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At Syngenta, we are committed to collaborating with growers and landscape managers to solve problems.
We recognize the complexity of growing ornamentals and strive to work together to grow our understanding so we can continually deliver plant protection solutions with an impeccable attention to detail that highlights the beauty of plants, whether ready for sale or already established in the landscape.

As your trusted partner, we’ve got you covered!

Fungicides: Daconil Ultrex®; Daconil Weatherstik®; Heritage®; Subdue Maxx®: Mural®; Medallion®WDG; Palladium®, BannerMaxx;® II Concert® II, Micora®; and Segovis®

Insecticides:  Mainspring® GNL; Flagship®; Avid®; Citation®; Endeavor®; Scimitar® GC

Herbicides:  Barricade®; Pennant Magnum®; Princep®Liquid; Reward®; Fusilade®II

PGR:  Bonzi 

Brands: Fungicides: Daconil®; Heritage®; Subdue Maxx®: Mural®; Micora®; and Segovis® Insecticides: Mainspring® GNL; Avid®; Citation®; Endeavor®; Herbicides: Barricade®; Pennant Magnum®; Reward®;


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  • Syngenta Ornamental Portfolio
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    You'll find many resources to assist you in your plant protective strategies.
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  • Learn about our Diamide Insecticides, Mainspring GNL  and Acelepryn, compatible with beneficial insects and soft on pollinators, while providing systemic protection against many of the most troublesome suckers and chewers.

    Take a look at our fungicides. We offer a solid portfolio of products to control various rots, blights and spots. 

    You may recognize Daconil, Subdue Maxx and Heritage!

    Segovis® fungicide  is considered by many to be the best in class for controlling downy mildew and phytophthora!

    Mural®  ( FRAC 11/7) is labeled to control more than 50 diseases.and is a versatile solution for broad-spectrum disease control.   Mural® fungicide protects ornamental and vegetable plants, trees and shrubs from the widest range of root and foliar diseases including botrytis, powdery mildews, cercospora and many leaf spots and blights and soilborne diseases like Rhizoctonia and Fusarium. 

    • Powered with translaminar and systemic activity. • Enhanced formulation for efficient mixing. • Offers plant health benefits, like enhanced root density when applied at low use rates during propagation.

    Look for a new addition to our fungicide line up in early 2021.

  • Greenhouse Spring Agronomic Rotations
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  •  Preparation is an essential part of effective disease and insect management. The presence of water on leaves, high humidity levels, temperature changes and decreased air flow can lead to conditions for a variety of diseases. Even the most rigorous sanitation programs and detailed inspection processes can’t exclude all insect pests. By carefully planning and preparing for the expected and, to some extent, the unexpected, growers can help prevent plant damage and stress.

    Syngenta offer proven agronomic programs that address the most common disease and insect pests and provide a framework for rotating products and modes of action. Rotating different chemistries is particularly important in the ornamental industry where production can occur 52 weeks of the year and resistance can become an issue.

    • Comprehensive, long-lasting management of insects and disease affecting your operation or specific crop
    • Rotation of many modes of actions to help prevent the onset of resistance and preserve valuable chemistries
    • Preventive strategy to help save time and resources compared to curative treatments

    You may find a broad list of agronomic planning guides for crop types or of specific pests or diseases.
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