Prides Corner Farms, Inc.  

Lebanon,  CT 
United States

Prides Corner Farms is the largest independent focused grower in the northeast with 4 growing locations in CT totaling over 600 growing acres. We grow a huge selection of containerized plants including woodies, perennials, fruit plants, roses and herbs that we deliver from Maine to Virginia & as far west as Michigan.

The goal of our family owned nursery is to make the lives of our customer partners easier & to do anything to make them more successful & profitable.  We accomplish this by offering:

  • A Prides Corner sales team that has hundreds of years of combined experience
  • A plant growing team whose goal is providing your business with high quality plants for your customers that will sell quickly
  • Shipping on rolling carts to save unloading time & labor
  • Low order minimums allows you to buy exactly what you need instead of adding plants to orders to make a minimum delivery
  • The most diverse selection of plants under one roof in America saves you the time & effort of cobbling together orders from scores of vendors
  • A selection of 20+ national & regional brands provides you with great plants, great genetics & great stories that will move your customers to buy
  • Cutting edge plants. We have access to the best new plant genetics on the market, plants that are promoted nationally & that your customers are looking to buy

The Prides Corner family is ready & excited to help your family, give us a call so we can help you profit more & make your life easier.  Better Together!

Join industry visionaries & world-class breeders for an amazing educational program series, click the links below to join! (All times EST)

Fri, Jan 8:
10 AM Attend the unveiling of the new Handpicked for You® certification log & learn why we’re Certified to Thrive - ID 912 4528 7960 Passcode: 592278
11 AM Join the Boxwood Revolution & hear from the team behind ground-breaking NewGen Boxwood introductions - ID 926 3832 5365 & Passcode: 592278
1 PM Join us to hear about several exciting new Hydrangea paniculatas from Spring Meadow Nursery along w/ 2021 Proven Winners® Color Choice® plants of the year from Tim Wood - ID 983 9301 0195 Passcode: 592278
2 PM Steve Lendvay & April Herring from Pacific Plug & Liner join us to discuss several new plant introductions including Frostkiss® Hellebores, Delgenius™ Delphinium & Carex Feather Falls - ID 973 7848 6862 Passcode: 592278

Brands: American Beauties Native Plants®, Bushel and Berry™, David Austin® Roses, Drift® Roses, Easy Elegance® Roses, Endless Summer®, First® Editions, Knock Out® Roses, Proven Winners®, Sara’s Superb Herbs


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    Sustainability at Prides:  Striving to Keep the Green Industry Green!

    Written by Lindsay Curran and Evan Brand

    At Prides, our goal is to produce large numbers of great quality, healthy plants. While doing so, we believe it is our responsibility to be conscious of the resources we use and how they impact the earth. Prides strives to lower our impact on the environment and we have many sustainability initiatives to achieve this.

    • Prides is a member of MPS (More Profitable Sustainability), a worldwide program that provides monitoring, certification and accountability for environmental impact. We report our usage of fertilizers, pesticides, energy, land and water to compare with other growers and find ways to reduce our impact.
    • Our shipping facility has 753 solar panels on the roof. Since we installed it in 2016, it has produced 1,260,000 Kw! It covers 25% of our electricity needs. The carbon dioxide emissions that we save are equivalent to planting more than 13,000 trees annually!
    • Prides recycles 40 million gallons of water per year by recapturing it. We also follow water conservation protocols and use wetting agents in our soils to reduce the amount of water that plants need.
    • We use rice hulls on 75% of our containers to reduce weed pressure, this lowers our herbicide usage.
    • Prides uses controlled-release fertilizers. This has a low environmental impact, and is safe for animals, birds, and fish. The fertilizer is released slowly over time; we only use what we need.
    • We use biological, natural fungi in our soils to promote root health and plant performance.
    • Herbs, edibles and veggies grown at Prides are completely free of pesticides. We use 20 billion beneficial insects in our bio control programs every year to protect plants from pests naturally.
    • The majority of our new plastic pots contain 100% recycled plastic!
    • Because we are a large nursery, we produce enough waste to recycle it in bulk. Every year we recycle: 300,000 pounds of greenhouse film, 100,000 pounds of waste plastic, 100,000 pounds of used plastic pots

    While we are very proud of our sustainability programs, we will continue to build upon them. We have many exciting goals for the future, including: efficient and environmentally friendly trucks, a compost facility, more bio control programs, additional solar arrays, and a pot recycling program for customers.



  • American Beauties Native Plants®
    American Beauties Native Plants® is the most unique, inspiring plant brand offered to IGC's with an empowering message for consumers that details how everyone can plant native plants to help better their world one yard and one landscape at a time....

