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Valve-Free Depositing
Accurate Dough Dividing


  • DS 552
    Valve Free Depositor...

  • High industrial dosing performance

    By means of continuous product ejection or continuously adjustable portion sizes of 5 to 500 g, the automatic dosing process can be flexibly expanded from 2 to 24 lanes. The innovative, valve-free dosing principle allows a production output of up to 200 cycles per minute. It is therefore the perfect economic solution for industrial applications.

    Perfect weight accuracy

    The DS 552 depositing system is, above all, characterized by its accurate-to-the-gram dosing of a wide variety of products, from fluid, pasty or viscous to chunky. The patented, servo-driven flow divider in the depositing system ensures a constant product flow onto several lanes without pressure fluctuations, resulting in the most accurate weights and optimal product appearance in every single lane.

    Flexibility for a wide range of products and types of containers

    The DS 552 provides direct, multi-lane, and flexible dosing on dough sheet systems, in thermo-packaging machines or tray sealers. It also offers a large selection of dosing nozzles for a wide range of products with accurate-to-the-gram and exact dosing in first-class product quality.

    Hygienic dosing with benefits in handling

    Thanks to the valve-free dosing principle, no safety housing is required, which ensures easy access to the system. The modular system design and the use of different dosing nozzles thus facilitate quick product changes, reduce set-up times and enable fast and impeccable cleaning.

  • SE 442-1
    Accurate Dough Dividing...

  • Flexibility and maximum process reliability
    Different portion sizes and product shapes can be divided thanks to the option of different forming inserts. Blade and conveyor belt speed can be controlled separately, which ensures exact product depositing with equal spacing. The orientation of the dough pieces on the belt can also be determined and thus optimally adapted to the downstream processes by adjusting the cutting speed of the rotary blade.

    Gentle and oil-free dough dividing principle
    The processing of all doughs follows the continuous portioning and dividing process via a rotary cutter with a servo-driven blade. An extremely short product path ensures maximum product protection. Dough dividing is oil-free, which, in addition to reducing costs, also leads to a reduction in pastry imperfections such as oil pockets.

    Dough dividing with accurate weights
    The high-precision and high-performance vane cell feed system provides the basis for the permanently very high weight accuracy, even in industrial high-output production.

    Hygienic design for excellent hygiene conditions
    Thanks to its wheels, the SE 442-1 is mobile and can be easily moved around the production floor and into the wet area for cleaning. The consistent hygienic design in line with the latest guidelines allows full jet water cleaning of the system. All parts and components that come in contact with the product can be easily removed and cleaned in the washer.

  • FS 510
    Multi-Lane Forming Solution

  • Forming with hole plate system on a conveyor belt or rack
    The FS 520 forming system is designed for the 6 to 8-lane, fully-automatic production of a wide variety of 3D product shapes. The rotating 3-blade hole plate system allows large variety of products and shapes and well-formed products

    Product variety with accurate weights
    The driven filling flow divider ensures precise weight accuracy per lane and product. This facilitates significant cost reductions as less raw material is needed. And this in all fields of application, whether it be meat, convenience, dairy/cheese, fish, vegetable/vegetarian products... and much, much more.

    Product shape shown conveniently on the monitor control system
    The product shape can be shown on the screen and the process parameters can be easily calculated via the vacuum filler control system. The rotating hole plate system forms the products into the required 3D shape which can be changed by simply switching a few mould components.

  • FS 525
    Forming & Cutting System...

  • Maximum flexibility for versatile forming
    The FS 525 forming and cutting system uses our hole plate forming technique which allows the production of free-formed 3D products, while the rotary cutter enables the production of different cross-sections with a straight cut. Product changes take only a few simple steps and are possible in just a few minutes. In combination with our Handtmann vacuum fillers, the system is suitable for gentle, yet efficient processing of meat, dough, fillings, alt-meat, dairy, and pet food products.

    First-class, permanently reproducible product quality
    The particularly gentle feeding and forming principle ensures first-class product quality and product shape retention. Product quality can be increased even further through the optional use of integrated inline grinding technology: the product is gently ground to final grain size and at the same time precisely portioned in a single process step.

    Automation options from the weighing system through to the packaging solution
    The FS 525 forming and cutting system can be perfectly incorporated into integrated processes or be synchronized with automation options, such as a weighing system, tray feeding, or depositing into thermo-forming machines. A wide range of digital solutions ensures future-proof production.