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Topos Mondial Corp manufactures all types of new dough mixing equipment, along with a wide variety of dough handling and doughnut production equipment. Our designs remanufactured and NEW equipment has been and continues to be innovative, heavy-duty, and reliable.

Our skilled professionals can engineer, layout, remanufacture and install a single piece or an entire bakery plant. With Topos Europe, our full-service engineering and fabrication facility located in Central Europe, our company also supplies NEW high-quality industrial baking equipment worldwide. Topos Mondial continues to be a bakery machinery supplier for the United States, Central, and Eastern Europe. Our designs, remanufactured, rebuilt, and NEW equipment have been and continue to be innovative, heavy-duty, efficient, and reliable. With such a wide variety of NEW, remanufactured, rebuilt, reconditioned, and “as-is” pre-owned equipment, Topos Mondial can help any bakery large or small, upgrade and expand its manufacturing capabilities at the most competitive price.

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Brands: Topos Mondial, J4 Ovens


  • Topos Melting Filter Reservoir - MFR-730
    The New Topos Melting-Filter-Reservoir has a 730-gallon capacity and is fully automated. The MFR-730 system offers a clean, simplified, and safety-conscious method for adding shortening into the fryer tank....

  • The New Topos Melting-Filter-Reservoir has a 730-gallon capacity. This MFR-730 system offers a clean, simplified, and safety-conscious method for adding shortening into the tank to compensate for oil carry-out seen during normal frying. The tank features an onboard hot oil-rated transfer pump, plumbing provisions, and valves that are required to keep the doughnut fryer(s) at the adequate fill level.  The plumbing circuit that maintains the optimal level of the fryer fat is fully self-draining upon power-down where the declining horizontal runs of the piping circuit can span tens of feet of distance. This means that the oil melting tank does not have to be close to the fryer. The design minimizes the need for electrical heat tape and the associated challenges. In this “complete circuit” design, the hot frying oil continuously flows from the melting tank to the fryer and back. The oil is only allowed to fill the fryer when the level regulating float requests it. The unused oil returning from this fill circuit line is continuously reheated and re‑circulated. By keeping the hot oil moving through the circuit, the molten fat in the system is kept from cooling and solidifying. This avoids clogs in piping and minimizes the use of heat tape and open flame torches upon startup. Heat tape in this fully self-draining system is typically turned on only in the event of system failure. The tank offers a simplified, operator safety-conscious method for adding shortening blocks into the tank for melting. The internal volume of the tank includes a sliding chute that allows pre-staging of multiple shortening cubes. The chute is partially submerged in the body of warm fat, and the heat it conducts from the fat melts the cubes from underneath as they slide and descend into the oil bath. The ample pre-staging capacity eliminates the need for a dedicated feed conveyor, which reduces the upfront cost and the daily cleaning labor costs.

  • Topos Load Master Model - LM-850
    The New Topos Load Master Model LM-850 Automatic Proofer Loader and proofer hand-loading conveyor was created to facilitate simplified and more precise placement of product onto the Topos Proofer’s trays....

  • The New Topos Load Master Model LM-850 Automatic Proofer Loader along with the optional proofer hand-loading conveyor is designed to facilitate a simplified and more precise alignment of the product onto the Topos’ Proofer trays.  The automatic loading provided by the shuttle box not only eliminates misaligned products, drastically reducing downtime but also prevents the operator from having to spend as much time and energy on proofer loading.  This means that the Topos Proofer can be safely and easily loaded using less manpower, and work injury probability is greatly reduced over time. The LoadMaster comes in 850mm and 1000mm widths to match the proofer tray widths. The full stainless steel shuttle tray is optimized for weight, increasing retraction and return speed, decreasing drive system wear, and allowing for high-speed loading scenarios. The all-stainless steel fabrications house linear guides fitted to high-load rollers, allowing the shuttle box to cycle at an extremely high rate over a very long service life. The Load Master 850/1000 comes with an Intelligent actuator drive mechanism. The toothed-belt, servo-driven linear actuator is constantly aware of the position, can stop and start abruptly with a sub-tenth of a millimeter repetition precision, and provides ultimate electrical torque to adapt to every doughnut loading situation…all at the push of a pre-programmed button.
  • Topos TGF-1000 Gas Fryer
    The New Topos 20-foot Gas fryer includes all of the best features of the various brands in the market today, as well as incorporating proven designs of the past. On top of this, we have added our own innovative touches....

  • Topos offers its latest gas-fired fryer that incorporates previously proven design elements with a new innovative touch.  The fryers are built for continuous production runs and can produce from 600 to 4,000 dozen per hour as needed.

    We design and fabricate these fryers in an assortment of widths, lengths, and product flight pitches to suit the customer’s current and future product needs. The integral hood and flight elevator system make the installation and the operation of the fryer much more streamlined and simplified. The natural gas-fired immersion tubes in the shallow-designed kettle allow for quick and accurate temperature control of the frying oil at the product surface.

    All S/S sanitary-designed fabrications and all NEMA 4X execution on the electrical system allow for full wash down of the fryer. The surface conveyor system incorporates the best features that have been proven over time into one new system.  The surface conveyor can be built to drive a final proofer coupled to it or to run independently as needed. The gas and electrical control system include advanced PLC controllers and operator touch screen panels for the precise control and the complete data collection that the operator needs.

  • Topos Automated Final Proofer
    Our proven design is both reliable and robust, for long life and continuous duty. All the metal parts of the proofer are fabricated from high-quality stainless steel. We have taken a great design and made it even better in 2022....

  • Topos both designs and fabricates custom, modular, continuous doughnut final proofers for yeast-raised products. We engineer these proofers to meet the proof time and the capacity of your line. These proofers are modular in design, so they can be built taller and/or longer to best fit your application and space limitations. Our engineering team focused on a very cleanable, sanitary, and food-safe design for this proofer.

    Our proven design is reliable and robust for long life and continuous duty. All the metal parts of the proofer are fabricated from high-quality S/S, not from aluminum or painted mild steel. The proofer is fully enclosed with refrigeration quality insulated doors and panels, encased in S/S. All doors can be easily opened and closed using only one hand.

    The proofers are built with either one or two climate-controlled zones from beginning to end, to yield optimum results for your product variety. The food-safe, ductless design of the heat and humidity system, and the all S/S construction allow for fast, easy, and thorough cleaning once the production run is over. The variable speed heat and humidity delivery systems are fast acting and are combined with the powered exhaust fans to yield very accurate temperature and humidity control with very slight deviations. A series of slight improvements for 2022 has made our already great design even better

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