Marshalls' Riverbank Nurseries, Inc.  

Salisbury,  MD 
United States

Marshalls’ Riverbank Nurseries is a family owned wholesale plant nursery located on the scenic Wicomico River in Salisbury, Maryland. With 500 hoophouses, we offer an extensive product list.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. Every plant for every order is individually selected by the owner and just a few key employees who take the time to make certain that only the highest quality plants are shipped. With our own fleet of delivery trucks, our customers typically receive orders within 3 days.

Brands: Proven Winner, Endless Summer, Star Roses and Plants, First Editions, Bloomin Easy, Plant Haven, Plants Nouveau, Garden Debut, Southern Living


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  • Abelia
    Flowering shrub


  • Canyon Creek, Edward Goucher, Glossy Abelia, Kaleidoscope, Little Richard, Peach Perfection, Radiance, Rose Creek
  • Aucuba
    Broadleaf Evergreen Shrub...

  • Emily Rose, Gold Dust, Hosoba Hoshifu, Mr. Goldstrike, Variegata
  • Azalea
    Broadleaf Evergreen Shrub...

  • Amagasa, Aphrodite, Blaauws Pink, Bloom-A-Thon, Chinzan, Conversation Piece, Delaware Valley White, Elsie Lee, Encores, Flame Creeper, Girard Crimson, Girard Fuchsia, Girard Rose, Girards' Christina, Gumpo Pink, Gumpo White, Hardy Gardenia, Helen Curtis, Hinocrimson, Hot Shot, Johanna, Joseph Hill, Kaempo, Karen, Lady Robin, Macrantha Pink, Michael Hill, Nancy of Robin Hill, Pleasant White, Poukanensis Compacta, Renee Michelle, Rosebud, Stewartsonian, Tradition, Wintergreen
  • Barberry
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Admiration, Aurea Nana Gold, Bonanza Gold, Cabernet, Concorde, Crimson Pygmy, Orange Rocket, Rosy Glow, Royal Burgundy
  • Boxwood
    Broadleaf Evergreen Shrub...

  • Chicagoland Green, Dee Runk, Gordo, Green Beauty, Green Gem, Green Mountain, Green Velvet, Little Missy, Marshalls' #1, Marshalls' #2, Fastigiata, Schmidt, Franklin's Grem, Winter Gem, Wintergreen
  • Buddleia
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Blaze Pink, CranRazz, Flutterby Petite Blue Heaven, Flutterby Petite Tutti Fruitti Pink, Flutterby Pink, True Blue, Attraction, Black Knight, Buzz Purple, Buzz Sky Blue, Buzz Soft Pink, Buzz Velvet, Nanho Blue, Nanho Purple, Pink Delight, Royal Red, White Profusion, Miss Molly, Miss Ruby, Miss Violet, Pugster Amethyst, Pugster Blue

  • Clethra
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Einstein, Hummingbird, Ruby Spice, Sixteen Candles
  • Cryptomeria
    Narrowleaf Evergreen...

  • Globosa Nana, Radicans, Yoshino
  • Crapemyrtle
    Ornamental Tree...

  • Burgundy Cotton, Choctaw, Coral Magic, Double Dynamite, Double Feature, Dynamite, Ebony Embers, Ebony Fire, Enduring Summer Fuchsia, Enduring Summer Lavender, Enduring Summer Red, Hopi, Midnight Magic, Moonlight Magic, Muskogee, Natchez, Pink Velour, Plum Magic, Pocomoke, Purple Magic, Red Rocket, Rhapsody in Pink, Ruffled Red Magic, Sioux, Tonto, Tuscarora, Wicomico, Zuni
  • Cornus
    Deciduous Shrubs...

  • Argenteo Marginata, Elegantissima, Baileyi, Ivory Halo, Artic Fire
  • Deutzia
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Nikko, Nikko Blush, Yuki Cherry Blossom, Yuki Snowflake, Gracilis
  • Fothergilla
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Blue Mist, Blue Shadow, Mt. Airy, Suzanne, Gardenii
  • Hydrangea
    Deciduous Shrubs...

