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DIOSNA – the global leader in fermentation and mixing technology for baked products with 135 years of experience. We design and manufacture reliable & sustainable high quality “Made in Germany” solutions for sourdough production, dough mixing and pharmaceutical production,  serving bakery / food / pharmaceuticals / cosmetics / fine chemicals.

DIOSNA North America is located in Atlanta.

DIOSNA is a member of the LINXIS Group. The group consists of experts in ingredient automation, sourdough & fermentation systems, mixing & depositing technologies for the food & health industries. 

Brands: DIOSNA, DIOstart


  • HygienicDesign Wendel Mixer with removable bowl
    For an extremely flexible use, the DIOSNA HygienicDesign product series has been expanded by a Wendel Mixer with a removable bowl, the DIOSNA WH 240 A with a capacity of 240 kg per batch (wheat dough at flour:water ratio 100:56)...

  • Efficient and clean mixing

    DIOSNA offers a series of Hygienic Design Wendel Mixers for efficient and clean dough production to meet the hygienic regulations. Hygiene guideline standards are applied to machine and component design in order to avoid microbial and particle containment of the end-product.

    Reduce mixing time. Increase capacity. 

    With DIOSNA Wendel Mixers you can reduce your mixing time by up to 50% compared to other kneading technologies and thus achieve a higher dough production capacity.

    Advantages at a glance:

    • cooler doughs
    • shorter mixing times
    • higher dough yield
    • higher water absorption
    • improved measurable dough structures
    • shorter cleaning cycles for reduced downtime

    Achieve a significantly higher production capacity, more process reliability and a higher quality of the final product while meeting hygienic requirements.

    The new DIOSNA HygienicDesign Wendel Mixer WH 240A with removable bowl can be used in smaller bakeries as well as for fully automated large-scale production 

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