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Brevetti Gasparin designs and manufactures systems for the slicing and packaging of baking products, with the purpose to satisfy and answer specifically to the customers needs to optimize production processes of end of line with reliable, functional and guaranteed solutions. Gasparin produces single machines and automatic industrial lines tailored and able to meet all market segments thanks to the personalization and customization of the systems according to the highest productive standards. Founded in 1960, Brevetti Gasparin has matured on its over 60 years of experience a deep knowledge of the market able to guarantee for each product typology the right technique of slicing and packaging for an excellent result on the final product, with the interest in a continuous improvement abreast of the customer needs and the market evolution. The study and design of specific solutions and the ability to listen and interact with its customers, enabled it to be on the market today to make the difference!

 Press Releases

  • BREVETTI GASPARIN S.R.L.  has been present in Italian and international market for over 60 years distinguishing as a dynamic company with continuous growing,  being successfully so leader in the production of innovative and reliable systems for the slicing and packaging of oven baked products and next closing  with clipband system of products already packed.

    Born as small reality during the ‘60s, the company produces both single machineries and automatic lines studied, customed on the customer needs and always able to satisfy every range of market thanks to the personalization according to the highest productive standards.

    Determination and improvement are the key words of the constant effort that in this sector Brevetti Gasparin was been and is able to offer answering to every single application requested with solutions contemplated to the specific demands of the customers to optimize the productions processes with reliable, functional and guaranteed solutions.

    Every single product asks for a specific technique and typology of slicing and/or packaging that thanks to the experience acquired during the years, BREVETTI GASPARIN is able to satisfy applying innovative solutions and continuously  keeping up with market demands.

    So, not only therefore single machines to be insterted in the customer production process, but also automatic complete lines and the study of dedicated automatic loaders projected according with specific customer needs.

    Production processes that we handle are:

    • Vertical and horizontal cut of bread, buns, focacce, etc.;
    • Packaging in flow-pack, pre-made bags and bulk-packer typology;
    • Combined lines  of slicing and packaging of bread and buns;
    • Specific lines of slicing and packaging of tramezzino bread, tin bread, bauletto bread, etc.;
    • Cutting lines for crostini and focacce; 
    • Cutting solution for pastry products, such as Sponge cake, rusk bread, biscuit loaves, lagacci, etc.;
    • Closing system for package with clipband

    Right in the combination of slicing and packaging is contained our strong point with the advantage to offer eccifient and focused solutions for each specific demand developing industrial equipment automated more and more.

    With the introduction in our range of production of automatic machines for the closing with clipband suitable to close the package with plastic clip with metal inside, has been completed the line that goes to compose integrated systems of cutting, packaging and closing.

    Closing machines distinguish themselves for reliability thanks to the mechanical operation that also guarantees high performances also with high speeds.

    Beside to studying, planning, projecting,  and construction Brevetti Gasparin offers to the customer a complete service of pre-testing and pre-commissioning of the equipment realized, installation by customer sites and training of the staff that will be assigned to the use.

    Additionally, the company offers and carries out technical consultation, assistance, revision and intervetions for ordinary and extraordinary maintenances, to guarantee always the maximum performance of the products furnished to the customers.

    Our goal remains as always to optimize the production processes with reliable, functional and of easy use solutions, because the best solutions are always the simplest.


  • Horizontal band slicer mod.110
    The smallest horizontal band slicer on the market suitable for the horizontal complete cut of your baked products...

  • The horizontal slicing of your products has never reached such accuracy.

    This slicer is the most compact and efficent solution in the market for the horizontal complete cut of your baked products.

    It is equipped with upper and lower conveyors belts with a width of 11.8" and can accocomade products in all its width.

    Thanks to the use of a band blade the result of slicing is really smooth, clean with an even surface. The really thin thickness of the blade avoids to generate a lot of crumbs during slicing avoiding any buld up of crumbs inside the product.

    Machine is completely mechanical with really accurate adjustments of the blade psoition as weel as the upper conveyor position. conveyor belt speed is maually adjustable and can achieve a maximum of 65 feet per minute. 

