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We’re a team of the world’s leading bakers and engineers, pioneers and problem-solvers, and industry leading brands, all committed to one common goal: creating the best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions that grow with your bakery and drive enduring success.

Whether for the traditional baker scaling up operations or the leading global baker seeking sustainability and efficiency opportunities, AMF measures our success by the success of those we serve.

Our teams are already in your region, rapidly responding to your needs with unparalleled 24/7 customer care across our unified family of brands. Within the family, AMF Fusion simplifies the mixing process with sanitary mixers and fully integrated dough handling systems. AMF Flex and AMF Tromp offer the industry’s leading make-up solutions for soft bread and buns, artisan bread and rolls, pizza and flatbreads, cakes and pies, pastries, croissants and more. Three baking system brands, AMF BakeTech, AMF Den Boer, and AMF Vesta ensure bakeries receive the most optimal proofing, baking, cooling, and freezing solutions according to their products’ parameters. AMF Convay moves products seamlessly from mixer to marketplace with a complete line of pan, product, and basket conveyors. High performance packaging solutions are delivered under the AMF PackTech brand. And through continuous innovation, AMF Workhorse drives customer growth by providing customized pan handling and post-packaging solutions to improve line efficiencies while eliminating downtime. Delivering value to the baking industry with simplified production solutions for today’s emerging consumer markets, AMF APEX features value-oriented models and system solutions across our range of technologies.

With global reach and local presence, AMF is the only truly global partner delivering complete system solutions that empower bakeries to rise. AMF Bakery Systems is a proud member of the Markel Food Group. Rise Together with your baking partner of choice.

Brands: AMF Fusion, AMF Flex, AMF Tromp, AMF BakeTech, AMF Den Boer, AMF Vesta, AMF Convay, ThermalCare by AMF, AMF PackTech, AMF Workhorse, AMF APEX, Bakery Intelligence


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 Press Releases

  • Richmond, Virginia – April 8, 2022 – AMF Bakery Systems (AMF), industry-leading manufacturer of high-speed automated food processing solutions, introduces a unified family of brands heightening the Company’s promise to deliver best-in-class unit equipment. Backed by focused leadership, each with a dedicated team of engineers, the new brand architecture reflects AMF’s commitment to continuous improvement and specialization.

    The family of brands, inclusive of: AMF FusionAMF Flex, AMF TrompAMF BakeTechAMF Den BoerAMF VestaAMF ConvayAMF PackTech, AMF Workhorse, and AMF APEX offers industrial bakers complete system solutions across a vast range of baked products and production rates. From soft bread and buns, artisan breads, pizza, flatbreads, cakes, pies, pastries, croissants, and more, AMF’s family of brands has the engineering solutions and manufacturing expertise for bakers seeking automation to fully automated production solutions.

    “With the launch of this family of brands, AMF will continue to rise as the baking partner of choice,” Global Marketing Director, Diana Boxey said. “This strategy helps us better differentiate the areas of specialization within AMF. We have highly focused teams of engineers and master bakers delivering innovative solutions across each area of the baking process. As we continue to grow as a company, defining this structure will ensure that our teams maintain focus on developing solutions that increase value for our baking customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

    At the front of the bakery, AMF Fusion delivers sanitary industrial mixing solutions integrated with fully automated dough handling systems. AMF Flex and AMF Tromp serve industrial bakers with the dough process expertise and make-up system solutions needed to achieve premium product quality for a range of products through extrusion and volumetric dividing systems to sheeting, laminating, depositing and decorating technologies.

    Within the baking process, AMF BakeTechAMF Den Boer, and AMF Vesta teams collaborate to develop the most optimal proofing, baking, cooling, and freezing solutions tailored to each bakery’s specifications and unique product portfolio. Moving commercial bakers’ most valuable assets from mixer to marketplace, AMF Convay offers a range of seamless conveying and transfer solutions.

    Downstream, AMF PackTech delivers gentle slicing, bagging, and bulk packaging for baked products. Driven by the AMF Workhorse specialists, pan handling and post-packaging solutions serve a variety of pan and product applications.

    Delivering value to bakers in today’s emerging consumer markets, AMF APEX features simplified product models and value-oriented systems that move bakers from manual to semi-automated operations or semi-automation to labor-free, fully automated bakeries operating at lower production rates than AMF’s standard high-speed systems.

  • RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – January 5, 2022 – AMF Bakery Systems, the global leader in complete, integrated system solutions, announces today the acquisition of Workhorse Automation, Inc. of Kirkwood, Pennsylvania. The acquisition will bring together the two US-based industry leaders for the automation of pan, basket, and product handling. The combined portfolio of robotic technologies and engineering expertise will help bakers worldwide build more efficient, productive, and fully automated bakeries.

    “By joining forces, Workhorse brings technologies and products that fill existing gaps in AMF’s product line, including automated pan storage and retrieval systems as well as warehouse and freezer management systems,” mentioned Jason Ward, President of AMF Bakery Systems. “This is a very exciting opportunity for both companies and we are excited to welcome the Workhorse teammates to the AMF family,” added Ward.

    “AMF is the perfect fit to grow and expand the Workhorse business for the future and the most important reasons are our shared values and absolute commitment to customer success,” noted Colin McShane, Founder and President of Workhorse Automation.  “I am excited to continue innovating and supporting this business in the years to come as part of the AMF team.”

    Moving forward, AMF’s portfolio of pan and lid management systems and post-packaging automation solutions which entails product loading, basket stacking and unstacking, and basket washing, will go to market as AMF Workhorse. This brand joins the growing family of brands within AMF’s complete portfolio alongside AMF Tromp, AMF Flex, AMF BakeTech, AMF Den Boer, and AMF Vesta.

    Together, the AMF Workhorse team will manufacture integrated bakery automation solutions from multiple locations including the Kirkwood, PA, Richmond, VA, and Sherbrooke, Canada locations, all under the AMF Workhorse brand.

    “The increased production capacity and combined engineering and service teams will allow us to drive product improvement, increase research and development opportunities and strengthen our commitment to best-in-class customer care for our customers around the world,” noted David Burke, Vice President of Operations for U.S. and Latin America at AMF Bakery Systems.

    Learn more about the new AMF Workhorse brand here:


  • SFA Artisan Bread Line by AMF Tromp
    The SFA Artisan Bread Line by AMF Tromp features a new hygienic frame design, exceeding the highest sanitary design standards. This stress-free, sheeted bread line produces a wide range of artisan style breads, baguettes, ciabatta, batard and sourdoughs....

  • For bakeries and food producers looking for the flexiblity to produce multiple types of bread on a single production line, the SFA Artisan Bread Line by AMF Tromp features a new hygienic frame design exceeding the highest sanitary design standards of today. For a wide range of artisan-style breads like baguettes, ciabatta, batard, and many sourdough breads, the SFA Artisan Bread Line offers simple, toolless changeovers and easy access frame design for quicker santitation. 

    Simplifies Sanitation

    • Built from stainless steel construction with closed, welded bodies using industry standard food plastics.
    • Easy access to moving parts, wet cleanable
    • Belt relaxers for under belt cleaning and drying after sanitation
    • All motorized parts are direct drives
    • Wash down flour dusters
    • Open cable trays and even food line bearings

    Improves Sustainability 

    • Sustainability and sanitation are closely connected so this is a big contributor to sanitation goals
    • Shorter cleaning times
    • Less water usage
    • Easy access for quicker sanitation
    • Operator-friendly with toolless changeovers and cleaning options, like the belt relaxers
    • Faster changeovers

  • ADD-S Bread Make-up System by AMF Flex
    For the highest level of food safety and sanitary design, the ADD-S Bread Make-up System by AMF Flex produces from 80 to 300 soft bread loaves per minute on wholesale and industrial bakery bread lines for a wide range of dough types....

  • The ADD-S Bread Make-up System by AMF Flex is a high-speed, sanitary bread divider, rounder, and make-up system suitable for a wide range of bread products including white, wheat, hearth, variety, French bread, fruited bread or bread with inclusions, frozen doughs, and pizza dough. In response to customer challenges around sanitation, the system was redesigned to the highest level of food safety and sanitary design.

    Suitable for all wholesale and industrial bakery bread lines running from 80 to 300 loaves per minute, the divider scales the dough, rounds, and then checks the weight of each dough piece distributing pieces to downstream moulding, panning or other processing.

