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Ciranda is a leading supplier of certified organic and non-GMO ingredients with a focus on sustainable supply and fair trade practices. Since 1994, the company has been supplying high quality ingredients to many of the nation’s top-grossing brands and manufacturers in the natural products industry. The employee-owned company operates from headquarters in Hudson, Wisconsin, with warehouses located throughout North America for fast, responsive service.  
Product expertise includes – GLUTEN FREE FLOURS & STARCHES: cassava flour, coconut flour, native and pre-gel tapioca and potato starch; SWEETENERS: tapioca syrup and syrup solids, rice syrup and syrup solids, agave syrup, honey, inulin, maltodextrin, dextrose; OILS: sunflower oil, coconut oil, RSPO certified palm oil; COCOA: cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, chocolate; COCONUT: coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut milk and milk powder, desiccated coconut; LECITHIN: soy and sunflower liquid and powdered lecithin. 

Brands: Palmfruit™ - Coconut & Palm ingredients; CocoaRica® - Cocoa & Chocolate ingredients; TapiOK® - Tapioca (also known as cassava) ingredients; d’Agave® - Agave ingredients


  • Organic Cassava Flour
    Organic cassava flour is a mild flavored, white-to-beige colored flour that is popular with gluten-free bakers and snack-makers. Choose from fine, extra fine, all-purpose and toasted cassava flour....

  • Ingredients that inspire change

    In partnership with Biorganica Produtos Organicos Ltda in Brazil. 


    About Cassava  Flour 

    Cassava flour has a mild, neutral flavor. It is often touted as the closest single wheat flour alternative and is a preferred flour for gluten-free bakers. Ciranda offers various mesh sizes of organic and non-GMO cassava flour which are suitable for a variety of applications from extruded snacks to crackers to breads.   

    • Although cassava flour has only become commercially available in North America within the last 10 years, cassava (also known as tapioca, manioc and yuca) has been widely used across Africa and South America in traditional dishes for centuries. 
    • Cassava grows in tropical and subtropical climates. It is drought-tolerant, relatively easy to grow, and can survive in poor soil conditions. Harvesting is possible as early as six months after planting. As climate change continues to impact global agriculture, cassava is an alternative crop source that is resilient.   



    AP60 (All-Purpose) - Some water binding; best for softer and lighter doughs; try it for tortillas, soft cookies and most other bakery or snack applications  

    EF50 (Extra Fine) - Very high water binding capacity; creates cornbread type structure in bakery; softer fiber; well-suited for crisp cookies, crackers, chips, extrusions, and breadings 

    F20 (Fine) - Highest water binding capacity; creates dense structure; chewy fiber; suitable for crisp baked goods, extruded cereals and snacks, breadings  

    T20 (Toasted) - High water binding capacity; coarse texture; adds crisp and crunch; slightly nutty flavor; well-suited for coatings/breadings and whole grain snacks 

  • Organic Palm Oil - RSPO IP
    All of Ciranda's Palmfruit™ palm oil products carry the Identity Preserved (IP) certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)....

  • Ingredients that inspire change

    In partnership with Agropalma in Brazil. 


    About Palm 

    Palm products offer a clean label solution for bakers that want to improve shelf life without hydrogenation. Common applications include cookies, cakes, pie crusts, biscuits, crackers, and toaster pastries. 


    • When organic virgin palm oil is extracted from fresh fruit bunches, it yields a strong-flavored, dark red oil. The refining of organic virgin palm oil results in a lighter yellow, neutral-flavored organic palm oil with a balanced composition of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It is semi-solid at room temperature and can be further separated into organic palm olein and organic palm stearin through fractionation - a series of precise cooling and filtering stages. 

    • As one of the world's highest yielding and most functional oil crops, you'll find palm oil all around you. All of Ciranda's Palmfruit™ palm oil products are produced in South America and carry the Identity Preserved (IP) certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO-IP is the highest supply chain certification level offered by RSPO and ensures our palm oil is kept separate from other palm oil along the supply chain for true traceability.  




    Palm Oil RBD  

    Palm Shortening  

    Palm Stearin 

    Palm Olein  

    Palm Kernel Oil 

  • Organic Rice Syrup, Brown & Clarified
    Organic rice syrup is a nutritive sweetener and functional source of carbohydrates. Even sweeter, our rice syrups include a social program that impacts the lives of area rice farmers....

  • Ingredients that inspire change 

    In partnership with Matco Foods in Pakistan. 


    About Rice Syrup 

    Organic rice syrup provides functional sweetening in a wide variety of applications from bars to granolas to cookies to breads and beyond. In most cases, lower DE syrups have a higher viscosity and a lower sweetening power, while higher DE syrups have a lower viscosity and higher sweetening power.  

    • Through our partnership with Matco Foods, Ciranda has brought a quality source of organic and non-GMO rice syrup to North America. The program makes use of the Kisan Dost (Farmer’s Friend) platform which has provided a solution for struggling rice growers who were previously unable to sell their paddy without the involvement of middlemen. These middlemen often commissioned part of the profit and acted for their own benefit with deceitful weighing, unfair pricing and late payment.   
    • The Kisan Dost program allows direct purchase of paddy and provides opportunities for growers to increase yields and improve their livelihoods. The program offers low-or-no cost services including certified seeds, fair pricing with additional premiums for high quality paddy, laser land leveling to reduce water inputs, continued education by seasoned agronomists, and 24/7 mobile phone consultancy services. Our rice syrup is produced with solar energy.  


    Rice Syrup, Clarified - DE28, DE42, DE45. DE60 

    Rice Syrup, Brown De28, DE42, DE45, DE60 


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