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Manufacturer Representatives for; Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss and Grower Mixes. Prosource Plus Nursery & Greenhouse Mixes & Virginia Pine Fines.  Prosource Plus coir (SuperWashed, Washed, Buffered, and Grow Bags & Slabs). 

Brands: Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss and Mix. Prosource Plus Mix and coir.

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  • Prosource Plus BP-400F Grower Mix Fine
    Aged pine bark blend with amendments.
    Ideal for Nursery / Perennial Mix, or Greenhouse Base Blend (EC <0.5)...

  • Benefits of Our Processed BP Mix blends

    From a Physical Property perspective:
    1. The Blend creates a wettable mix - will always rewet no matter how dry.
    2. The Blend stored in a bulk mix pile will not "shed" water as it does with a bark / peat mix pile.
    3. Coir is absorbent rather than adsorbent - since all the water is held inside the particle, it is difficult to overwater.
       "Ample water holding capacity + Improved drainage = eliminates environment for root disease and freeze damage"

    From a Chemical Property perspective:
    4. The Blend does not decompose readily - takes 16-24 months for the process to begin.
    5. The Blend is very stable chemically - pH is 5.4 to 6.2.
    6. Higher Buffering Capacity - if water or nutrition becomes off balance, you have more time to adjust it.
    7. Higher Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) than Bark with Peat.

  • Theriault & Hachey P-15 High Porosity Mix
    A cost-effective high porosity growing mix for good aeration and drainage. Extra coarse grade sphagnum peat moss (85%), coarse perlite (15%), calcitic & dolomitic lime, wetting agent, starter fertilizer with trace elements....

  • Why is T&H different from the rest?

    T&H uses Extra Coarse peat in the mix, not Coarse.

    This gives YOU more air, better growing.

    T&H mix has superior Wettability.

    Therefore, NO wet & dry spots with your crop.

    T&H moisture content is 45-50%, not 35-45%.

    EASY to fluff bale, and EASY to wet out.

    T&H makes it easy for you to manage your crop!

    T&H “State of the Art” mix line blends consistent mix, so YOU can grow a uniform consistent crop.

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