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TMB Baking is a full-service baking equipment, smallwares & accessories, and consulting company proudly serving the global artisan bread and baked goods industry for 36 years. In this time, TMB Baking & neighbor, San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI), have provided support to thousands of bakers. TMB has an expansive installed base of both retail and wholesale bread & pastry bakery customers in the US and beyond. Our mission continues by being responsible to our clients when providing process-layout consulting services. Having a global network of equipment suppliers, TMB is project centric, recommending the best-suited equipment solutions, delivering & installing our equipment with spare parts & technical support available in-house.  TMB Baking is a proven partner always ready to help.

TMB Baking was founded in 1986 as Consulting & Marketing Services by French natives Michel & Evelyn Suas. In 1996 the company began operating under its current name TMB Baking. In the same year, Michel founded the baking school SFBI, which quickly became a world renowned leader in artisan bread & pastry education. TMB & SFBI serve as enduring resources to the baking industry. 

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    The TMB Baking XL1 Single Rack Gas Oven is the workhorse of rack ovens, able to lift and bake a rack containing 15 or more sheet pans, baguette trays or strap pan loaf pans or two single racks of the same. Recommended for US-made, UL and CSA approved....

  • Latest Development in Baking and Cooking Technology

    • Combines air flow management, steam generation and thermal exchange to expertly accommodate production needs.
    • Flexible design accepts many styles of rack lifts
    • Robust unitized body is constructed from 300 series stainless steel both inside and out.
    • “Cool door” with heavy-duty hinges, a built-in ventilator
    • Three piece modular construction and a rugged heat exchanger

    High Capacity Steam System

    • Quick recovery and high steam generation negate the need for additional wait and excess temperature heat-up time.
    • Pulse steam is standard for roasting applications, while timed intermittent steam is standard for baking.
    • Option of a DC drive to adjust fan speed, is in the hands of the operator, with easy-to-use controls.

    Durable & Efficient Heat Exchanger

    • Heavy-duty heat exchanger constructed completely of alloy 300 series stainless steel, assembled in a counter-flow pattern. This combination of metallurgy and design flow accomplishes an 85% thermal dynamic factor, lowering operational costs and giving optimum product bake development and crust quality.

    Flexible Rack Lift & Rack Load

    • The cam style lifter is capable of lifting the heaviest loads in both baking and roasting capacities.
    • Lifting the rack while the door is closing and setting it down when the door is opened, allows for ease of use and low maintenance.
    • Trouble-free design eliminates the need for lifting motors and troublesome clutch devices.
    • Different carrier options are available in order to accommodate many different styles of racks. Loading weight capacity is 1,200 lbs.

    Capable PLC Control & Panel Design

    • Equipped with a PLC touch sensitive control screen, allowing all operation control of the oven, including memorization of 50 recipes.
    • Also provides access to 2 additional screens: Maintenance and Alarm.
    • A PLC bypass allows complete manual operation and control over all oven features, including a manual thermostat, and steam.
    TSPI is a compact self-tipping Mixer, comprising a SPI FE spiral mixer coupled with a hydraulic lifter, designed to raise the entire structure vertically and, with a rotating movement, tip the dough in the bowl onto the worktable....

    • Shockproof thermoformed ABS head cover
    • Electronic control panel
    • Stainless steel bowl and protection grid
    • High-resistance stainless steel spiral arm and breaker bar
    • Electric system installed in IP55 grade protection box
    • Hard torsion-resistant single-unit structure, anticorrosive double epoxy powder-coated
    • Access for easy inspection and regular maintenance
    • Hydraulic lifting and tipping system
    • Column positioned on the right-hand side or left-hand side, high or low, depending on tipping requirements
    • Up-down movements by “hold-to-run” controls
    Custom Proofers, Retarders & Retarder-Proofers built to meet your size and performance needs....

    • From one single rack to hundreds of double racks or any option in-between, TMB Baking can supply the configuration you need
    • 3 ½” insulted cam-lock stainless steel wall and ceiling panels, with reinforced, diamond-plate base doors
    • Standard box is stainless steel, inside and out, for longevity in humid and corrosive (sourdoughs) environments
    • Galvalume© box avaiable for walk-ins and retarders in low-moisture environments. 
    The Steelheart™ Deck oven is designed primarily for retail bakeries due its compact design. This oven frequently fits both the available space and budget for retail bakeries that produce a variety of bread and other baked goods....

    • Four baking decks, each with one (Model 812) or two (Models 1212 & 1218) baking chambers per deck ( 4 or 8 baking chambers/oven)
    • Single baking chamber window width of 800mm (31.5”) for the Model 812 and two window widths of 600mm (23.6”) for the Model 1212 and 1218.
    • Hearth stone depths of 1200mm (47.2”) for the 812 and 1212 to 1800mm (70.9”) for the model 1218, providing baking capacity suitable to most retail bakeries.
    • Vapor tube diameter of 27mm, which is the standard European size dimension
    • A single steam generator per deck located in the base of the oven, with steam in-flow in the back of the oven
    • Gas burner firing into flame tube; less thermal mass than Stoneheart™ and TAG™ ovens, somewhat slower recovery times between bakes and temperature fluctuations due to more frequent burner firing
    • Use of high-temperature insulation for zero-clearance rating on sides and back of oven.

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