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SRW Products is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience and leadership in hardscape and concrete products. We have earned a solid reputation for providing quality products and outstanding customer service. Our dealer-based company continues to grow with the commitment of our team as we remain both innovative and comprehensive in our product base. Visit our website ( to view our many products including:

We are proud to introduce two new products to our offering for 2021:

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Pavermate Z3 Activation


  • HexaBase™
    Use HexaBase™ to reduce the amount of base material needed under paver projects by up to 6" - 8". Save time and money without compromising the integrity of the project. Work smarter not harder. Choose HexaBase™ for your next paver project....

  • HexaBase™

    • Follows industry installation standards.
    • Reduce costs of fill material and excavation.
    • Replace 6" - 8" of base in paver projects.
    • 100% Permeable
    • 30x stronger than foam base panels.
    • No special accessories needed.
    • Interlocking panels alow for a custom base size

    Visit our website to see how HexaBase™ compares to foam base replacement products:

    View Techincal Data Sheet and Instructions:

  • Landscape Fabrics
    Ensure the long-term performance of landscape work with SRW Geotextiles. We have versatile fabric for any job including: general and premium landscape, weed control, stabilization and separation, drainage and filtration and heavy duty erosion control....

  • Fabric Products:

    General Landscaping 

    • Silver Elite 
    • SB2 & SB3

    Weed Control

    • Residential PS1.5 
    • Contractor PS2 
    • Professional PS3 

    Premium Landscape Fabric 

    • Pro Plus IV 
    • Pro Plus V 
    • GC3 


    • Permeable 350 
    • SS5 

    Drainage & Filtration 

    • LS3 
    • NW4 
    • NW4.5 
    • NW6 

    Heavy Duty Erosion Control 

    • NW7 
    • EC8 
    • NW10 
    • NW12 
    • NW16 

    Visit our website to learn more about these fabrics:

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