    Improves Sanitation

    • All materials are easily accessible and either stainless steel, blue FDA approved plastic or blue belting
    • NO divider oil required removing oil mist from operation environment
    • Easy clean in place program automatically runs water through augers, pumps, and cut-off
    • Hinged hopper and pushback system allows entire divider to be opened up without tools for final cleaning and inspection

    Increases Cost Savings

    • Higher scaling accuracy of +/- 1% offers 300 to 400% improvement over conventional dividers increasing dough savings and product yield
    • Fewer moving parts reduces maintenance costs
    • Rotary drive design offers service life 3 to 4 times that of conventional dividers
    • No divider oil increases cost savings

    Enhances Product Quality

    • Stainless steel augers and vacuum system ensures extremely accurate production
    • Twin auger design handles stiff dough with low pressure for excellent control of grain structure
    • Operator interface based recipe management system provides automated divider setup and easy access to online training

    Gently Handles Dough 

    • Dough friendly transfers

    Reduces Downtime

    • New vector stainless steel technology
    • Individual lane pumps can be automatically turned off as needed
    • Wide range of dough pieces sizes without needing divider modifications
    • Long continuous runs without cleaning or maintenance adjustments increases profits/unit
    • Touchpad HMI control allows for automatic set-up for products
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) by AMF Workhorse
    Together with DTA, AMF Bakery Systems brings a smart and robust, self-propelled transportation vehicle, the Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) to the food industry to move heavy loads precisely such as troughs, pan stacks, and baskets to specific positions....

  • Through an exclusive partnership with DTA, AMF Bakery Systems is able to bring more than three decades of experience with AGVs to the food processing industry for industrial bakers producing any range of baked goods. Suited for a range of applications, this smart and robust, self-propelled transportation vehicle moves heavy loads precisely such as dough troughs, pan stacks, and baskets to specific positions. The AGV is adapted to fit any bakery layout simplifying the trough handling and fermentation process as well as for pan handling and basket handling.

    Improves Efficiency

    • Increases access to sanitation and sponge fermentation areas as required in bakery environments.
    • Trouble-free routing logic avoids conflicts with adjacent operational equipment
    • High performance wireless communication from HMI to AGV PLC
    • Remote control operation allows for easy control and simple route changes during transportation

    Enhances Performance

    • Omni-directional wireless technologies with self-navigation software optimize transportation routes with constant communication sharing data to the production network.
    • Smooth, quiet and trackless operation sustains 24 hours/day operations with minimal weekly preventive sanitation and maintenance
    • Simple vehicle routing management through recipe settings in HMI
    • Charging station at key route location allows rechargeable batteries to fill t/o the day for continuous operation

    Improves Operator Safety

    • Machine mounted scanners operate within safety zones to ensure smooth and safe operations complying with CE standards with minimal operator interaction
    • Safety scanners safely stop AGV movement if an obstacle is detected
  • EZ Diverter by AMF Convay
    In partnership with Intralox, the EZ Diverter by AMF Convay, delivers a plastic slat switch conveying system to efficiently transfer baked bread products to downstream operations while reducing costs, minimizing downtime, and improving operator safety....

  • An AMF Bakery Systems and Intralox Collaboration

    In a typical bread bakery, slat switches are key to achieving greater production efficiency along the conveying system. However, most bakeries experience challenges with traditional metal switches related to high maintenance costs, unplanned downtime and operational safety concerns. AMF and Intralox worked hand in hand to develop a revolutionary automation solution, presented to bakers as the EZ Diverter under the AMF Convay portfolio, an AMF Bakery Systems brand.

    Simple by design, the EZ Diverter efficiently transfers baked soft bread products to downstream operations with a plastic, slat switch. Modular plastic belting (MPB) provides many benefits over traditional metal switches. 

    Simplifies Sanitation

    • No lubrication required

    Enhances Performance

    • 80% reduced maintenance time
    • 80% reduced spare parts replacement
    • Zero product jams
    • Reduces noise
    • Less open space, no guarding required

    Increases Sanitation

    • Easy to clean
    • No lubrication, no product contaminations
  • MB-VITA Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer
    The Multibake® VITA Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is a direct-fired tunnel oven which uses patent-pending hydrogen fueled burners to ensure the best quality baked products with the most sustainable production method resulting in 99.9% less CO2 emissions....

  • The MB-VITA Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is a pre-assembled, modular designed tunnel oven with independent zone control for precise temperature control over a wide variety of products. The MB-VITA hydrogen fueled tunnel oven is designed for modern bakeries and food producers, who seek consistent quality and control over their baking process. Introducing the industry’s first zero-emission hydrogen fueled tunnel oven proven to reduce CO2 emissions by 99.9%.

    Reduces Carbon Footprint

    • Results in up to 99.9% less CO2 emissions during the baking process. Zero emission hydrogen fueled burners offer the lowest environmental impact compared to gas-fueled commercial ovens. Can also be equipped with heat recovery system.

