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Let’s make bakery better together. Our unmatched ingredient portfolio is just the beginning of how we complement your expertise. Together, we can satisfy even the most complex product demands—from sweet indulgence and added fiber, to full flavor and reduced sugar / reduced sodium treats.

As our partner, you have access to some of the world’s most advanced research and development, technical and food science applications, and the ability to collaborate with our team of bakery experts so you can get your products to market faster.

We know that in bakery, every ingredient matters. Get a taste of what we can do for you by sampling our tasty prototypes at Booth #5453 in the expo hall. Chat with our technical experts and learn more about Cargill’s unmatched portfolio of ingredient solutions. Let's work together to develop more of the irresistible bakery products your customers will love. Visit us online to learn more.

  • Cocoa & Chocolate
  • Label-friendly solutions
  • Oils & Shortenings
  • Enhanced textures
  • Salts
  • Label-friendy and sodium reduction solutions
  • Sweeteners
  • High-performance bakery ingredients
  • Texturizers
  • Improved shelf life

Brands: Regal Bakery™ High-Performing and PalmAgility® Bakery Shortenings, Gerkens® Cocoa Powder, Peters®, Wilbur® and Ambrosia® Chocolates, Alberger®, Premier™ and Potassium Pro® Salts


Cargill Ingredients and Innovation


  • Ambrosia® Chocolate
    From coatings and liquor to chips and chunks, this portfolio is designed to suit your needs in a wide variety of applications....

  • Dark & Milk Chocolate

    • From decadent to fruity, bitter to semisweet, we have a chocolate to fit your every need.
    • Available in a variety of sizes of chips and chunks.


    • A wide selection of confectionery coatings and flavors, many made without hydrogenated oil.
    • Available in a variety of sizes.

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  • Gerkens® Cocoa Powder
    A premium global line of cocoa powders offering endless opportunities to provide a high-quality cocoa experience with a guarantee of consistency in taste, colour and performance....

  • Gerkens® Duchess Cocoa Powder

    • An appealing warm-brown color and indulgent smell and taste, earning its reputation as the “Boss of the Bakery.”
    • Works well in a variety of applications from brownies and muffins to cookies and cakes.

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  • SimPure® Soluble Rice Flour
    Finally, a label-friendly alternative to maltodextrin that delivers the familiarity consumers want and the functional performance you demand....

  • SimPure® Soluble Rice Flour

    Finally, a label-friendly alternative to maltodextrin that delivers the familiarity consumers want and the functional performance you demand.

    While typical rice flours aren't very soluble, proprietary Cargill technology created a soluble rice flour with taste, texture and functionality comparable to 10DE maltodextrin.

    • One-to-one alternative for 10 DE maltodextrin in a variety of applications
    • Similar viscosity, sensory and bulking performance to maltodextrin
    • Plant-based ingredient supports label-friendly formulation
    • Can enhance creamy mouthfeel in some applications
    • Positive consumer perception of soluble rice flour, validated through research

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  • Stevia
    Cargill's industry-leading portfolio of high-intensity sweeteners can help you delight consumers with amazing, sugar-like taste and up to 100% sugar reduction....

  • High-Intensity Sweeteners

    EverSweet® + ClearFlo™

    • Stevia sweetener and natural flavor in a single ingredient
    • Enhances flavor and sensory performance, including sweetness dynamics and mouthfeel
    • Increases solubility and sweetener dissolution to reduce manufacturing time
    • Ideal for full sugar reduction; can also be used for partial sugar reduction
    • Versatile application in any food or beverage requiring a higher stevia concentration

    EverSweet® Stevia Sweetener

    • Next-generation stevia sweetener produces stevia's sweetest compounds, Reb M and D, sustainably via fermentation
    • High-quality sweetness profile with a desirable burst of up-front sweetness and minimal aftertaste
    • Enables great-tasting sugar replacements of up to 100%
    • Contributes zero calories to foods and beverages

    ViaTech® Stevia Leaf Extract

    • Portfolio of high-performance stevia-based sweeteners brings optimal sweetness to even the most challenging applications
    • Proprietary taste prediction model predicts optimal interactions of steviol glycosides for true, sweet taste
    • Clean finish minimizes bitterness and licorice notes
    • Enables sugar reductions of 50% or more

    Truvia® Stevia Leaf Extract

    • Clean, sweet taste, similar to sugar
    • Sustainable, traceable supply chain from field to formulation
    • Consistent quality across multiple food systems and usage
    • Enables up to 30–50% sugar reduction

    Cargill's industry-leading portfolio of high-intensity sweeteners can help you delight consumers with amazing, sugar-like taste and up to 100% sugar reduction.

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  • Powdered Sugar
    Our label-friendly, 100% domestically grown cane sugar and corn starch blend is Non-GMO Project Verified* and Kosher, with no animal by-products used in production....

  • Powdered Sugar

    Our label-friendly, 100% domestically grown cane sugar and corn starch blend is Non-GMO Project Verified* and Kosher, with no animal by-products used in production.

    Also referred to as confectioner's sugar or icing sugar, Cargill powdered sugar is ideal for dusting, glazes/icings, fondants, buttercreams and more.