  • Hydrangea arborescens: 

    Annabelle, Incrediball Blush, Incrediball, Invincibelle Mini Mauvette, Invincibelle Ruby, Invincibelle Wee White

    Hydrangea macrophylla: 

    Akadama, All Summer Beauty, BloomStruck, Blushing Bride, Charm, Cherry Explosion, Double Down, Endless Summer, Everlasting Amethyst Blue, Everlasting Revolution, Forever Pink, Glory Blue, Glowing Embers, L.A. Dreamin, Let's Dance Blue Jangles, Let's Dance Rhythmic Blues, Magical Ruby Red, Merritt's Supreme, Nantucket Blue, Nikko Blue, Penny Mac, Pia, Pink Elf, Red Sensation, Summer Crush, Tilt-A-Swirl, Tokyo Delight, Twist-n-Shout, Wedding Gown

    Hydrangea paniculata:

    Bo Bo, Fire & Ice, Fire Light, Limelight, Little Lime, Little Quick Fire, PeeGee, Phantom, Pinky Winky, QuickFire, Strawberry Sundae, Sweet Summer, Tardiva, Vanilla Strawberry

    Hydrangea quercifolia:

    Alice, Munchkin, Pee Wee, Queen of Hearts, Ruby Slippers, Snow Queen

    Hydrangea serrata:

    Blue Billow, Bluebird, Preziosa, Tiny Tuff Stuff, Tuff Stuff Red, Tuff Stuff

  • Itea
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Henry's Garnet, Little Henry, Merlot
  • Pieris
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Cavatine, Compacta, Dorothy Wycoff, Katsura, Prelude, Purity, Scarlet O'Hara
  • Rose
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Drift:

    Apricot, Coral, Peach, Pink, Popcorn, Red, Sweet, White

    Knock Out:

    Blushing, Coral, Double Pink, Double Red, Peachy Keen, Pink, Red, Sunny, White

  • Spiraea
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Anthony Waterer, Candy Corn, Gold Flame, Goldmound, L'il Princess, Magic Carpet, Neon Flash, Ogon, Plumtastic, Poprocks Rainbow Fizz, Shirobana, Snowmound
  • Thuja
    Narrowleaf Evergreen...

  • Degroot's, Emerald Green, Fire Chief, Forever Goldy, Green Giant, Hetz Midget, Mr. Bowling Ball, Nigra, Pancake, Rheingold, Spring Grove, Steeplechase
  • Viburnum
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Allegheny, Autumn Jazz, Blue Muffin, Brandywine, Burkwoodii, Cardinal Candy, Carlesii, Chicago Lustre, Juddii, Mohawk, Popcorn, Pragense, Rhytidophyllum, Shasta, Summer Snowflake, Winterthur
  • Weigela
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Date Night Strobe, Fine Wine, French Lace, Sonic Bloom Pearl, Sonic Bloom Red, Spilled Wine, Wine and Roses
  • Euonymus
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Green Spire, Manhattan, Compacta
  • Cephalotaxus
    Narrowleaf Evergreen...

  • Drupacea, Duke Gardens, Fastigiata, Fritz Huber, Prostrata
  • Cotoneaster
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Scarlet Leader, Streib's Findling, Tom Thumb
  • Caryopteris
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Dark Knight, Longwood Blue
  • Physocarpus
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Amber Jubilee, Coppertina, Ginger Wine, Lemon Candy, Little Devil, Summer Wine, Tiny Wine
  • Osmanthus
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Goshiki, Gulftide
  • Nandina
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Blush Pink, Domestica, Fire Power, Flirt, Gulf Stream, Harbor Belle, Obsession
  • Ligustrum
    Broadleaf Evergreen or Deciduous Shrub...

  • Ligustrum lucidum (Evergreen), Ligustrum ovalifolium (Deciduous)
  • Leyland
    Narrowleaf Evergreen...

  • Leyland cypress
  • Ilex
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Burford Nana, Dragon Lady, Dragon Slayer, Festive, Koehneana, Nellie Stevens, Oakland, Oakleaf, Red Beauty, Robin, Winter Bounty
  • Ilex crenata
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Chesapeake, Compacta, Green Lustre, Helleri, Hetzi, Hoogendorn, Schwoebel, Sky Pencil, Soft Touch, Steeds
  • Ilex glabra
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Compacta, Densa, Gem Box, Shamrock
  • Ilex meserveae
    Broadleaf Evergreen...

