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Zhejiang Keli New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

No. 571, Tongsheng Road, Tongxiang Economic Zone
Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province
Tongxiang,  Zhejiang Province 
  • Booth: 1463

Welcome to our booth!

We are specialized in production of the following 3 categories of products:

1. Teflon coated cloth is made of high quality imported glass fiber woven materials, which is woven into a plain weave or special high-class fiberglass cloth and using unique technology, full immersion, impregnation, coating Teflon (PTFE) resin. The suitable for the temperature between -196℃ to 300℃.Weather resistance, anti-aging,difficult to adhere to any substance, easy to clean, chemical resistant, resistant to acid, UV protection, anti-static.

2.Silicone rubber glassfiber cloth is using high-temperature high strength glassfiber cloth as the substrate, compound by silicone rubber with a special process, it is high performance, multi-composite material.

3. Kevlar fiber coating cloth is high-strength fiber invented by Dupont in 1960s,using unique technology, full immersion, impregnation, coating.Kevlar is a registered trademark of Dupont, generally known as Kevlar Fiber.

Brands: Zhejiang Keli

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