HV Diagnostics, Inc.

Woodstock,  GA 
United States
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HV Diagnostics Inc. is a world leading provider of high voltage electrical test equipment to the electrical testing industry. Using state of the art advanced technology, we provide high performance field test equipment that is rugged, reliable and easy to use. Our signature products include the top selling fully automatic high voltage VLF (Very Low Frequency), TD (Tan Delta) Diagnostic, PD (Partial Discharge) Diagnostic and Dielectric Oil test instruments. We are also recognized for our “hands on” field proven, technical expertise ensuring excellent support for all our customers.

Brands: HV Diagnostics HVA28TD Smart VLF, HVA34, HVA60, HVA120, HVA200, TD60, TD90, PD30-E, PDTD60-2, BA75, BA100, EZ Cable ID Unit


  • HVA45TD
    45kV VLF Hipot with Integrated Tan Delta...

  • This unit packs a punch at 45kV peak output and with integrated Tan Delta. There is no need to have a separate external Tan Delta instrument with this all-in-one design. Fully compliance with the IEEE400, 400.2, IEC 60502, CENELEC HD620/621 guides and standards. At only 86 lbs/39kbs this unit is very portable, housed in a rugged IP67 case. With a high test capacity of 10uF, there are very few loads or cables this instrument cannot test. With the a large 4.3" color display, automatic TD evaluation, and manual and automatic test functionality, DC and AC operation, testing in the field just got a whole lot easier. Designed for performing diagnostic testing for up to 35kV rated cables and full acceptance testing of cables 25kV and lower, this unit covers most of the MV cables installed today. All instruments are shipped with a NIST calibration certificate, TD Control Center software, corona protection shields, Bluetooth dongle, and accessories tote.