies, has never been easier. We can achieve 42 Meters of proof distance in a 9.0-Meter-long proofing enclosure, by controlling heat and humidity via an intuitive PLC. This flexible, efficient, and simple to use system is exactly what today’s snack food producers are looking for.” said Cameron Johnston, Director, Engineering, RBS.

    Additionally, performance of the multi-pass proofer is optimized by a full enclosure around the machine for better chamber efficiency, and the machine is easy to maintain with multiple enclosure doors for cleaning and inspection.

  • Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of snack production systems, announced the expansion of capabilities and services offered by RBSConnect, their proprietary Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

    RBSConnect from Reading Bakery Systems provides the latest in innovative, custom designed control systems. RBSConnect facilitates better communication, coordination of the operations and the ability to collect and analyze data. These systems allow you to monitor real-time information, as well as provide you with preventative maintenance information, key performance indicators, alarm history and trending. This information will help you replace parts and discover potential machine problems before they result in costly downtime.

    “RBSConnect offers a full suite of innovative solutions to empower customers to maximize their system controls, optimization and management. It’s an exciting blend of manufacturing automation, intelligence and analytics. Resulting in customers achieving tomorrow’s baking systems performance goals, today.” said Shawn Moye Vice President of Sales, RBS.

    RBSConnect offers two service levels designed for varying operational sizes and sophistication. The platform provides a full suite of IIoT capabilities “out of the box” for traditional baking requirements as well as RBSConnect 2.0 for companies with more advanced operational needs.

    RBS assembles all control systems in-house and handles every phase of the project from architecture through installation and commissioning; a true IIoT turnkey solution.


  • Thomas L. Green WCX Wirecut Machine
    The Thomas L. Green WCX Wirecut Machine is an advanced dough forming platform for a wide range of wirecut cookies and bars....

  • The Thomas L. Green WCX Wirecut Machine is an advanced dough forming platform for a wide range of dough products including wirecut cookies, “frozen” cookie dough, two-dough cookies, cookies with fillings, pet treats, novelty shaped cookies, all types of bars and other products.  The key characteristics of the design are accurate piece weights, clean-cutting of the doughs, and precise product placement on band, belt or paper.  Sanitation and access have also been foremost in the design of this new machine which moves past traditional wirecut machines.

    Optional Multi-Doughs and Doughs with Fillings

    Two doughs can be combined within the WCX to make products with varying colors, flavors, and textures.  The hopper can be divided to make, for example, chocolate and vanilla cookies of various configurations.  3-D printing of die cups can aid in product creativity.  Products can also be filled with various co-extrusion materials. 

    Standard Wirecut Mode

    The standard machine uses a removable wire cutting harp assembly. With the use of linear servo motors, an infinite range of cutting profiles can be programmed to permit precise cutting, good weight control, and product placement.  Cutting profiles consist of cut position, stroke length, cutting speed, drop- and up-shoot.  These can be adjusted on-the-fly, or stored as part of a recipe set-up.

    Bar Cutting and Bar Crimping

    An optional ultrasonic attachment can be used for materials that are more difficult to cut and separate cleanly.  An iris cutter can also be attached for pinching filled cookies and snack bars.  Cutting or crimping of bar products are accommodated by an integrated cutting system mounted after the wirecut machine on the transfer conveyor frame.

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