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Adapt8, a family-owned company based in Salem, Ore., is changing the way the world grows food with innovative products for agricultural, gardening and industrial customers. Adapt8 is a sustainable company with scientifically researched greenhouse and agricultural products that grow bigger, brighter and better crops. Adapt8 is best known for Solexx, a twin-wall greenhouse covering material that surpasses other covering choices in insulation, light, quality and longevity resulting in healthier plants and lower energy bills. Visit for more information.

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Solexx Greenhouse Covering

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  • Solexx: A Revolution in Growing

    Adapt8 is changing the way the world grows, starting with Solexx™. This innovative greenhouse covering grows high quality yields at a faster rate than other products. This accelerated growth and reduced costs generate more profit.
    Solexx™ is an insulated, flexible plastic covering that easily turns nearly any structure into an energy-efficient greenhouse. Made from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE), the superior twin-wall covering provides a range of benefits:
    Grow Healthier Plants Faster 
    • 100% diffuse for optimal light and up to 25% faster growth
    • Increases usable growing space
    • Reduced temperature fluctuations means less stress and disease
    • Prevents leaf burn
    • Reduces condensation
    Reliable Protection for Valuable Crops
    • Withstands hail, wind, snow and extreme temperatures 
    • Guaranteed with 10-year limited UV warranty
    • Quality crafted in the USA, we stand behind our product 
    • Won’t discolor, crack or reduce light transmission over time – consistent, high performance for the life of the covering
    • Inert and BPA free – safely disinfect without off-gassing 
    Reduce Labor, Operating Costs and Liability
    • No yearly repairing and replacing or seasonal whitewashing
    • Consistent growth throughout means no manual plant rotations 
    • Superior insulation greatly reduces heating and cooling costs
    • Eliminates emergency repairs
    • Reduces risk by keeping people off the greenhouse roof
    Available in continuous rolls up to 900 ft. Easy to install on nearly any structure.
    Call to see how much you can save this year, 1-877-476-5399 or visit


    Double Wall
    Performs In Cold
    Resists Breaking/Tearing
    Will Not Puncture
    10 Year Warranty
    Performs In Heat
    Payback < 2 Years
    Insulation Greater Than 2.0 R
    100% Diffusion
    Resists Condensation
    Does Not Require White Washing
    Rolls For Easy Shipping/Storage
    Does Not Require Special Attachments
    Bends Around Corners
    UV Protection Throughout Material


    Solexx panels are easy to install. Much more flexible than twin-wall polycarbonate greenhouse panels, Solexx bends around corners and is easily scored and cut. Panels can be screwed onto existing greenhouse frames, and continuous rolls allow for fewer seams when covering structures. For detailed installation instructions, contact a representative at 1-877-476-5399 orDownload Installation Instructions Here.

    Insulation Quality Analysis:Compare the insulation quality of Solexx to other greenhouse coverings on the market.
    5mm Solexx Panels*  2.30 0.43
    3.5mm Solexx Panels*  2.10 0.48
    8mm Triple-Wall Polycarbonate 2.00 0.50
    Double Pane Storm Windows 2.00 0.50
    10mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 1.89 0.53
    Double Polyethylene Film 6 mil** 1.70 0.60
    8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 1.60 0.63
    6mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 1.54 0.65
    Double Polyethylene Film 6 mil** 1.50 0.70
    4mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate 1.43 0.70
    Single Pane Glass, 3mm 0.95 1.05
    Corrugated Polycarbonate 0.88 1.14
    Poly Film 6 mil 0.83 1.20
    Corrugated Fiberglass 0.64 1.56
    R-Value - The measurement of insulating ability of the material. The higher the R-Value number the greater the insulation value.
    U-Value - The measurement of heat loss through the material. The lower the U-Value the less heat is escaping.
    *Independent testing, Solexx with caulked flutes.
    ** Requires constant inflation to maintain R-Value.


  • Solexx Greenhouse Covering
    Bends like film, insulates better than polycarbonate
    Solexx™ is an insulated, flexible plastic covering that easily turns nearly any structure into a high-performance greenhouse....

  • Made from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE), the superior twin-wall covering provides optimal diffuse light, significantly lowers energy costs, reduces condensation, and protects plants from harsh conditions without shattering, cracking or discoloring.

    Durable in Extreme Weather

    • Withstands hail, wind and snow
    • Won’t discolor or reduce light transmission over time
    • Won’t crack in cold

    Ideal Growing Conditions

    • 100% diffuse for optimal light
    • Up to 25% faster growth
    • Sun- and shade-loving plants grow side by side
    • Reduced temperature fluctuations mean less stress

    Energy Savings and Efficiency

    • Superior insulation
    • Qualifies for energy rebates
    • Stays cooler in summer
    • Reduces condensation

    Reduced Labor and Liability Costs

    • Guaranteed with 10-year limited UV warranty
    • No yearly repairing and replacing
    • No seasonal whitewashing – reduces injuries
    • Consistent growth throughout means no plant rotations to sunnier locations

    Versatile and Flexible

    • Installs on any structure
    • Continuous rolls eliminate seams
    • Bends over corners and roof
    • Trimmable


    • Inert and BPA free – can be disinfected without off-gassing
    • Keeps plastic out of the landfill
    • Recyclable
  • Tree Guards
    Nurserymen, orchardists and nut growers have relied on Adapt8’s corrugated plastic Tree Guards to protect their investments for more than 25 years. Tree Guards easily wrap around tissue culture tree trunks to protect their thin, sensitive bark for years....

  • Benefits of Tree Guards

    Protection from Nature and the Elements

    • Protect from southwest sunscald
    • Ward off trunk splitting and cracking due to frost and cold winters
    • Stop predator damage, especially deer antler rub and jack rabbits
    • Reduce sucker sprout growth

    Create a Buffer for Equipment and Operations

    • Prevent tractor and weed-eater damage
    • Protect against herbicide spraying
    • Eliminate trunk scarring during transport and while digging

    Constructed for Long-term Use

    • Durable and reusable
    • Stores flat conveniently
    • Made in USA

    NEW! Custom sizes now available, call for a quote

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