  • Blue Angel, Blue Girl, Blue Maid, Maid/Stallion, Prince, Princess, Princess/Prince, Blue Stallion, Castle Spire, Centennial Girl, China Boy, China Girl, China Girl/Boy, Shiny Lady
  • Ilex verticillata
    Deciduous Shrub...

  • Apollo, Jim Dandy, Red Sprite,  Southern Gentleman, Sparkleberry, Winter Red
  • Achillea

  • Little Moonshine, Moonshine, New Vintage Red, New Vintage Violet, New Vintage White, Paprika, Pomegranate, Strawberry Seduction, Sunny Seduction, Terra Cotta
  • Ajuga
    Ground Cover...

  • Black Scallop, Burgundy Glow, Chocolate Chip
  • Astilbe

  • Brautschleier, Bridal Veil, Christian, Deutschland, Fanal, Hennie Graafland, Montgomery, Peach Blossom, Red Sentinel, Rheinland, Snowdrift, Sprite, Vision in Pink, Vision in Red, Vision in White, Visions
  • Calamagrostis

  • Karl Foerster, Overdam
  • Carex

  • Silver Sceptre, Red Rooster, Kaga Nishiki, Toffee Twist, Blue Zinger, Ice Dance, Everest, Evergold, Everillo, Indian Summer, Prairie Fire
  • Coreopsis

  • Cosmic Eye, Creme Brulee, Creme Caramel, Golden Sphere, Mercury Rising, Red Elf, Sienna Sunset, Super Star, UpTick Gold Bronze, UpTick Yellow Red, Zagreb
  • Daylily

  • Always Afternoon, Bela Lugosi, Black Eyed Stella, Daring Deception, Double Pardon Me, Entrapment, Fooled Me, Handwriting on the Wall, Happy Returns, Joan Senior, Marquee Moon, Mighty Chestnut, Nosferatu, Pardon Me, Passionate, Red Razzmatazz, Rosy Returns, South Seas, Stella D'Oro, Stolen Treasure, Strawberry Candy, Sunday Gloves, When My Sweetheart Returns
  • Dianthus

  • Brilliant Star, Cherry Pie, Firewitch, Frosty Fire, Hello Yellow, Kahori, Pink Carpet, Pink Fizz, Pink Kisses, Pink Pom Pom, Pink Twinkle, Raspberry Surprise, Rose Bouquet, Rosebud, Scent First Coconut Surprise, Scent First Passion, Silver Star, Silver Strike, SuperTrouper Orange, Vivid Bright Light, White Twinkle
  • Dicentra

  • Amore Rose, Luxuriant, yellow Leaf, spectabilis, Alba, Gold Heart
  • Echinacea

  • Cheyenne Spirit, Double Scoop Cranberry, Double Scoop Mandarin Orange, Evening Glow, Flamenco Orange, Kim's Knee-High, Kismet Intense Orange, Kismet Raspberry, Kismet Red, Kismet Yellow, Magnus Superior, Magnus, Pink Double Delight, Pow Wow White, Pow Wow Wild Berry, Prima Ginger, Raspberry Truffle, Ruby Star, Sombrero Adobe Orange, Sombrero Baja Burgundy, Sombrero Blanco, Sombrero Hot Coral, Sombrero Lemon Yellow, Sombrero Salsa Red, Sundown, White Swan

  • Gaura

  • Belleza Dark Pink, Crimson Butterflies, Rosy Jane, Siskiyou Pink, So White, Whirling Butterflies
  • Geranium

  • Karmina, Max Frei, Rozanne, Samobor, Striatum
  • Hakonechloa

  • All Gold, Aureola
  • Helleborus

  • Champion, Cinnamon Snow, Ice N Roses Picotee, Ice N Roses Red, Ice N Roses White, Joker, Love Bug, Madame Lemonnier, Mahogany Snow, Merlin, Pink Frost, Royal Heritage, Spring Party
  • Heuchera

