CLM Bakery System SRL  

Fiume Veneto,  PN 
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CLM Bakery System designs and manufactures complete pizza and bread production lines, offering you modern and efficient production systems combining the requirements of industrial production with the quality of handmade products. We automate the whole production process with Turnkey solutions and tailor-made systems. We are leader in the world in the production of bakery lines for wood fired pizza and wood fired bread.

In our wood fired pizza lines the tunnel stone ovens CLM Vesuvio, powered by wood (and gas if wished) are equipped with the innovative patented embracing heat baking system and are accompanied by complementary equipment such as the innovative automatic fermentation units for 24/48 hours sponge/biga fermentation and main dough fermentation in small bins of 25 kilos, the automatic dough balls proofer, crossing lamination and a special hot pressing technology which does not need any additional oil or flour. The real Italian pizza was born in Napoli baked in wood fired oven. Our wood fired tunnel oven for pizza CLM VESUVIO are completely built in stone and refractory material and thanks to these materials, accumulates and emits heat uniformly, guaranteeing the best baking stability for any type of product. At the same time the automatic wood loading guarantees you high productivity and energetic efficiency. Wood is a renewable form of energy improving the carbon footprint of your products.
In CLM Bakery System wood fired bread lines the CLM Vesuvio tunnel oven for bread will allow modern consumers to discover the ancient flavour of traditional bread baked in a wood-fired oven and thanks to the smokes that hit and embrace the products, it allows the aromas and fragrances found only in few artisan bakeries to be rediscovered. For the proofing in our wood fired bread lines we offer you the proofer CLM Libera which can be fully emptied for a quick and easy cleaning and allows you to choose the suitable proofing time at multiple intervals of a few minutes regardless of the baking time needed for the product. At one time, bread was proved on wood boards, wicker baskets, linen pockets or other natural materials. With CLM Libera, you can choose the ideal surface for exalting the flavour and development of your products; this customisation provides for specific stores for each type of tray, with automatic in-line changing of the trays.

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