    • Outstanding American Beauties Native Plants(r) tags, pots and posters allow for immediate recognition in the IGC and provide the basis for creating a focused message, selling display. 
    • American Beauties Native Plants ® empower consumers to make a difference for native pollinators and their world in their own back yard.
    • American Beauties Native Plants® make it easier for IGC sales teams to sell native plants by providing plant knowledge and visibility for native plants - It is the 'Easy Button' for an IGC that sells native plants!
    • American Beauties Native Plants® provides an event marketing opportunity for IGC's around Pollinators, Birds, Habitat Restoration, Bee Keeping and more!
    • American Beauties Native Plants® is the only brand on the market whose message is all about plant solutions for a better world.

  • Bushel and Berry®
    Bushel and Berry® is a unique collection of compact, ornamental, self-pollinating berry plants that are easy to grow, productive and stunning in a container or in the landscape. They bring fresh, delicious fruit right to your backdoor!...

    • Bushel and Berry® features revolutionary plant forms with (7) amazing selections of Blueberries and Raspberries.
    • Bushel and Berry® plants were developed by commercial fruit breeders with a goal of producing high yields and great taste all on home landscape friendly plants.
    • Bushel and Berry® plants are  easy to grow and perfect for the landscape or deck containers.
    • The Bushel and Berry® brand is exclusive to IGC’s
    • Outstanding POP and informative tags along with each plant's distinctive container form the basis for a great, selling garden center display.
    • Bushel and Berry® and the Prides Corner Farms website list your garden center to help drive customers to you for these revolutionary plants.
  • David Austin Roses
    For almost 60 yrs David Austin(r) has been breeding exquisite English Roses. Renowned for their beautiful, often many petalled, repeat flowering blooms and enticing, rich fragrances,...

  • We are the exclusive regional  plant provider of these world famous roses!

    David Austin(r) Roses add a level of color sophistication to home landscape that is unmatched by other roses.  

    • Prides Corner provides beefy leaf and bud plants potted in distinctive square, branded David Austin® Rose pots
    • Distinct, unique containers and showy, informative tags provide the basis for hot selling kiosk at the garden center.
    • Prides Corner carries the most extensive selection of own root David Austin® roses on the market making easy for you to provide winter hardy, easy to grow David Austin® Roses to your customers.
    • Prides Corner provides you over (30) distinct varieties of David Austin® Roses in forms from compact bushes to spectacular climbers to give your customers the best opportunity fill any niche in their landscapes with blooming beauty.

  • Drift® Roses
    Drift® Roses are groundcover roses made easy. Bred to stay manageable in size & bloom from spring-frost without a lot of work. The combination of compactness & color added to own root hardiness & disease resistance make Drift® Roses a landscape winner!...

    • (9) outstanding Drift® Rose varieties stand out in the garden center with colorful tags and branded containers. 
    • Drift® Roses are own root and hardy to Zone 4
    • Drift® Roses small garden spaces or containers
    • Drift® Roses are repeat blooming with nearly constant, season long color
    • Drift® Roses display remarkable disease resistance making them incredibly easy to grow.
  • Easy Elegance® Roses
    The name says it all! Easy Elegance® marries the eye-catching beauty of hybrid tea roses with the low-maintenance of shrub roses, offering the best of both worlds. Fuss-proof Easy Elegance® Roses means beautiful roses are no longer a thorn in the side!...

    • Easy Elegance® Roses feature Hybrid Tea-like flowers that light up the landscape   
    • Easy Elegance® Roses offer outstanding disease resistance making them easy to grow.
    • Easy Elegance® Roses are own root giving them outstanding Zone 4 to Zone 5 hardiness
    • With compact form and loads of varieties in an array of colors, Easy Elegance® Roses thrive in most sunny landscape locations or containers.
  • Endless Summer® Collection
    Experience Life in Full Bloom™ with Endless Summer® Hydrangea. No other hydrangea compares to Endless Summer®, the world’s first Hydrangea bred to bloom all season long, season after season. No wonder it’s the world’s best-selling Hydrangea....

    • The original reblooming Hydrangea, all Endless Summer® varieties bloom on both old and new growth
    • Outstanding Zone 4 to Zone 5 hardiness for all selections
    • Striking point of purchase materials, tags and branded containers allow you to create a destination selling display
    • Strong national advertising will drive Endless Summer® sales at your garden center
    • (5) outstanding Endless Summer® selections! 
    • Easy to grow with a great color selection to make the home landscape come alive with bloom all summer!
  • First Editions® Shrubs and Trees
    Find your gardening groove w/ these rockin’ shrubs & trees! Choose from 50+ rock star varieties of hardworking shrubs & trees that always steal the show. Each one is chosen to bring more success with less hassle. So what are you waiting for? Get growing!...