  • Apricot, Beaujolais, Berry Smoothie, Blackout, Caramel, Carnival Black Olive, Carnival Cocomint, Carnival Plum Crazy, Carnival Rose Granite, Carnival Watermelon, Dale's Strain, Fire Alarm, Forever Purple, Forever Red, Georgia Peach, Grape Soda, Guacamole, Mega Caramel, Northern Exposure Amber, Obsidian, Palace Purple, Pistache, Plum Pudding, Silver Scrolls, Stainless Steel, Sunrise
  • Hosta

  • Albo Marginata, August Moon, Blue Angel, Blue Cadet, Bressingham Blue, Fire & Ice, Fragrant Blue, Fancee, Fances Williams, Gold Standard, Golden Tiara, Great Expectations, Guacamole, Halcyon, Inniswood, June, Krossa Regal, Loyalist, Minuteman, Patriot, Paul's Glory, Regal Splendor, Royal Standard, Sagae, Shiny Green, So Sweet, Stained Glass, Sum & Substance, Whirlwind, Wide Brim, Elegans
  • Kniphofia

  • Poco Orange, Poco Red, Poco Yellow
  • Liriope
    Ground Cover...

  • Big Blue, Majestic, Purple Explosion, Royal Purple, Silver Dragon, Super Blue, Variegata
  • Miscanthus

  • Adagio, Dixieland, Gold Bar, Gracillimus, Little Kitten, Little Zebra, Morning Light, My Fair Maiden, Silberpfeil, Strictus, Variegatus
  • Muhlenbergia

  • Undaunted
  • Nepeta

  • Cat's Meow, Cat's Pajamas, Dropmore, Junior Walker, Purrsian Blue, Summer Magic, Walker's Low
  • Panicum

  • Cape Breeze, Cloud Nine, Dallas Blues, Heavy Metal, Hot Rod, Northwind, Prairie Sky, Shenandoah
  • Pennisetum

  • Burgundy Bunny, Cassian, Hameln, Moudry, Piglet, Karley Rose
  • Peony

  • Duchesse De Nemours, Festiva Maxima, Flame, Karl Rosenfeld, Lauren, Pink, Sarah Bernhardt, Victoire de la Marne
  • Rudbeckia

  • American Gold Rush, Goldsturm, Indian Summer, Little Goldstar
  • Salvia

  • April Night, Blue Hill, Blue Marvel, Blue by You, Caradonna, Lyrical Blues, May Night, Rose Marvel, Sky Blue Marvel, Snow Hill, Violet Riot
  • Sedum

  • Angelina, Autumn Fire, Autumn Joy, Bertram Anderson, Brilliant, Fuldaglut, John Creech, SunSparkler Dazzleberry, SunSparkler Lime Zinger, Vera Jamison
  • Stachys

  • Helen Von Stein, Hummelo
  • Tradescantia

  • Bilbury Ice, Concord Grape, Sweet Kate, Zwanenburg Blue
  • Veronica

  • Aztec Gold, Dark Blue Moody Blues, First Glory, Pink Moody Blues, Red Fox, Royal Candles, Sky Blues Moody Blues
  • Vinca
    Ground Cover...

  • Vinca minor 'Bowles'
  • Anemone

  • Honorine Jobert, Lucky Charm, Pamina, Pocahontas, Queen Charlotte, Robustissima, Whirlwind, Wild Swan
  • Fern

  • Autumn Fern, Autumn 'Brilliance' Fern, Christmas Fern, Dixie Wood Fern, Japanese painted Fern, Lady Fern, Lady in Red Fern, Maidenhair Fern, Ostrich Fern, Tassel Fern
  • Gaillardia

  • Arizona Sun, Mesa Peach
  • Lavandula

  • Grosso, Hidcote, Munstead, Phenomenal, Sensational, Super Blue
  • Leucanthemum

  • Becky, Snow Cap, Whoops a Daisy
  • Liatris

  • Floristan White, Kobold, spicata
  • Lobelia

  • Black Truffle, Starship Blue, Starship Rose, Vulcan Red
  • Perovskia

  • Blue Jean Baby, Crazy Blue, Denim 'n Lace, Little Lace, Little Spires, Filigran
  • Verbena

  • Homestead Purple

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