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At Monrovia, we are passionate about plants and care deeply about our customers and industry. The last year has been tumultous, difficult and draining but our industry has remained strong and resilient.

Online shopping is more important than ever. Plantt™ is an eCommerce storefront solution developed specially for garden centers to reach more consumers, and it is now available to you from Monrovia. If you need an easy, robust eCommerce solution, we invite you to look at the Plantt™ platform.

Gardening and landscaping have experienced a resurgence of interest during this time of social distancing and working from home. Millions of households are spending more time in their yards.

Our 2021 Featured Plants are varieties that meet key consumer needs and are versatile plants sure to remain popular for years to come. They represent the best and most beautiful plants we grow. From dwarf flowering shrubs to evergreen hedges to long-blooming perennials, our Featured Plants continue to fulfill the promise consumers have come to trust: We provide plants that beautify their gardens and landscapes and thrive once planted.

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Brands: Nitty Gritty™ Roses, Grace N' Grit™ Roses, Seaside Serenade® Hydrangeas & Chateau™ Hibiscus Series


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 Press Releases

  • This year Monrovia announced the acquisition of the Plantt Online consumer e-commerce store front solution for garden centers.

    Plantt Online is an online platform that allows consumers to purchase in-house inventory at the garden center with a customized store front reflecting the store’s personality. Consumers can specify store pickup or home delivery.

    “During this time of unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, this is a significant opportunity for our customers to integrate curbside pickup and home delivery and engage efficiently in e-commerce, which is needed now more than ever,” said Miles Rosedale, CEO of Monrovia.

    Monrovia will continue to work with Michael Boese as a strategic advisor to provide the Plantt e-commerce store fronts to garden centers throughout North America. “I’m excited that Monrovia, the best-known, premium plant brand in the industry will be driving the Plantt store front solution,” said Michael Boese, co-founder of Plantt.

    “Today more than ever it has become important to have a way to sell online. Plantt store fronts allows a garden center to interact safely with both existing and new customers allowing them to shop from home and protects both the consumer and your staff,” said Jonathan Pedersen, vice president of sales and business development at Monrovia.

    The Plantt platform is built on Magento, an e-commerce solution with the added enhancement of point-of-sale integration with Epicor and NCR Counterpoint. The system also offers home delivery via Roadie as a third-party delivery partner with real-time order tracking.

    SummerWinds Nursery in Campbell, California, and The Greenery in Turlock, California, are already using Plantt store fronts. “We are pleased that Monrovia has acquired Plantt’s e-commerce platform and will employ Plantt’s talent to continue building upon its customer-friendly online store,” said Frank Benzing, CEO of SummerWinds Nursery. “Today we are seeing the need for a robust online store as vital to our business success and are grateful to the entire Plantt team for their efforts to help us with opportunities to keep customer loyalty during a challenging time for garden centers across the country.”

    Monrovia is rolling out Plantt Online to partner garden centers and migrating its current online platform Shop.Monrovia to the Plantt platform.

    For information on Monrovia’s Plantt platform for your garden center, contact your Monrovia Sales Representative or visit the Plantt Online page.


  • Seaside Serenade® Hydrangea
    These remarkable hydrangeas offer truly notable improvements that make this summer-blooming shrub even better for landscapes and container gardens....

    • Reliably rebloom throughout the season
    • Compact habit ideal for foundation plantings, container gardens and more
    • Improved tolerance to heat, humidity and wind
    • Sturdier stems do not flop
    • Flowers last longer in the garden and when cut

    Seaside Serenade® varieties include:

    Newport, Cape Lookout, Cape Hatteras, Fire Island, Hamptons, Cape Cod, Outer Banks, Cape May, Martha's Vineyard and Bar Harbor

  • Nitty Gritty™ Groundcover Roses
    Monrovia exclusive very durable, own-root, fuss-free groundcover rose produces an abundance of lovely blooms while offering excellent disease resistance and a self-cleaning, easy-to-care-for habit....

    • Beautiful, lightly fragrant flowers
    • Rounded habit to 3 feet tall
    • Excellent Disease Resistance
    • Self-cleaning and own-root
    • Blooms nonstop from early summer to autumn
    • Outstanding "filler" plant in large containers

    Zones 4-9

    Fast growing, 3' tall & 4' wide, takes partial to full sun.

    Five colors in the series; Red, Pink, Peach, Yellow and White.

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