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About Organic Mechanics

Organic Mechanics Soil Company has manufactured and distributed organic, peat-free, sustainable potting soils, soil amendments, and fertilizers since 2006. Strategically located in Chester County PA, we ship coast to coast, from 1 pallet to full truckloads. Our organic potting soils and soil amendments are built for gardeners, but we also offer custom soils to landscape architects, designers, and growers. 610.380.4598 or

Who We Serve

We service independent garden centers, natural food stores, landscape companies, farms, growers, nurseries, botanical gardens, and licensed cannabis facilities. We also offer private label fulfillment services. OMRI listed products available. Please check out our catalog for more info on all of our organic products. Want a 2021 price list or new customer paperwork? Just ask! Happy to send today.

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  • Organic Mechanics Biochar Blend
    Soil amendment for use in landscape applications, vegetable gardens, GSI (green stormwater infrastructure) projects, and in customized soil blends for growers....

  • Biochar is a lifetime soil enhancement that provides water and nutrient holding capacity, provides a home for soil biology, and helps plants resist stress.

    Contains Biochar, Compost, Worm Castings, Azomite, Zeolite, Bone Char, Kelp Meal and Alfalfa Meal

    Blend at 10% rate into your favorite container media or in-ground applications. If using in the landscape, apply 1.0cuft to 24sqft, this equates to a 0.5" layer. Blend approx 5"-6" depth.

    Available in 1.0cuft bags or 2.0cuyd supersacks.

    Ready to use out of the bag.

  • Organic Mechanic Product Catalog
    You can see our entire catalog here:

  • You can see our entire catalog here: Organic Mechanic Product Catalog

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