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Perennials With Staying Power™
Our perennials are selected for their longevity in the marketplace and in the garden. We’re sure you’ll appreciate their SELLING power, too. We call this Perennials With Staying Power™ and they include exclusive Darwin items – the latest right alongside your favorites. At Darwin Perennials®, supply is just as important as genetics. Our farm, Darwin Colombia, promises reliable supply of high-quality unrooted cuttings. You can also count on our list of well-known young plant suppliers licensed to carry Darwin Perennials to help meet your Darwin genetics needs week in and week out.

Darwin Colombia
Our farm features more varieties, unsurpassed product quality and more innovation than ever before. Darwin Colombia is the Darwin Perennials production farm near Bogotá. Our team in Colombia brings you a comprehensive offering of vegetative perennials, including an extensive portfolio of the best genetics from Darwin Perennials, Walters Gardens, Florensis, Must Have Perennials, and leading breeders from around the world.

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Nepeta from Darwin Perennials
Salvia from Darwin Perennials

 Press Releases

  • Bred & Selected For Landscape Success

    Darwin Perennials® varieties are bred, trialed and selected for longevity in the garden, landscape and the marketplace. We strive to provide you with Perennials With Staying Power™ so you can offer perennials with selling power. Count on the best genetics from the most reliable supply chain – for your landscape success!

    A new standout variety joins the lineup this year, NEW Sombrero Poco™ Yellow. This compact Echinacea offers the same exceptional Winter hardiness, excellent branching and proven landscape performance as the tried and true Sombrero® series. Plus, the unique non-fading flowers provide long-lasting enjoyment to the end consumer.

    Download the full Darwin Perennials Landscape Success brochure to see more top picks from our experts. See Trial & Award Winners and learn more about the forms available to you from our trusted supply chain.

    Download Our Landscape Brochure Here
  • Lavender Primavera from Darwin Perennials

    Get a closer look at the NEW Spanish Lavender Primavera from Darwin Perennials. Click here or on the image above to download more details on Primavera trials, planning and scheduling.

    • Can be programmed for very early flowering for markets in the Deep South or for Summer sales in the North.
    • The most versatile of Spanish Lavender varieties.
    • No chill required for flowering.

    Height: 16 to 18 in. (41 to 46 cm)
    Bloom Months: Year round depending on location
    USDA Hardiness Zones: 7a to 9a


  • Lavender Primavera
    A Spanish Lavender that will flower throughout Summer and extend your sales....

  • A Spanish Lavender that will bloom all Summer into the Fall to extend your sales! Primavera has a unique no-chill requirement to flower, so it continues to set blooms from early Spring throughout the gardening season. Primavera is topped with large burgundy flags on purple flowers. They are fragrant, vibrant and attractive to bees and butterflies. It’s easy to live the “Lavender lifestyle” with a variety like Primavera. Hardy in Zones 7a-9a. See more details.

  • Echinacea Sombrero Poco™ Yellow
    Compact series of Echinacea with exceptional Winter hardiness....

  • This compact series of Echinacea has exceptional Winter hardiness to Zone 4b with excellent branching and proven landscape performance. The sturdy stems are covered in blooms with rich bright, vibrant and non-fading colors. Poco is compact for better forcing and greenhouse-growing performance. Well-matched in habit and timing. Gardeners will love this coneflower as it will attract butterflies, bees and songbirds. See more details.
  • Nepeta Whispurr™ Pink
    Longtime blooming for the landscape....

  • Nepeta (Cat Mint) are excellent landscape plants with long blooming seasons from Spring through Summer. The NEW Whispurr series has large flower plumes on robust plants. The leaves have a minty fragrance and the blooms are very popular with pollinators. Available in Pink and Blue varieties of N. faassenii. Hardy in USDA Zones 4a to 9a. See more details.
  • Dianthus Mountain Frost™ Ruby Snow
    A wonderful landscape border variety....

  • NEW Mountain Frost Ruby Snow requires no vernalization to flower. It will rebloom consistently from early Spring until Fall and is tolerant of rainy and wet conditions. Its tidy, mounding habit is great for landscape borders. Ideal for 2.5-qt. and 1-gal. pot sizes in production. Available as unrooted cuttings or liners. Ruby Snow is notable for its silver-blue foliage and burst of white blooms with red eyes. The blooms don’t fade in the heat or sun. Hardy in USDA Zones 4b to 9a. See more details.

  • Phlox paniculata Super Ka-Pow™
    Super-sized for more color power!...

  • The NEW Super Ka-Pow™ series has excellent branching to ensure an abundance of flowers throughout the Summer. Hardy garden phlox provides beautiful bouquets of blooms in late Spring through Summer. The flowers and habit are super-sized for more visibility. The series features vibrant colors, winter hardiness (USDA Zones 4a to 9a) and powdery mildew resistance. Available in Lavender, Pink, Fuchsia (shown) and White. See more details. 

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