    Improves Cost Savings

    • Utilizes renewable, green energy sources and reliable oven belt and parts to reduce overall cost of ownership.
    • Air flow rate needed is 73.9% of what is needed with natural gas
    • For same amount of heat capacity, 48.9% of water is formed with hydrogen

    Maximum Uptime

    • Service contracts ensure maximum uptime and improved productivity.

    Prepares for Future Growth

    • Modular, pre-assembled Multibake ovens allow for efficient installation and flexibility for future portfolio growth.

    Achieves Sustainability Goals

    • Hydrogen-fueled burners are designed as a retrofit solution for existing Den Boer ovens fueled by natural gas. Access to EU funding for emissions reduction. 

    Efficient Delivery

    • Kit availability and delivery in just a few weeks. Ovens can be retrofit to existing natural gas MB-D in a matter of hours.

    MB-VITA is flexible, modular and retrofittable to existing bakeries with Den Boer Tunnel Ovens. The hydrogen fueled burners are retrofittable so current ovens can be modified with these new hydrogen burners to achieve zero emission baking within just a few weeks! Together with AMF partners, we can consult, advise and support your hydrogen production methods, subsidies, certification and installation all in one AMF package.

  • Sustainable Oven Service (SOS)
    The Sustainable Oven Service by AMF helps improve efficiency, quality and reduce energy usage on commercial ovens. By ‘connecting’ the oven, AMF’s oven experts utilize data analytics and artificial intelligence to help optimize the oven....

  • The Sustainable Oven Service (SOS) is a new AMF oven innovation, that helps bakers and operators improve efficiency,  quality and reduce energy usage on your ovens.

    This new feature makes your oven ‘connected’ and combines data analytics, artificial intelligence and personal advice from our AMF oven experts to give the operator expert recommendations on improving the oven to its optimal configuration and is standard on all new AMF Den Boer ovens and pending testing for AMF BakeTech and AMF Vesta ovens.

    Improves Sustainability

    • Saving potential of up to 20% on natural gas
    • Reduces CO2 emissions by 20%
    • Reduces waste

    Improves Product Quality

    • Improves process parameters to deliver better quality and consistency
  • Smart Applicator by AMF Tromp
    The Smart Applicator by AMF Tromp automates the manual quality check process to ensure cheese and toppings are being distributed consistently onto pizza products. AI and machine learning visually analyze products then optimize machine settings....

  • AMF's Smart Applicator by AMF Tromp is a digital quality and weight control system for putting toppings on bakery products, for instance, pizza toppings like cheese, proteins (tuna, chicken, ham, salami, pepperoni), or vegetables (mushrooms, olives, etc.). Based on AI and machine learning, the Smart Applicator automates the manual process of check weighing to effectively maintain each bakery’s specifications while reducing labor, improving accuracy, and reducing giveaway.

    The applicator visually inspects each product capturing digital images and analyzing them in real-time providing feedback to the applicator equipment. Machine settings and speed of applicator / cheese strewer are changed automatically to ensure exact specifications are met to create the perfect pizza.

    The Smart Applicator is suitable for producers of pizza, flatbread, pastry, cake, and bun producers who need to add a topping to their product like cheese, nuts, vegetables, proteins, seeds, sugars, chocolate, and more. This system ensures perfect products every time, with higher OEE, less waste and less expensive ingredients spilled. We estimate based on current calculations that ROI will be realized in less than a year saving up to 3% of toppings per year. 

    Reduces Giveaway

    • Automated visual monitoring of cheese quantity and closed control loop to waterfall applicator offers direct waste level savings
    • System increase application accuracy 2-3% improvement reducing giveaway of expensive ingredients like cheese
    • Variability due to external influences during shift are reduced (temperature, cheese, recycling)

    Reduces Labor

    • Operators don’t need to monitor cheese quantity or change waterfall settings resulting in fewer operator hours and manual checks needed
    • Baseline settings can be reused for quick production recovery

    Improves Product Consistency & Quality

    • Real-time weight measuring and management
    • Delivers perfect pizzas consistently within specifications
    • Eliminates incomplete or faulted products
    • Each product will be checked instead of samples taken

    Delivers Value

    • Cost per day 22.40 Euro
    • 3% savings per day
    • ROI calculations for all cases show less than 1 year earn-back period
    • Benchmarking data improves savings and accuracy even more when more products go through the smart applicator

  • Powershot Depositor by AMF Tromp
    The AMF Tromp Powershot Depositor delivers high-speed, extremely accurate depositing of sauces and oils onto pizza and flatbreads for any size or shape pizza base. The powershot ensures 100% accurate and targeted strewing while reducing waste....

