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Diagraph's product identification solutions make it easy for food manufacturers to make the perfect mark. With high-speed inkjet coders and all-electric automated labelers, Diagraph partners with customers in their end-of-line coding and labeling operations.

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All-Electric PA7100 Print and Apply Labeler System
Diagraph ResMark 5000 animation - 720p


  • Diagraph PA7100 Print & Apply Labeler
    Achieve precise label placement at high speeds using servo-controlled label dispensing technology and smart sensing auto-adjusting controls. Print & apply labels on product, case and pallet panels in a variety of applications....

  • Diagraph's all-electric PA7100 print and apply labeler system uses servo-controlled label dispensing technology and smart sensing auto-adjusting controls to achieve precise label placement at high speeds. Users can remotely access the PA7100 interface as if they were on the line, running the system from the handheld controller, the Touch Pro IPC or from software on their computer via ethernet connect.

    Reliably print and apply labels in various applications including the front, rear, side, top, bottom and corner-wrap of product, case and pallet panels.

    Key features:

    • 7" responsive touchscreen display
    • Diagnostic screen provides real time feedback from smart sensors for quick troubleshooting
    • Brushless DC servo motors drive precision label dispensing and control throughout transit for superior label placement
    • Strategically integrated sensors track labels and web conditions throughout transit for total control of the labeling process
    • Quickly save settings, load jobs and receive label formats from NiceLabel with robust serial communication through ethernet
    • Remotely adjust system settings and view system statuses away from the line
    • Increased reliability of redundant systems due to back-and-forth job setting and label format communication, causing the standby labeler to switch on and take over without the need to shut down production to fix issues
    • Compatible with handheld controller or Touch Pro PC which can be used to control multiple systems

    Optional features:

    • Integrate the SICK Lector 631 barcode scanner into your material handling process for easy code verification
    • Design and manage label messages easily by using one of our preferred partner label software solutions
  • ResMark 5000
    Diagraph’s ResMark 5000 impulse jet system consistently prints sharp, high-resolution images on porous surfaces in the most challenging of industrial environments. The enhanced print head design allows for an easy swap of the Mark 2 and Mark 4 print....

  • Diagraph’s ResMark 5000 brings remarkable intelligence to the marking and coding industry with a system engineered to optimize end-of-line manufacturing operations. Utilizing our extensive industry knowledge, we designed this system to deliver simplicityreliabilityflexibilty and efficiency over the life of the system.

    The ResMark 5000 impulse jet system consistently prints sharp, high-resolution images on porous surfaces in the most challenging of industrial environments. The enhanced print head design allows for an easy swap between the Mark 2 and Mark 4 print heads, drastically reducing downtime and improving versatility.

    Our impulse jet technology is engineered to achieve the sharpest high-resolution prints on secondary packaging and cases with the most forgiving of throw distances. Allowing for nearly 35% improved barcode scanability over other industrial inkjet printers on the market, Diagraph’s new ResMark 5000 high-resolution ink jet system accommodates industry-leading ink throw distances of ¼" for high-quality machine readable barcodes and ½" throw distances for alphanumerics.

    The ResMark 5000 is capable of printing high-resolution barcodes at 150 fpm and alphanumeric text at 200 fpm and is built to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in the harshest of industrial environments while minimizing downtime for maintenance.

  • Linx 8900 CIJ
    Diagraph’s line up of Linx small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) print systems provides a wide range of continuous inkjet coding solutions to meet every budget, line speed, production environment and substrate material need....

  • The lineup of 8900 Series small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers – consisting of the 8900, 8910, 8920 and 8940 – offers manufacturers a coding solution with the simplest, most intuitive user interface, the fewest maintenance requirements and the most built in features to ensure maximum uptime. Choose from a range of models right-sized to meet your unique coding application.

    Key features: 

    • Sealed, industrial print head provides maximum print quality protection over longer periods of time due to sealed design requiring no manual adjustments that risk damaging critical print head components
    • Automatic print head flushing allows up to 100 starts and stops before recommended cleanings
    • Automatic fluid monitoring offers 8-hour advanced fluid refill warnings, requiring less unplanned downtime and less line-operator monitoring
    • Simple one-touch fluid cartridge refills during printing mean no mess, no tools and no mistakes
    • Effortless product changeovers are made simple by storing and easily retrieving multiple production line settings
    • Large, icon-driven high-resolution touchscreen allows for easy customer configurations putting important printer functions right at the line-operator’s fingertips
    • Extended shutdowns of up to 3 months without the need to flush or drain the printer are possible
    • Extended self-service intervals provide up to 13,000 - 18,000 hours or 18 - 24 months of operation between service interventions (see models)
    • Advanced System Monitoring performs real-time health checks, allowing line operators to anticipate preventive maintenance actions and avoid unscheduled stoppages
    • Prints 3 to 5 lines of alphanumeric text on virtually any material (see models)
    • Improved integration across your production line by connecting and controlling several printers from your PC, using parallel I/O and ethernet connectivity
    • Stainless steel case is easy to clean, has no dirt traps and provided a surface which liquid naturally slides off
  • TJ500 and TJ1000
    The Diagraph HP Thermal Jet line of industrial inkjet printers is a low-cost solution featuring the most robust and durable print head with HP inkjet technology. It is capable of printing high-resolution characters up to 1” tall....

  • The TJ500 and TJ1000 print heads are low-cost HP45A cartridge ink jet systems with features found in more expensive systems. The thermal industrial inkjet printers use HP inkjet technology and offer high-resolution print, easy-to-change ink cartridges and industrial-grade performance features.

    Features include: 

    • 1/2" to 1" print height
    • Prints text, graphics, barcodes
    • Rugged industrial design
    • Available roller retracting bracketry minimizes dust at the print nozzles while maximizing print quality.
    • Onboard photocells trigger print while measuring speed for print rate
    • Hinged cover provides easy access to ink cartridges
    • Easy snap-in / snap-out method for changing ink cartridge
    • Stainless steel faceplate is durable and cleans easily
    • Can operate in "standalone" mode or tethered to IJHH handheld controller, PC, or direct serial interface.
    • 300 dpi vertical and horizontal resolution
    • Print speeds up to 200 feet/minute
    • Channel purge at the printhead for easy cartridge cleaning
    • Industrial DB-9 serial connection to external devices (controllers, PLC's, scales, etc.)
    • Onboard LED's signal cartridge ink level status of "ink low" and "ink out".
    • 5 standard Arial fonts supplied: 1/10", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" or 1"
    • Font conversion program provides access to any Windows font at user definable sizes.
    • Prints up to 10 lines of stacked text
    • Includes "write direct" language for flexible interfacing with external systems
    • Can be daisy chained with up to 8 cartridges for larger print application

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