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Tamarack / GlideWear

1670 94th Ln NE
Blaine,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: A321

Add an ultra-low friction textile solution to your products

GlideWear is an extremely low friction (µ=0.2), dual-ply fabric widely used in sports and medical applications. It absorbs the friction and shear that cause chafing, blisters, pain and sores. 

GlideWear for Sports

Even with the best products, athletes can experience rubbing and chafing, which make it painful to stay active. Repetitive friction sets athletes’ skin up for injuries. Now you can offer a lasting solution.

GlideWear in Medical Applications

Use GlideWear, an FDA Class I medical device, to make your products more effective against pressure ulcers, rubbing from braces and skin breakdown. GlideWear can also keep dressings & biologics in place, increasing their efficacy.

GlideWear for Transportation Seating

Anyone who sits for long periods of time is at risk for developing pain or soreness. If you make seating or back support products for people in the transportation industry, add GlideWear at strategic locations for an additional layer of comfort.

About GlideWear

GlideWear is made in the USA by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, a Minnesota-based medtech company. 

Brands: GlideWear®

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