Clean Floor Policy

To ensure a successful show opening for all exhibitors at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Conference, we are implementing a Clean Floor Policy. This will allow our General Service contractor, Freeman, sufficient time to complete the laying of the aisle carpet, the overall cleaning of the exhibit hall and provide exhibitors the space to complete their booth set up by keeping aisles clear. In addition, certain aisles will be designated as “No Freight” aisles. A “No Freight” aisle must be kept clear at all time of crates and boxes in order for all freight to be delivered in a timely fashion and on target for all booths throughout the show.

If you are working with an exhibit house, please discuss with them in advance as this may affect their work schedule and we want to avoid any unanticipated issues onsite.

Due to the size of the show and limited dock space at the Colorado Convention Center, it is necessary to coordinate the removal of empty crates in accordance with the target time schedule to allow sufficient time for:
  • Each exhibitor the time to set-up their booths.
  • Transporting of empty crates to a remote site.
  • Freeman to complete the laying of the aisle carpet and the overall cleaning of the exhibit hall.

All WOOD CRATES/PALLETS are to be tagged and ready for removal from the exhibit floor no later than the below dates and times. All crates not marked empty and made available for removal by the indicated dates and times will be subject to removal or movement by Freeman at exhibitor's expense.

Clean Floor Schedule

Target Date (Time) All Crates Marked Empty Date (Time)
Thursday, April 12 (8am) Saturday, April 14 (12pm)
Thursday, April 12 (12:30pm) Saturday, April 14 (4pm)
Friday, April 13 (8am) Sunday, April 15 (12pm)
Friday, April 13 (12:30pm) Sunday, April 15 (4pm)
All remaining Wood Pallets/Crates Monday, April 16 (10am)


In addition to the empty crate removal schedule above, the following items must be tagged for removal on Monday, April 16 according to the following schedule:
ALL Fiber Cases, Cardboard boxes, Packing materials, etc.  1pm
Visqueen on booth carpet should be rolled up by the exhibitor or exhibitor appointed contractor and placed in the aisle.  3pm
All aisles must be 100 percent clear of product and any other items that may impede with the installation of aisle carpet.  4pm

All exhibits must be fully installed by 4:00 p.m. Monday, April 16th.

There will be no exception to this policy. Any crates without empty or access storage labels will be tagged by Freeman and will be removed from the exhibit hall whether they are full or empty. Exhibitors may request crates to be returned to their booth at exhibitors’ expense.