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  • Booth: 6079

Prefamac Chocolate & Biscuit Machines, has 33 years of experience and exports to more than 100 countries.

Wide range of machinery for the enrobing, decoration and cooling of donuts, biscuits, waffles, cakes, (bean-to-bar) chocolates, ... Specialized in complete 47"-63" production lines. A lot of customization projects according to the wishes and available space of industrial customers, but also standard machines as melting kettles, flaking machines, tempering machines, spinners, panners, ... 

Product innovation, ergonomics, energy savings, multifunctional use... are central themes for Prefamac Chocolate Machines.

International and multicultural experience - service minded - English / French / Spanish / German / Dutch

Brands: Prefamac Chocolate Machines, Prefamac, Compact, Prefanibs, Premium, Roll'X, QM40, Quick Melter, Tempermeter, Panning, Curl, Turbo Block, Basic, Snipper,


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27 Industrial Prefamac machines : enrobers and cooling tunnels, ...

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  • Because the QUICK MELTER is a super-fast machine, we cannot show exactly HOW FAST this is done at the fair. So we just put a large block of cocoa butter, 8 blocks of milk chocolate blocks 11 lbs each, and a large block of cocoa mass on display on top/top of the Prefamac machine. Inspiring right?

    The QUICK MELTER  QM 40 is used for melting and maintaining the temperature of large quantities of chocolate (blocks or drops), butter or jam. The blocks are placed on a melting grid that is constantly heated. The QUICK MELTER QM 40 is double-walled and equipped with insulating stainless steel doors.



    The Prefamac melting grid can constantly maintain a high melting temperature and, thanks to 3 water circuits, there is a large contact surface with the chocolate, resulting in very short melting times.


    Up to 1100 lbs of chocolate can be melted in one go : 9 packages of 8 blocks of 11 lbs each if men fill the machine and take 8 blocks at a time in one movement (72 blocks together) or 9 packages of 5 blocks of 11 lbs (45 blocks) if woman fill the machine.


    The QUICKMELTER QM40 is equipped with a central control panel with separate temperature for 3 grids and 1 chocolate tank. This means that, for example, you can stop the heating of the 3 grids at night, if only the central storage container needs to be kept warm. Or that only 1 or 2 grids are activated if temporarily less melting is required.

  • Nothing appeals more to the imagination than a real machine demo !

    That is why Prefamac on its BOOTH #6079 will flake a block of chocolate every 30 minutes. With the inspiring Prefamac PREMIUM chocolate flaking machine, which is creating very nice long curled flakes or very small compact flakes. Both are great for the decoration of your cakes, donuts or pastries. The smaller flakes are ideal for hot chocolate milk and/or ice cream.

    We would like to welcome you for a warm visit at Prefamac Chocolate Machines !!!

    The PREMIUM FLAKING MACHINE pneumatically flakes one chocolate block (+/- 11 lbs) into premium quality flakes. The machine is suitable for both non-industrial and industrial production. On an industrial level, several machines are placed next to each other with a transport belt or cooling tunnel underneath.



    The PREMIUM flaking machine really produces the most beautiful and longest flakes. They are therefore mainly used as a decorating machine, but the flakes can also be consumed without any further processing or addition. Different knives are available. It's also a lot of fun to flake the chocolate block while your customer is in the store, watching the flaking process.

    Also BASIC, CURL and SNIPPER flaking machines in our assortment.


    The PREMIUM flaking machine works with individual blocks, though it processes a 11 lbs block in less than 2 minutes.

    Check the Prefamac TURBO BLOCK flaker as well (for big blocks of chocolate, cocoa butter, cocos creme, frozen cheese, ..


    The current generation of flaking machines works with a very solid linear guiding system, so that the machine continues function with unaltered top quality, even after 24/7 flaking.

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    At Prefamac Chocolate Machines we can tell you everything about melting and mixing kettles. Our team prefers to produce completely customer-specific kettles as shown in the photo below. All-in with stainless steel platform, lobes pump or gear pump, double-walled piping and additional heating. Special level detections depending on the application or ‘consumer’ of the chocolate, weight control based on 1.10 lb.(0.5 kg) accuracy… and all this followed by a signal tower in which each color indicates a specific phase. This saves considerable time and increases the efficiency and comfort of your staff.

    Mengketels meng

    You might also want a complete programming of successive melting kettles, in which various ingredients are added before the liquid mass is sent to an enrobing machine or a decorating machine? We can build this with the desired PLC or manual controls. Extensions in the future are also possible if you wish to add a melting kettle, another color of chocolate or glazing in a later phase. Prefamac grows with you and supports you in every phase of your expansion plans.


    Not only customization but also our standard melting kettles of 45, 63, 132, 264, 396 and 528 gallons (170, 240, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 liters) are very popular and always available within very reasonable delivery times. On machine stoppers, on a stainless steel platform (with or without a pump) and possibly with a simple “pump station” such as the leftmost kettle in the photo. The fact that our solid melting kettles still look like new after 25 years is particularly appreciated by our customers worldwide. Indeed … our kettles are certainly in 75 of our 103 export countries.

    Last year we developed the ROLL’X melting kettles at the request of several customers in order to be able to clean and change products very quickly. The solid and heavy agitator can be removed from the kettle very ergonomically and safely via a crane. Another important time saver if your product requires more frequent maintenance. And the small ergonomic ERGO 100 melting kettle, 26 gallons, is also a newcomer. With a simple electrical cabinet at the bottom and via a tap both sideways and at the bottom, you can easily innovate with gluten-free, vegan, keto… and all possible perfumes and flavors. Super handy, both for labs and in production.


    Individual or combined kettles can also be equipped with an external double-walled and heated filter. As a result, the chocolate can be used longer, your staff is relieved and in the event of a lot of failure the filter can also be installed in bypass. Think of your combination, and we implement it.


    Filling platforms at height can be developed for filling the kettles with small or large chocolate drops, or we can offer you very handy giraffe belts. The bags with drops can be ergonomically inserted into a collecting bin at a height of 3.3 feet (1 m) and the kettles are then filled at a self-determined speed. Very fast at the end of the day, or very slow so that chocolate is constantly being melted.
    And if you do start with blocks of chocolate of 11 or 88 lbs (5 or 40 kg)… it might be better to opt for our Prefamac Quick Melters. The insertion height of our Quick Melters is also only 3.3 feet (1 m), so ergonomically also a great advantage. By the way, the QM40 melts 1.100 lbs (500 kg) of real chocolate per hour (compound chocolate: even more). And thanks to the 3 thermostats on the 3 heated grilles, various products can also be combined. The stirrer at the bottom and the 4th heating of the machine make the whole an ‘immediately ready for use’ combination.


    Do you have any special wishes? Does your team have specific questions?
    Let us know. We do not shy away from a challenge and help you further!