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RTDS Technologies Inc., the exclusive supplier of the RTDS® Simulator, has been the world standard of real time digital power system simulation for over 20 years. Utilities,  manufacturers, research institutes and universities  around the world use the Simulator for power system studies and closed loop testing of protection and control equipment. The Simulator is used for microgrid and DER simulation and testing, cyber security analysis and assessment, power-hardware-in-the-loop studies, MMC-based schemes, wide area protection using phasor measurement units, and much more.

Brands: RTDS Simulator, NovaCor, RSCAD


Traveling Wave Relay Testing
NovaCor - A New Generation of Simulation Hardware


  • NovaCor
    Introducing NovaCor, a new generation of simulation hardware for the RTDS Simulator - custom built for real time power system simulation and more powerful than ever before. NovaCor allows RTDS Simulator users to do more with less....

  • NovaCor is the newest generation of simulation hardware for the RTDS Simulator. Based on a powerful multicore processor, it is faster and more capable than ever before.  


    NovaCor allows an entire power system simulation to run on a single core, making the world standare for real time power system simulation more accessible than ever before. 


    NovaCor can be connected to GTWIF-based RTDS Simulator racks containing PB5 and/or GPC cards. It is compatible with the Global Bus Hub, IRC Switch and all GTIO hardware.


    NovaCor allows scalable access through the licensing of 1 to 10 cores per chassis. Full connectivity of up to 60 chassis is supported. 


    NovaCor provides higher precision simulations with timesteps reduced by up to 50%.

    The RTDS Simulator is the world standard for real time power system simulation. It is used by all of the world’s major protection and control manufacturers, as well as by leading electrical utilities, educational institutions, and research facilities around the world. With the introduction of NovaCor, the RTDS Simulator is even more powerful than ever before.

    The Simulator’s hardware and all-in-one software, RSCAD, have been specifically designed to perform real time electromagnetic transient simulations. Complex networks are simulated using a typical timestep of 25-50 μs. Small timestep subnetworks operating with timesteps in the range of 1-4 μs simulate fast switching power electronic devices.