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It is our mission to be the most trusted supplier of essential equipment, bakeware, coatings, and services to bakers around the world, empowering your bakery to focus on what matters the most - feeding the world.

Founded as a family business in the heart of the North American breadbasket, Bundy Baking Solutions has become a global industry leader supplying many of the world's largest and most successful bakeries. For more than 50 years, Bundy Baking Solutions has served and advanced the baking industry with unmatched passion and dedication. The Bundy family of companies encompasses some of the world's best-regarded, top-performing brands, including American Pan, Chicago Metallic, Pan Glo, Runex, and Synova.

American Pan is the world's leading provider of custom and stock baking pans, pan coatings, and pan refurbishment services with customers in more than 110 countries. In addition to three manufacturing facilities in the United States, we are proud to maintain a strong presence and dedicated facilities in Brazil, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

Chicago Metallic maintains locations in the United States and Canada, manufacturing and stocking more than 300 different baking pans and shipping to customers worldwide.

Pan Glo has perfected the process for cleaning and recoating baking pans through almost 50 years serving some of the world’s largest and most demanding bakeries. Our exclusive methodology and coatings prolong pan life and restore optimal performance.

Runex, the newest Bundy brand, is a stock bakeware manufacturer in Sweden with two sales offices in Norway. Bakeware is available with a rubberized silicone coating and can be refurbished in the UK.

Synova provides release agents and oils with more value and stability than any other release agent. Reduce oil use, hone your glazing schedule, and extend the release life of your pans with the help of our expert release agent formulas, precise production process, and collaborative sales team. In addition, Synova offers release agent applicators including the AccuTech Pan Oiler and AccuTech Pan Greaser, which are ideal for applying the perfect amount of release agents to your pans. 

Brands: American Pan, Chicago Metallic, Pan Glo, Runex, Synova


  • Custom & Stock Bakeware
    We offer both custom and stock bakeware options for industrial and commercial bakeries and food service operations around the globe....

    • We specialize in the design and manufacturing of bakeware for your exact needs, including size, arrangement, coating type, and special features.
    • Our expert engineering, advanced tooling capabilities, and six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities can create custom pans to suit any bakery's needs.
    • Pans can be coated with any one of our best-in-class coatings (AMERICOAT®, DuraShield®, FlexiCoat, or OptiShield®), designed to greatly reduce the use of oil and extend the release life of your pans.
    Stock Bakeware
    • We offer stock bakeware through our Chicago Metallic, American Pan UK, and American Pan Europe divisions. Stock bakeware is manufactured in common sizes with the same precision and expertise as our custom pans.
    • Pans are available natural or with one of our exclusive coatings.
  • Pan Coatings
    Our best-in-class coatings can greatly reduce the use of oil needed and extend the release life of your pans. All can be applied to accommodate a wide range of bakery products and temperatures....

  • AMERICOAT® silicone glaze coating can be used for virtually any product and can significantly reduce the amount of oil needed for your baking process.
    • Approximate Number of Releases: 300 - 600
    • Recoating Available: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, UK, and USA
    FlexiCoat rubberized silicone coating is a popular choice for coating baguette trays, baking screens, and other perforated trays to provide specific baking characteristics and results.
    • Approximate Number of Releases: 800 - 2000
    • Recoating Available: Brazil and Spain
    RilonElast rubberized silicone coating is used on a variety of tins or trays and is formulated to provide easy release of a wide range of baked goods.
    • Approximate Number of Releases: 800 - 2000
    • Recoating Available: Sweden and UK
    OptiShield® fluoropolymer coatings have been developed to provide a durable solution for conditions where a standard coating will not perform. Whether you have an extremely sticky dough or extreme temperatures, we have a formulation that will work for your operation.
    • Approximate Number of Releases: 1500 - 3500
    • Recoating Available: Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Spain, UK, and USA
    DuraShield® coatings provide the longest lasting release life and the best release characteristics for baked goods from buns and rolls to breads and cakes.
    • Approximate Number of Releases: 2500 - 5000
    • Recoating Available: Brazil, Mexico, Romania, Spain, UK, and USA
  • Release Agents & Applicators
    Synova release agents and applicators are engineered to provide optimum value and stability....

    • You'll feel confident in your product’s release—run after run—using Synova release agents and equipment developed by the industry’s leading scientists and engineers.
    • Backed by the full Bundy team, you know you're getting the exact release agent you need and the support you deserve.
    • Our new production facility was built from the ground up to ensure only consistent, high quality products leave through our doors. We’ve automated formulas to make sure you get the exact release agent you need, when you need it.
    • Sanitary manufacturing with state-of-the-art controls.
    • Thorough, documented preventive maintenance and quality controls.
    • We’ll be onsite in your bakery to help you reduce the amount of oil you use, hone your glazing schedule, and extend the release life of your pans—saving your business time and money.
    • Oil use and release performance monitoring to help tailor the optimum oil versus re-glazing schedule.
  • Pan Refurbishment
    We’ve perfected the process for cleaning and recoating baking pans through almost 50 years serving some of the world’s largest and most demanding bakeries....

  • The Pan Glo® Process provides pan cleaning and recoating for bakery pans of all shapes, sizes, and configurations.
    1) Straightening (Optional): Hydraulic presses and custom-made dies remove dents and warping, restoring pans to their original shape.
    2) Cleaning: A proprietary cleaning solution removes the existing coating as well as heavy greases and carbon from pans.
    3) Rinsing: Pans are restored to pristine cleanliness.
    4) Drying: Pans are dried in industrial ovens.
    5) Coating: Pans are coated with our AMERICOAT® coating and cured in high-temperature batch ovens. (Other proprietary coating options available at select locations.)
    6) Shipping: In most cases, pans will be back in your bakery and good as new within 48 hours.
     Key benefits include:
    • Reduce Costs: Use bakeware and equipment longer and eliminate or reduce secondary release agents (oil, silicone, paper).
    • Decrease Cleaning Time: Enjoy minimal maintenance and cleaning.
    • Increase Efficiency: Experience fewer work stoppages and handling errors with straightened pans.
    • Increase Productivity: Increase yield and reduce waste from depanning issues.
    • Improve Product Quality: Ensure product consistency through improved dough flow and release.
    • Increase Safety & Cleanliness: Create a safer environment with reduced fire hazards due to reduction or elimination of oils and grease.
    • Enhance Sustainability: Limit environmental impact by reducing scrap levels, reducing consumption of oils, and prolonging the life of your pans.

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