Exhibitor Central


303 Products/Gold Eagle Co. 2125
A J Tensile Fabrications Limited S2431
A+ Products Inc. 1407
Achilles USA Inc. 1551
Adams Plastics L.P. 1626
Adfast Corp. 1026
ADMET, Inc. A357
Advanced Color Solutions, Inc. A649
Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) A119
Advanced Testing Instruments Corporation (ATI) A349
AdvanTech, Inc A225
Ajanta Universal Fabrics Ltd. 1565
Albarrie Canada Ltd. A822
All American Sew, Vac & More LLC. 1563
Alnet Americas, Inc. 1115
Alpha Productions Inc. S2433
Amann USA 1057
American & Efird LLC 2323
American Cord & Webbing 1038
American Earth Anchors Inc 1267
American Keder Inc. 1618
American National Manufacturing, Inc. 1519
American Plastics/Sewit 1447
American Polyfilm, Inc. A719
Anhui Plato Coated Fabrics Co., Ltd. 1367
Apco Products/Awning Cleaning Industries 1166
Apex Mills Corp. A819
Application Lab Weber & Leucht GmbH A346
APV Engineered Coatings 2422
ASTM International A143
Aurora Specialty Textiles Group Inc. A311
Automated Solutions, LLC A641
Autometrix A601
Awning Tracker 2420
Awning Twister S2723
Bainbridge International 1431
Bally Ribbon Mills A337
BAT USA Corp S2523
Batz Corp. 1170
BioThane Coated Webbing A415
Bixby Intl A721
Brawer Bros, INC. A303
Brookwood Companies Inc. A606
Bruin Plastics Co. Inc. 1923
Buckles Intl. 1921
C.S. Osborne & Co. 1746
California Webbing Mills Inc. 1355
Canvas Products Association Zone 7 Inc. 1566
Canwil Textiles Inc. 1523
Carlson Design 2219
Carolina CoverTech 1429
Carr Textile A612
Celliant A219
Chemical Fabrics & Film Association A144
Coats A343
Comez International s.r.l. A327
Consew Consolidated Sewing Machine 1027
Cooley/Commercial Graphics 1547
Covestro LLC A318
Covin Sales & Converting Corp 1109
CTT Group A141
Custom Metal Crafters Inc. 1421
CustomFab Inc. 1255
Daeyang Corporation 1651
DAF Products Inc A813
Daikin America Inc. A130
DAP America, Inc. 2021
DingZing Advanced Materials Inc. A341
Dino-Lite Scopes A544
DirecTex 1249
DITF Deutsche Institute für Textil und Faserforschung Denkendorf A136
Diversitex Inc. 1370
DNA Technical Fabrics A622
Docril Fabrics 1154
Dong Won Industry Co. S2638
Dongho co. ltd, GH Advanced Materials Inc., HANRIMINTECH CO.,LTD. A709
Dost Teknik Tekstil 1158
Draperies.com 1467
DuPont A103
Duraflex USA 1364
Eastern Metal Supply S2530
Eastman Machine Co. 1018
Edward Segal, Inc. 1357
EFI Optitex A743
Elkem Silicones (formerly Bluestar Silicones) A410
Engineered Polymer Technologies A808
Erez USA Inc. 2046
Eton Systems A527
EVS, US, INC. A737
Expo Produccion 1673
Exponent A643
Fabrene Inc. 1621
FabricLink Network 1672
FACID North America 1671
Fasnap Corp. 2038
FIAB 1137
Forsstrom High Frequency AB 1119
Franklin Braid Mfg Co. 1619
FTS Textile Trading LLC 1179
Futureguard Building Products Inc. S2425
Gehring Textiles/Tweave A740
Genplus Corporation 1213
Gerald Schwartz Inc 1071
GlareTex S2518
Govmark A555
Granat Industries Inc 1310
Graniteville Specialty Fabrics 2220
Green Textile A659
Greenhead Industries 1664
Groz-Beckert USA A654
GTI Graphic Technology, Inc. A319
Guangdong SLP Environmental Protection Tech. Co., Ltd A846
Guangzhou Duocai Tent Co. S2719
Haining Bochuang New Materials Co., Ltd. 1065
Haining Guangyu Warp Knitting Co., Ltd. 1418
Haining Jiete Fiberglass Fabric Co. Ltd. 1054
Haining Jinda Coating Co., Ltd. 1147
Haining Keder & Tent Material Manufacture Co. Ltd. 1362
HDM Inc. SuperFabric® A437
Heesung Polymer 1070
Henderson Sewing Machine Co., Inc A301
Herculite Products Inc. & Strataglass 2138
