DPM, Inc. - Nursery Jaws

Davenport,  NE 
United States


  • Nursery Jaws Next Generation
    The Next Generation Nursery Jaws handle up to 65" B&B, 36" boxes, containers, rocks and more....

  • The Next Generation Nursery Jaws has impressive capacity with the heavy duty construction for long life.  The Next Generation Nursery Jaws incorporates the versatility of the Nursery Jaws 2's method of handling materials but with a greater capacity, greater range of motion and with virtually no maintenance. From large to small, now you can do it all! Two functions to adjust parallel width of the forks, with a wider range of adjustment than the Nursery Jaws 2. The ability to handle materials either by using the pivot fork or the parallel movement of the pivot arm makes it extremely user friendly!

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