We are looking for forward-thinking HR and benefits leaders and experts to present at the 2022 Human Resource Executive® Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

Do you have exceptional results with employee benefits? Are you using new technologies or new methods to drive innovation? Have you embraced new benefits or changed the way you communicate with employees in response to the coronavirus pandemic? Are you looking to the future of benefits and leading the way? Will CHROs, VPs of HR, directors of HR, and total rewards and benefits professionals and consultants get immediate value from your presentation?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, we invite you to submit a proposal to present at the 2022 Annual Human Resource Executive® Health & Benefits Leadership Conference!

We seek employers that are doing innovative things, solving big challenges and committed to helping employees in trying times—and are willing to share their strategies, successes, challenges and lessons learned. We are also looking for vendors and consultants to present along with employer clients. The only instance in which a vendor will be accepted to present without a client is in the Ideas & Innovators general session, which features fast-paced presentations on "big ideas."

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

•  Total rewards

•  Costs and financing methods

•  All types of forward-looking benefits — employee-paid and voluntary

•  New solutions and technologies

•  Embracing new benefits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

•  Communicating with employees in times of crisis

•  How and why you've changed your employee benefit package (adding or dropping benefits)

•  Innovative communications and engagement methods

•  Behavior change and incentives

•  New solutions and results with wellness — physical, mental and financial health

•  The evolving role of brokers/consultants

•  Healthcare and benefits legislation

•  Developments in retirement and financial security

Don’t hesitate to submit something that’s controversial, opinionated and provocative.

Types of sessions and requirements:

Keynote (60 minutes)

A keynote presentation, panel discussion or other highly-focused presentation on strategic topics suitable for all benefits executives and professionals.

Breakouts (45 minutes)                   

Sessions covering specific workplace challenges related to benefits. Can be presented as panel discussions, lectures, workshops or roundtable dicsussions (up to three presenters, including moderator per breakout session). Sessions should include time for attendees to ask questions.                                             

Ideas & Innovators (Keynote)    

A panel of thought leaders and experts whose initiatives are shaking things up in the benefits industry. Panelists will discuss the disruptive ideas changing the benefits landscape and creating real results for individuals and employers. The session uses the Ignite presentation format (each presenter speaks separately and has 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes).

Eligible Speakers: Executive-level HR and benefits professionals, benefits consultants and vendors. For case studies, we're looking for senior-level executives from employer organizations, paired with senior-level executives from vendor organizations. Sales or marketing executives will not be accepted as speakers.

Presentations should be educational, informative and interactive; meet clearly defined learning objectives, which you must include in your proposal; and provide the attendee with useful takeaways.


You should expect to be notified of the status of your submission near the end of November.

If you have questions or issues submitting this form, please contact Angela Wilkinson at awilkinson@lrp.com. 

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If you have any questions or problems submitting this form, please contact Angela Wilkinson at awilkinson@lrp.com.

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