Heytex & BondCote Corporation A801
Highland A727
Hiker USA Inc. 1412
Hill Crest Laminating LLC A851
Hiraoka & Co. Ltd. 1470
Ho Yu Textile Co., Ltd A323
Hoffman Brothers 1008
Hohenstein Institute America A336
Hongyuan Hontex A839
Hubei Jinlong New Materials Co LTD 1567
Huzhou Dragon Wise Textile Co Ltd A519
Illuminated Image S2725
INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry A409
Infinity Canopy S2520
Inland Plastics Ltd. 1273
Innovative Industrial Solutions 2020
International Antimicrobial Council A154
Intertape Polymer Group 2321
Interway Ind. Co. Ltd. 1472
IOSSO Products 2224
Irvin Automotive Inc. A746
ITW Maxigrip 1662
J.M. Rodgers Company Inc. A509
Jakob Mueller of America A327
Jason Mills, LLC A847
Jiangsu VEIK Technology & Materials Co. Ltd. A449
Jiangxi Huayuan New Material Co., Ltd. A850
Jinlongji (Dalian) Technology Co., LTD. 1564
JOMAR Softcorp International A504
JTE Machine Systems Inc. 1137
Juki America Inc. 1009
Jung Shin Co., Ltd 1574
JVL Textile (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. 1271
Kabar/Cosmos 1501
Kaplan Sewing Machine Co., Inc. 1608
Keder Solutions A Division of Made in America, LLC 1211
Keyston Bros 2313
Keystone Mfg. & Supply Co. 1063
Kintex Ltd. S2429
KL & C Corp., LTD. 1373
Kleiberit Adhesive USA A402
Koatsu Cloth Co. Ltd. 1572
Komar Alliance 2153
Korea Textile Center A807
Kretzer Scissors Inc A751
Kyung-In Corp 1363
L & T Import & Export Corp 1665
Lancer Textiles, Inc. 1718
LD A710
Lea & Sachs, Inc. 1518
Leister Technologies, LLC 1062
Linal, Inc. 2047
Louis A. Green Corp. 1513
Low and Bonar Martinsville, Inc. 1413
Lowy Enterprises Inc. 1465
LTM Textileresources Inc. A421
Lubrizol A818
MacDermid Enthone A308
Marshall & Williams/Navis Global A611
Marubeni America Corporation A101
Masson Inc A810
Matic SA 1219
Metlon Corporation A355
Mexican Manufacturers Inc. 2418
MFI International Mfg LLC 1423
MicroStar Lab A348
Mid South Extrusion, Inc. A551
Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc A422
Milco Industries, Inc. A812
Miller Weldmaster 1000
Ming Young Biomedical Corp. A107
Minnesota Knitting Mills Inc. A827
Mitsubishi Electric Automation 1571
MMI Textiles Inc. A625
MPanel Software S2421
Mt. Olive Manufacturing Inc 1473
Munro Fastenings & Textiles Inc. 2353
Murtraleon, S.A. De C.V. A223
Naizil Inc. 2025
NASA Johnson Space Center A755
National Webbing Products Co. 1270
NC Netting, Carpet, & Tarp Sewing Machinery A629
NC State University College of Textiles A234
NCF Coating Texnologies 1374
NETZSCH Instruments North America, LLC A350
NeverWet LLC A148
NewTarps & SNY Co., Ltd. 1570
Nice USA Inc. S2729
Ningbo Feierge Mechanic & Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. S2519
Ningbo Hongwei International Trade Co., Ltd. 1667
Norafin (Americas) Inc. A609
North East Knitting, Inc. A523
Novotex Italiana Spa A513
OPLEX, S.A. de C.V. 1349
Oxco Inc A411
PA Group USA A454
Paiho North America 1307
PARA S.p.A. 1301
Paskal Zippers & Fasteners 1647
Pathfinder Cutting Technology LLC A537
Pearson Industries Inc. 1522
Pennel USA 1770
Perfectex Plus LLC A749
PHIFER Inc. 2213
Plastic Fabric Solutions by Megaplast 1454
Polyfab USA LLC 2253
Polytech Inc. 1762
Polytex Plastics Co. Ltd. 1259
Practix Mfg. LLC A647
Predilnica Litija d.o.o A451
Premier-Tex Inc. 1766
Premium Industrial Machines of America 1670
Prochimir Inc. A507
Prodim USA, LLC 1313
Progressive Screens S2613
Providence Yarn Company A440
Qingdao Zehao Plastics Co. Ltd. 1308
