Hillcrest Nursery, Inc.

Manchester,  MD 
United States

Hillcrest Nursery, Inc. is a Wholesale Grower of Annuals, Perennials, Finished Herbs, Vegetables, Succulents and Seasonal Plants in the MD, DC, NOVA area. Providing Independent Garden Centers with top-quality product year round.

Hillcrest Customer's have the option to Pre-Order Finished Herbs to be Contract Grown for Spring Sales. (16 week lead time required) 

If interested in becoming a New Customer of Finished Plants, submit an Online Application at: www.hillcrestnursery.com/Submit-Application

Hillcrest also specializes in Growing and Supplying Organic Cell Pack Herbs (Liner 105/100 & Split 102) to all 50 States and other area's including Canada, Puerto Rico and the Bahama's. Customer's may order Directly from Hillcrest or place order's through their Local Broker-Sales Rep.

For more info on our program & how to pre-order visit: www.hillcrestnursery.com/page/Organic-Cell-Pack-Herbs-Information 

For Weekly Organic Cell Pack Herb Excess (speculative) Availability visit: www.hillcrestnursery.com/Availability 



 Press Releases

  • New for 2021
    Annuals Perennials
    4" Pots 4.5" Quarts - 15/flat
    Asparagus Mazeppa Ajuga Princess Nadia
    Delosperma GranitaOrange
    4.5" Delosperma Rock CrystalNeon Red
    Calibrachoa Aloha Nani Appleblossom Delosperma Rock CrystalOrange
    Calibrachoa Cabrio Assorted Colors Delosperma Rock CrystalPink
    Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii Blueberry Delosperma SolsticeYellow
    Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii Coral Reef Delosperma Delmara Pink
    Coleus Le Freak Delosperma Delmara Red
    Coleus Stained Glassworks Royalty DianthusGoody Gumdrops
    Coleus Stained Glassworks Golden Gate DianthusSuper TrouperRed & White
    Coleus Stained Glassworks Velvet HostaFirst Dance
    Evolvulus Beach Bum Blue HostaBlue Elf
    Gerbera Salsa Mix HostaAngel Falls
    Ipomoea Sweet Georgia Green Splash HostaRobert Frost
    Portulaca Cupcakes Coconut HostaCity Lights
    Portulaca Cupcakes Orange Touch HostaParadigm
    HostaRegal Splender
    6"  HostaKabitan
    Celosia Prestige Scarlet LavandulaSensational
    Dianthus Chiba Violet LavandulaBridget Chloe
    Dianthus Coronet Cherry Red LobeliaStarship Burgundy
    Petunia Easy Wave Plum Vein NepetaKit Kat
    Kwik Kombo Harvest Moon ScabiosaGigaBlue
    Kwik Kombo Ride Along ScabiosaGigaSilver
    Kwik Kombo Zoom Zoom SedumSpot OnPink
    Portulaca Sundial Caliente Mix SempervivumMossRose
    Portulaca Toucan Scarlet Shades # 1 Gallon 
    Scaevola Scala Purple Bird AgastacheSunriseOrange
    Sunpatiens Compact Rose Glow AgastacheSunriseYellow
    Vinca Tatoo Blueberry AstilbeFanal
    Impatiens XDR Hot Mix AstilbeRise & Shine
    Impatiens XDR Pastel Mix AstilbeRed Sentinel
    Impatiens XDR Rosy Mix CalamagrostisKarl Foarster
    Impatiens XDR Tango Mix DianthusBlack Cherry Frost
    Impatiens XDR Purple DianthusFruit PunchClassic Coral
    Impatiens Roller Coaster Cotton Candy DianthusMaraschino 
    Impatiens Roller Coaster Hot Pink DigiplexisFirecracker
    Impatiens Roller Coaster Red Racer HostaBrother Stefan
    Impatiens Roller Coaster White Lightening HostaFrancess Williams
    Impatiens Sunstanding Jazzy Coral LavandulaSensational
    Impatiens Sunstanding Jazzy Hot Pink LobeliaStarship Blue
    Marigold Little Duck Orange LobeliaStarship Burgundy
    Marigold Little Duck Yellow NepetaBlue Prelude
    Vinca Cora XDR Magenta Halo NepetaNeptune
    PulmonariaSpot On
    8" Pots RudbeckiaAmerican Gold Rush
    Begonia Rex Bewitched Lavender ScabiosaGigaSilver
    Begonia Rex Curly Chocolate ScabiosaRoyal Ruby
    Dahlia Dahlegria Magenta
    Dahlia Dahlegria Pink Flame HibiscusBerry Awesome
    Dahlia Dahlegria Sunrise HibiscusFrench Vanilla
    Dahlia Sincerity HibiscusSummer in Paradise
    Kwik Kombo  Fire & Ice BuddleiaLo & BeholdBlue Chip Jr
    Kwik Kombo Little Piece of my Heart BuddleiaLo & BeholdMiss Violet
    Kwik Kombo Pink Lemonade HydrangeaLittle Quick Fire
    Kwik Kombo Powder Puff
    Kwik Kombo A Touch of Class
    Kwik Kombo Grape Expectations
    Kwik Kombo Picotee Passion
    Lantana Luscious Royal Red Zone
    Penstemon Phoenix Magenta
    Penstemon Phoenix Violet
    Ruellia Machu Morado
    Salvia White Flame
    10" Pots
    Dahlia Maggiore Deep Rose
    Dahlia Maggiore Purple
    Dahlia Maggiore Yellow
    Geranium Calliope Cherry
    Geranium Calliope Violet
    Geranium Calliope White
    10" HB
    Calibrachoa Can Can Bumble Bee Orange
    Calibrachoa Chameleon Frozen Ice
    Calibrachoa Hula Gold Medal
    Calibrachoa TikTok Grape
    Calibrachoa Tik Tok Rose
    Calibrachoa Tik Tok White
    Geranium Caldera Pink
    Geranium Caldera Red
    Geranium Caldera Salmon
    Lantana Havana Red Sky
    Impatiens Sunpatiens Rose Glow
    Petunia Itsy Magenta
    Trixi Double Take
    Trixi Geisha Girl
    Trixi On the Double
    Trixi Skys the Limit
    Trixi Twice as Nice
    Trixi Two To Tango
    12" HB
    Begonia Solenia Apricot
    Kwik Kombo  Fire & Ice
    Kwik Kombo Little Piece of my Heart
    Kwik Kombo Pink Lemonade
    Kwik Kombo Powder Puff
    Kwik Kombo A Touch of Class
    Kwik Kombo Grape Expectations
    Kwik Kombo Picotee Passion
    Ann 14" Pot
    Mix Master Bejeweled
    Veg 606
    Cabbage Sweet Slaw
    Veg #1
    Pepper Red Standard
    Tomato Delicious
    Tomato Mortgage Lifter


