Burr Ridge,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 1872

Linde (booth 1872) is a leading provider of cryogenic gases and cryogenic freezing systems. On the IBIE show floor Linde features the complete line of tunnel freezer systems including the CRYOLINE® CST™ cryo-saver tunnel freezer and the CRYOLINE® UPS ultra-performance spiral. Additionally, staff will demonstrate the ACCU-CHLL® IC cryogenic flour cooling and transport system. Linde works with customers by analyzing their product’s attributes and surveying the production area to recommend the best system to address operational needs.

Linde provides options for product, process and price point. That lets the customer focus on achieving the desired product quality. Linde’s expertise helps to increase production while achieving optimum cryogen efficiency.

Linde cryogenic freezing and cooling systems allow customers to:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Benefit from lower capital investment
  • Achieve excellent yield retention
  • Maintain high production rates in minimum space
  • Freeze a wide variety of products
  • Customize for changing production needs
  • Utilize turn up/turn down capability to save money

Be sure to ask about our food technologies lab services to customize a system for your freezing and chilling production lines.



Linde - Ingredient & Flour Cooling
Linde - CRYOLINE® UPS spiral freezer


  • ACCU-CHILL® IC flour and ingredient cooling system
    In-line cryogenic cooling during conveyance to deliver dry ingredients at the proper make-up temperature....

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen (N2) is added to flour or other dry ingredients as they are conveyed to the mixer. Cryogen is injected through a proprietary injection system and the flow of liquid N2 or CO2 is controlled through proportional flow control valves. A control system and downstream temperature sensor provide precise measurement and control of flour temperature. The system is capable of responding to changing production levels, batch sizes and operating temperatures while minimizing cryogen consumption. Flour temperature is precisely delivered within 1 °F of set point.

    Our in-line flour and dry ingredient cooling is inexpensive and low-maintenance and is designed to be sanitary and easy to clean. It can be implemented in both new and retrofit applications, using either liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen. The electrical control system can consist of a com-pletely stand alone system, custom design or full integration into the customers existing controls. Installation and start-up involve little or no downtime, so there’s no disruption to your operation.

  • CRYOLINE® CST cryosaver tunnel freezer
    Like nothing else in the industry, the CRYOLINE® CST cryosaver tunnel freezer approaches cryogenic freezing from an entirely new angle....

  • Engineered by Linde to employ advanced technologies developed for the food industry, the cryosaver tunnel gives processors the ability to freeze more economically in the same footprint of traditional cryogenic tunnel systems. This is the latest addition to the cryogenic tunnel freezers that Linde offers to the industry. As with all Linde tunnel systems, the cryosaver tunnel is able to freeze and chill a wide variety of products but also minimizes the infiltration of process area air improving the overall operational effectiveness.

    The breakthrough achievement is the ability to greatly reduce room air infiltration into the freezer through its unique angled design. The cooling capacity of the cryogen is used to  hill or freeze your product, not the infiltrated air. This change results in a net effect of up to 15% savings 
    in operating costs depending in the production parameters including the type of food product. Along with the unique design, the CRYOLINE® CST tunnel freezer incorporates many proven tech-nologies that ensure quick, thorough freezing, maintaining the quality attributes of your products. Efficient, clean, expandable – a great choice for both new and established food processors.

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