Quality Thread & Notions Co. (The) 1605
R+T S2717
Rainier Industries S2547
RAM Technologies A712
Recasens USA 1611
Remington Products Company A658
Renson Inc. S2513
Ribamatic 1163
Ribbon Webbing Corp. 1610
Robeson Sewing Machine Co. 1209
Rome Fastener Sales Corp. 1620
Rosenthal Mfg Co Inc A736
Rubberlite, Inc. A655
S.I.R. Webbing Inc 1663
S.M.R.E. America, Ltd. 1655
Safety Components Fabric Technologies 1929
Sailrite 1167
Sangwon Hwasung Corp. 1458
Santex Rimar Group A418
Scantarp Oy Ab 1015
Schroeder Sewing Machine Co. Inc. A445
SDL Atlas A155
Seaman Corporation 1201
SEAMS Association A840
Seattle Textile Company 1720
Selfie Station A354
Serge Ferrari North America Inc. 1637
Service Thread A713
Sewn Products Equipment Company A521
SGS-IPS Testing ( Integrated Paper Services) A255
Shanghai DER New Material Co., Ltd. 1666
Shanghai Shenda Kobond New Materials Co., Ltd. 1562
Shawmut Corporation A131
Sheffield Cutting Equipment Inc. A637
Shuford Yarns LLC A613
Sijiatex 1263
Sileather A741
Sinteplast S.A. de C.V. 1527
Sioen Industries N.V. 1237
Situ Biosciences LLC A338
Snyder Mfg, Inc. 1509
Somfy Systems Inc. S2439
Sonco Pipe & Tube 2121
Southern Weaving Co. A748
Spettmann USA 1437
Spunfab Ltd A756
Stahl (USA) Inc. A501
Steel Stitch Corp. S2419
Ste-Lar Textiles 1520
Stimpson Co. Inc. 1354
Stoll America Knitting Machinery, Inc. A322
Straus Knitting Mills, Inc. A546
Sunair Awnings & Solar Screens S2531
Sunbrella 2227
Sung Jae MH Tec 1171
SUNiQ - a Corradi USA brand S2413
SuperTex Fabrics 1055
Supertex Inc. A425
Supply Bright S2623
Svalson AB S2528
Ta Ya (Canvas) Shanghai Co. Ltd. A618
Tamarack / GlideWear A321
Technical Coating International, Inc. A715
Tego Systems Corp. A401
Tek-Knit Industries A400
Teleco Automation S.r.l. S2721
Tennessee Webbing Products Co. A836
Tex Tech Industries A407
Texas Thread Mfg. Co. 1419
Textile World A142
The Fox Co. (John E. Fox Inc.) 1627
The Garrett Company LLC 1748
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. A106
The Miami Corporation 1301
The Nonwovens Institute/NWI A312
The Rubicon Group A559
Thermetrics LLC - A Subsidiary of Measurement Technology NW A340
Tie 4 Safe 1173
TMI International, LLC 1329
TomLong Techstile Corp. A128
Top Value Fabrics 1229
TransTex Technologies Inc. A405
Trident Industrial Products Corp. 1612
Trivantage 2239
TUV Rheinland A342
Twitchell Technical Products, LLC 1337
UFP Technologies A723
Ultra-Fresh A221
UltraTech International, Inc. A747
Uniquetex LLC A429
Uwharrie Knits Inc. A518
Value Vinyls 1127
Vaughan Brothers Inc. 1358
Verseidag US 1401
Vertilux, Ltd. S2631
Vidir Inc 1143
Vintex Inc. A701
Volm Companies, Inc. 1356
Volt Smart Yarns A300
W & W assoc., inc. 1371
Warm Industrial Nonwovens A508
Wayne Mills Co Inc 1619
William J. Dixon Co. A851
Wintec Korea, Inc. S2619
Wm T Burnett & Co A619
Wolff Industries, Inc. A345
Wonpoong Corp. 1451
Xiamen Siliansi household technology co., ltd. A447
Yazoo Mills, Inc. A419
Yin USA, Inc. 1039
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. - Tape Craft Corp. 2129
Zhejiang Gaia Textile Co., Ltd. 2147
Zhejiang Hongyan New Material Co., Ltd. A708
Zhejiang Huifeng Import & Export Co., Ltd. 1422
Zhejiang Keli New Material Technology Co., Ltd. 1463
Zhejiang MSD New Material Co., Ltd. 1323
Zhejiang Phipher New Materials Co., Ltd. 1162
Zhejiang Sanxing Co., Ltd. 1372
Zhejiang Tianxing Technical Textiles Co., Ltd. 1319
Zhejiang Yuli New Material Co.,Ltd 1200

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