    • 100% Louisiana-grown pure cane sugar, blended with domestically produced corn starch
    • Clean, sweet taste, with minimum 95% sucrose content
    • Fine granulation (10x/12x) allows easy, clump-free dissolution

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  • PalmAgility® 507 Icing Shortening
    This palm-based shortening was formulated especially for ready-to-use icings that are essential to in-store bakeries and other fresh bakery outlets. It creates easy-to-spread icings that maintain viscosity, texture and design integrity over time....

  • PalmAgility® shortening products were created and tested by our bakery applications experts on our R&D team. Attention was given to the formulation and processing to achieve the consistent and reliable performance needed to bake with ease. Comparing the performance attributes to standard palm-based shortenings, they identified the following product advantages:
    • Creamier texture that may aid in faster mixing time and better incorporation of ingredients
    • Reduced brittleness across a wider temperature range provides ease of storage and improved workability
    • Broader plasticity range maintains performance and texture across a broader range of temperatures
    PalmAgility 507 Icing Shortening is a new addition to our PalmAgility product line. It brings all the performance benefits of the product line, as well as some unique characteristics for icing applications. Ideal for ready-to-use icings that are essential in many in-store bakery operations, as well as other bakery product retail stores, this shortening creates icings with the following attributes:
    • Easy to spread, even at 60°F
    • Provides viscosity control at cooler temperatures
    • Maintains viscosity and texture and upholds design integrity over time
    This is a palm-based product that is available as RSPO-certified Mass Balance or Segregated to help support sustainability goals. 

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  • Cargill Purified Sea Salt Flour
    A food grade, granular, white crystalline sea salt made by evaporating the brine made from sea salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean....

  • Cargill Purified Sea Salt Flour is recommended for use in products requiring extremely fine sizing for blending. It is ideal for use on dry soup, cereal, flour and spice mixes, as well as for topping snack foods. This material contains Tricalcium Phosphate, which is added to improve caking resistance and flowability.
  • Cargill Potassium Pro® Potassium Salt
    A granular, food grade, odorless, white crystalline salt with a typical saline-like taste....

  • Potassium Pro® potassium salt was developed to meet the needs of food manufacturers for replacement of sodium chloride or potassium enrichment in a wide range of food processing application. Contains tricalcium phosphate or magnesium carbonate as an anti-caking agent.
  • Premier™ Fine Flake
    Cargill Premier™ Fine Flake salt is a food grade, precisely-screened, fine, compacted sodium chloride....

  • Premier™ Fine Flake salt is intended for a variety end-uses. Food uses include control of fermentation in yeast-raised baked goods, incorporation as a dough salt for cracker manufacture, and extraction of salt-soluble proteins in sausage manufacturing. It is especially well suited for processes requiring rapid solubility.  Contains yellow prussiate of soda (YPS) to prevent caking.
  • Vital Wheat Gluten
    The converging trends of increased protein and plant-based eating are creating fertile ground for innovation in functional, plant-forward products. Cargill wheat gluten is a versatile, economical solution for delivering on this growing demand....

  • Gluvital® 21020 Vital Wheat Gluten

    Key Properties:
    • Minimum 75% protein (dry basis; Nx5.70)
    • Neutral flavor profile
    • Supports texturizing & binding
    • Enhances water / oil absorption & retention
    • Excellent extrudability

    Functional Benefits:
    • Improves dough texture & elasticity
    • Provides consistency in flour
    • Contributes to crumb structure & bread volume
    • Increases product palatability
    • Improves yields
    • Enhances mouthfeel
    • Extends shelf-life

  • Pectin
    An excellent thickener, gelling agent and stabilizer, today’s pectin is a source for satisfying mouthfeel in reduced-sugar beverages, shelf-stable appeal in low-pH dairy beverages, and flavorful gummies with label-friendly appeal....

  • Cargill’s broad pectin portfolio includes options that offer functionality in both acid and neutral environments, lower and higher sugar concentrations, as well as high-temperature processing. Our pectin experts help customers identify desired setting and processing parameters for the end product to arrive at the right solution for their unique needs. We’re also continually exploring new applications for this label-friendly ingredient.

    • Supports sugar reduction – Pectin adds back the mouthfeel and richness that are lost when sugar is removed from a product.
    • Creates body and texture – Pectin’s thickening and gelling properties are useful in creating a wide range of textures and viscosities.
    • Stabilizes proteins – In acidified dairy products, pectin helps maintain proteins in suspension and prevents curdling.
    • Label-friendly functionality – Fruit-based pectin can replace gelatin in vegetarian/vegan-friendly formulations.
  • Pea Protein
    PURIS™ pea protein allows you to significantly enhance foods’ protein content without altering taste. It’s produced from U.S. yellow pea seed varieties, specially selected to minimize the off-flavors typically attributed to pulses....

  • Protein-packed. Non-GMO Project Verified.* USDA Certified Organic. When it comes to label-friendly formulation, PURISTM pea protein checks all the boxes. To top it all off, those benefits are delivered with a creamy, delicious flavor, smooth mouthfeel and clean finish designed to please the most particular of palates.

    • Creamy, delicious flavor and smooth mouthfeel
    • Robust protein content, with a minimum of 80% protein
    • Versatile functionality, from bakery to beverages and beyond
    • Sustainably grown as a cover crop

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