  • AMF Tromp's Powershot Depositor is specially designed to dose and deposit tomato sauces or oils on to pizza or flatbread in a production line. A dotted or smooth pattern of sauce will be deposited very accurately, at high speeds. For any shape or size pizza base, the Powershot Depositor can be customized with unique depositing heads. 

    Applications include pizza and flatbreads with cheese, protein and vegetables, mini pizzas, pizza baguettes, pizza slices, pizza bases either fresh or frozen, or even gluten-free pizzas and vegetable base pizzas. 

    Improves Sanitation

    • Easy to clean and easy changeover of depositing heads

    Unmatched Accuracy

    • Flawless execution with extremely reliable and repetitive behavior

    Reduces Waste

    • Less waste, high accuracy for significant cost reduction
  • Saber 75 Slicer and Mark 75 Bagger by AMF PackTech
    Newly redesigned to ensure maximum safety and sanitation access, the high-quality bread slicer and bagger system by AMF PackTech utilizes the most reliable blade spacing system and automated bread bagging for a variety of loaves and bag sizes....

  • The Saber 75 Band Slicer by AMF PackTech offer maximum flexibility and reliability for slicing in a continuous flow for a variety of breads, from standard loaves to fruited breads. The Mark 75 Bread Bagger is seamlessly integrated to ensure automated, consistency for versatile, high speed bread packaging from 35 to 75 loaves per minute. 

    Maintains Product Quality

    • Top scoop level bag pickup and release motion ensures consistent bagging performance
    • Patented flusher discharge conveyor ensures the smoothest loaf transfer while preventing loaf disruption
    • Bag over bread scoop system protects bags from crusty loaves minimizing damaged packages

    Promises Flexibility

    • Automatic guides easily adjust on both slicer and bagger
    • Top lattice easily adjusts height for different size loaves
    • Wicket centering adjustment 
    • Automatic dual wicket change system allows wicket change without stopping bagger operation

    Improves Sanitation & Maintenance

    • Corrosion resistant stainless steel frame and guards
    • Simple blade replacement with blade spacing slide-out
    • Pneumatic assembly with excellent zoom-in, zoom-out access
    • Easy access, all opening doors
    • Pendulum system eliminates costly maintenace of scoop drive gearboxes
  • VersaPak Case Loader by AMF Workhorse
    The VersaPak Case and Basket Loader by AMF Workhorse offers the smallest footprint in the industry with high-speed robotic precision to handle a wide variety of packaging applications delivering products into baskets, trays, or corrugate cases....

  • A reliable gantry product loading solution, the VersaPak Case Loader by AMF Workhorse delivers a wide range of baked products with a specified orientation and grouping for each product. Loading bags into small boxes at 300 per minute and heavy trays into baskets, this high speed loader with heavy payload handles a wide variety of secondary packaging applications. 

    Delivers Flexible Loading

    • Performs with precision in three major functional areas for any range of products including product loading, product/package conveying, as well as machine-mounted controls for simple operation.

    Improves Efficiency

    • Dual servo, high speed indexing and adjustable flight spacing accurately group almost any size package
    • Meet production volume goals seamlessly with intelligent design
    • Patented, dual-axis servo gantry PNP system and empty case/full case indexing system improve line efficiencies
    • Internally mounted regenerative blower vacuum system for pickup heads make optimized throughput possible
  • Gantry Pan Stacker System by AMF Workhorse
    The Gantry Pan Stacker and Unstacker System provides gentle, pan friendly stacking for all bakery pans and lids with reliable accuracy. Custom engineered to your bakery's specifications, this system reduces pan wear with minimal maintenance required....

  • The Gantry Pan Stacker and Unstacker System by AMF Workhorse provides gentle, pan friendly stacking for all bakery pans and lids with reliable accuracy at high production rates. Custom engineered to your bakery's specifications, this system reduces pan wear with minimal maintenance required.

    • Custom engineered to your bakery's specifications
    • Reduces pan wear by precisely and gently handling pans
    • Easily retrofit into existing lines with pan carts and automated truck loading
    • Available for new lines in a C or Z configuration
    • Fully automated, servo driven
    • Stacks and unstacks multiple pans at a time
    • Higher pan speeds at lower cycles per minute versus conventional systems
    • Allen Bradley PLC and Operator Interface

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