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Niverplast, founded in 1986, is a worldwide leader in the food packaging equipment industry. Our passionate people at Niverplast are experts in helping manufacturing companies improve their operations, enhance time to market capabilities, and find ways to reduce overall manufacturing cost. Niverplast develops innovative packaging equipment solutions to protect and transport a wide range of products. Bag-in-box packaging for bread, meat, fish, liquids, and non-food products is our core-business. Niverplast’s line of bag-in-box packaging machines include CombiPlast®, EasyPlast® and VarioSeal®. Niverplast creates, designs, and delivers state of the art custom solutions for all our manufacturing customers. At Niverplast, we are dedicated, passionate people. We want you to be happy with Niverplast, with our products and with us as a partner for improving your business. For more information regarding Niverplast food packaging equipment in North America contact Mark Finneran, at 978.580.1085 or go to


CombiPlast Machine
Camera Counting System


  • CombiPlast Machine
    The CombiPlast is a high quality packaging solution for integrated case erecting and bag placing in one.

    Very compact design
    24 hours non-stop production
    Easy and very simple to operate
    Up to 15 boxes per minute...

  • CombiPlast combines case erecting and bag placing in one. CombiPlast automatically takes charge of your packaging process by erecting each box and automatically inserting bags perfectly each time resulting in a much faster and safer process than manual production resulting in less downtime. Did you know that it speeds up to 15 boxes per minute?

  • EasyPlast Machine
    The EasyPlast is a high quality packaging solution for automatic bag placing.

    1000 bags in store
    Quick size change-over
    24 hours non-stop production...

  • Our EasyPlast bag-in-box machine and EasyOpen bags that we are exhibiting at the show are designed to automate the packaging process.  Niverplast can reduce your packaging expenses with lower labor costs and increase efficiency of your packaging process but more importantly we guarantee you the lowest cost of ownership!

    What separates the EasyPlast from its competition?

    • Heavy duty all stainless-steel construction for 24/7 operation 365 days per year.
    • Simple design with premade bags, easy to operate, low maintenance cost, no film feeding, and no heat seal required.
    • All containers can be lined, box, crate, buckets at speeds up to 25 per minute.
  • VarioSeal Machine
    VarioSeal is a high-quality packaging solution for automatic uncuffing and sealing of a lined box.

    Do you want to seal your bag?
    Do you want to fold your bag?
    Do you want to clip your bag?
    We have the VarioSeal, VarioFold and VarioClip ready for you...

  • VarioSeal is a high-quality packaging solution for automatic uncuffing and sealing of a lined box. VarioSeal incorporates fully motorized adjustments for customer’s range of box sizes and has the smallest footprint for bag sealing, case closing and taping in the industry. Did you know that VarioSeal is faster than manual production and speeds up to 10 boxes per minute?

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