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TransTex Technologies Inc.

3405 Casavant West Suite 8
Saint Hyacinthe,  QC 
  • Booth: A405

Making next-generation silver based antimicrobial solutions.

SilverClear™ DG-300 is a Canadian made and EPA registered anti-bacterial/anti-viral/anti-fungal treatment for textiles. Our technology, originally developed for use in advanced wound care, can now be used to add value and performance to your existing lines.

While older technologies use slow acting metallic salts, our unique molecule is dramatically faster and more effective. Using only purified water as a solvent, as opposed to the harsh solvents often used by may of these older technologies, our process incorporates a combination of polymers that form a durable cross-linking matrix binding the particles to treated fibers in an easy to apply one-step process.  As a result of these innovations, SilverClear™ is not only much faster acting than first-generation silver based antimicrobials, it is also easier for manufacturers to work with and far more durable.

SilverClear™ DG-300 is designed to be applied to textiles during the finishing stages, and is compatible with most other treatments.  Properly applied and cured, SilverClear™ has been shown to continue to deliver outstanding performance through as many as 100 industrial washings.

Brands: SilverClear™ DG-300

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