  • Slicing and Bagging line for bread loaves
    Automatic line for Slicing and Bagging for bread loaves with bags closing just right after the insertion the products on bags...

  • Bread loaf slicing and bagging lines have reached a new level of automation!

    Gasparin Brevetti has developed a complete system for slicing and packaging of the products in preformed bags dedicated for tin bread/pan bread and for irregular bread loaves free baked as well thanks to the specific options and applications developed, created to ensure reliable and efficient solution with these last type of products.

    Realized for the automation of the slicing and bagging, this type of high-performance lines allows the high-speed bagging of products after slicing automatically. The industrial slicers with continuous or reciprocating blades that are used according to the type of product to be cut, are predisposed for the in-line combination through specific automatic loaders with bagging machines, to provide an automatic, compact and high-performance solution for products slicing, bagging and closing of the bags. The head for the bags closure is installed in line, integrated in the same bagging machine, allowing the closure immediately after bagging, ensuring the position of the slices and immediate closure in line.This type of lines can reach a production of 40 or 60 bags per minute depending on the configuration and the product to be processed.


    Easy of handling of all different type of bread loaves: Tin bread, round and oval loaves with irregular shape.

    Thanks to the equipment and predisposition of the various options for the handling of irregular bread loaves, it is possible to easily control their loading in the machine and keep the loaves compact during slicing and next loading on the packaging machine. The problem of the lateral ends that can misaligning after the cutting phase is thus solved by ensuring full efficiency to the slicing and packaging system.

    Smooth, clean, high-speed slicing by industrial continuous blade slicers with pneumatic tensioning

    Built to the highest production standards, sharp blades ensure durability and cutting precision. The pneumatic blades tensioning through a pneumatic piston increases their duration by acting as a spring and absorbing their stresses during the cutting phase. A precise and reliable blade guide system guarantees slice thickness and duration over time.

    Cam-type operation makes bagging machines more versatile and reliable

    A system of mechanical cams guides and synchronizes the various movements of the machine to ensure reliability and high performance. The automatic bags changing table holds up to three wickets at the same time and shortens bag change time to 5-7 seconds avoiding the extended stop in production often required for this operation. The pushing arm is equipped with suction to remove any air remaining inside the bag before closing.

    Clipband or Kwik-lok closing in line for immediate closing after bagging!

    A great advantage Brevetti Gasparin bagging machines offers is the Clipband or Kwik-lok closing head installed in-line into the bagging machine’s that permits bag closing immediately after bagging.
    This specific position of the closing system immediately after bagging is fundamental in ensuring the position and stability of the product inside.

  • Slicing and Flow-pack line for bread loaves
    Automatic line of Slicing and Packaging in flow-pack for bread loaves with closing unit combined at the exit...

  • A bread loaves shelf life can be easily extended using a flow-pack machine!

    The automatic lines of slicing and packaging in flow-pack for tin and loaves of bread are designed to meet the specific productive needs of the market where this typology of packaging is requested.

    The flow-pack packaging guarantees a greater conservation of the product by extending its shelf life.

    The various possible combinations of slicer and flow-wrapping machines through automatic feeding systems, let systems be configured in different ways to obtain the required packaging configuration and the appropriate solution according the output level required.

  • Industrial horizontal band slicer
    Industrial horizontal band slicer suitable for the complete cut of the products into industrial process....

  • Industrial slicer for the full cut of the products at high speed

    Designed to be used in automatic lines and systems, this type of slicer is composed of a cutting head equipped with a continuous band blade suitable for obtaining the horizontal Full cut on the product on single or several lanes for industrial capacity productions. Maximum flexibility and versatility in its use, the cutting head is fully adjustable and/or excludable where necessary for the passage of uncut products.

    An innovative, angular design in stainless steel to reduce hygiene problems caused by contaminants and more resistant that offers a smooth and easy to clean surface.

    A real revolution for this category of machines dedicated to industry in respect of the reliability, cleaning and maintenance standards for easy use, but with maximum efficiency.

    Slicer available also in the version with more cutting heads in line for the multiple cutting on the product.

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