    Finished Herbs may be ordered from Weekly Speculative Availability and/or may be Contract Grown per Order
    Just need to get started??? ... Organic Cell Pack Herb Plugs also may be ordered from Weekly Availability and/or Contract Grown per Order...

  • Hillcrest Nursery offers a Wide Selection of Finished Herbs and Organic Cell Pack Herbs


    • Weekly Speculative Availability Offered Year-Round 
    • Contract Orders may be placed for Spring with at least 16 week lead time:
      • 2.5" Pot Size - 32/flat
      • 3.5" Pot Size - 18/flat
    • Local Delivery or Pick Up Only
    • Plants are indentified with Hillcrest Custom Mini-Portrait Tags. Picture on front with growing details on back. Back of tag includes unique UPC barcode.
    • 4.5" Quart Pot Size - 10/flat available in Summer and Fall


    • Certified Organic 1" hexagonal plugs (rooted from cutting or seed, variety depending)
    • Tray sizes offered: Liner 105/100 or Split 102/50 
    • Weekly Speculative Availability Year-Round
    • Contract Orders may be placed with a 12-15 week lead time
    • Program Info & Pre-Order Forms https://www.hillcrestnursery.com/page/Organic-Cell-Pack-Herbs-Information 
    • Orders in multiples of 200 plugs will fill boxing. 
    • Mini-Portrait tags are available to purchase in addition $11/100pk;  $5.50/50pk
    • Orders can be shipped via FedEx, UPS or Air Freight or can be picked-up on site
    Keeping up with the Newest Annuals, Perennials, Succulents and Seasonal Varieties.
    Available for Local Area (MD,DC,VA, PA, DE) Customer Pick-Up or Hillcrest Delivery*
    Finished Pot Sizes Only
    *Delivery Upon Approval

  • Search Through our Selection on Plant Varieties at: https://www.hillcrestnursery.com/Plant-Varieties

    If interested in becomming a New Customer, submit an Online Customer Application at: https://www.hillcrestnursery.com/Submit-Application

    Upon application approval, logging in to hillcrestnursery.com will allow Viewer to access more details on Finished Plant Products such as: 

    • Container Sizes
    • Pricing
    • Availability

    For further questions, email: info@hillcrestnursery.com or call: (410) 239-7781

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2021! 

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