    • Outstanding genetics featuring plants that are ready to perform in the home landscape
    • Distinctive plants that are easy to grow and promote consumer success
    • Long season of color in the garden center and landscape
    • One of a kind tags and point of purchase materials allow you to build a display at retail that sells.
    • Exciting new First Editions® brand marketing is eye catching, fun and speaks to your customers!
  • Flower Carpet® Roses
    Flower Carpet® Roses is the most recognized Rose brand in the world! The original environmentally friendly, easy care Rose combines amazing bloom with groundcover form to create a Rose that is easy to grow & perfect to fill almost any landscape spot....

    • The original environmentally friendly rose that requires no spraying and little care to thrive.
    • The best groundcover rose available with over 20 years of documented success.
    • (10) outstanding varieties and colors that provide landscape solutions for your customers
    • Season long bloom along with next to know pruning make Flower Carpet® Roses the easiest Roses your customers will ever grow!
  • Goodness Grows™ Edibles
    Goodness Grow™ edibles is a collection of award winning new and hard to find Heirloom Vegetables chosen with the success of your customers in mind....

    • Goodness Grows™ varieties promote success even for novice gardeners!
    • Tray packaging and distinctive Goodness Grows™ branded containers allow for excellent selling margin and promte multiple sales
    • Unique informational tags are full of fun, information and advice that helps take the mystery out of edible gardening for your customers.
    • The latest award winning veggies combined with a selection of heirloom varieties allow your customers to get hard to find plants they crave.
  • Handpicked For You®
    Handpicked for You® is a plant certification program backed by a dynamic community of plant breeders, growers and independent retailers, all working together to select better plants that your customers can trust to thrive in their landscape....

    • Handpicked for You® offers a better plant.  Plants undergo trials at regional grower locations and are evaluated by independent garden centers before they are awarded the Handpicked for You® trustmark.
    • Handpicked for You® offers a better promise.  Each plant is tested on 10 core performance criteria to assess their suitability for the home landscape. Only the best garden performers receive the Handpicked for You® trustmark.
    • Handpicked for You® has early and exclusive access to exciting new plants making them available to your garden center first!
    • Distinctive Handpicked for You® tags and POP materials form the basis of a great display and offer your busy staff plants that are easy to recommend to any customer.
    • Handpicked for You® plants are selected to be non-invasive and disease resistant as well as being easy to grow enhancing the environment and customer life syle.
  • Jeepers Creepers®
    Jeepers Creepers® are durable perennial plants featuring a low, spreading habit that makes them ideal for use as a groundcover. Filled with multipurpose, easy to grow plants, Jeepers Creepers® offer landscape success in a fun package!...

    • Jeepers Creepers® offers unique POP materials that make common plants look uncommon, desirable and fun!
    • Jeepers Creepers® takes commodity plants and packages them for a higher margin sell at retail.
    • Jeepers Creepers® gives you the ability to create a groundcover destination at your garden center.
    • Jeepers Creepers® sells landscape success to your customers keeping them coming back for more!
    • Jeepers Creepers® plants allow customers to find the ideal groundcover, lawn substitute, pathway & patio or container plants all from one display at your garden center!
  • Knock Out® Roses
    Knock Out® Roses are Roses for Everyday. Everyone. Everywhere. With (11) colors and flower forms to choose from, plus the flower power and easy care that you know and love, it’s easy to understand why Knock Out® Roses are the #1 rose brand in America....

    • (11) season long blooming, disease resistant, easy care roses that will thrive in the home landscape
    • New for 2021! The Petite Knock Out® Rose. Get this powerhouse, miniature rose with incredible disease resistance and bloom that will revolutionize small space gardening!
    • Distinctive, eye catching tags and containers form the basis for creating a high traffic selling display at your garden center.
    • The longest blooming plant in the garden, Knock Out® Roses make garden success easy for your customers bringing them season long garden joy!
  • Plants that Work® 
    Featuring the hottest new genetics and and best of genus garden performers, Plants that Work® offer your staff and your customers the piece of mind that they recommending or choosing plants that will shine in the home landscape!...

    • Plants that Work® is exclusive to Independent Garden Centers offering the best and newest plant genetics
    • Plants that Work® offer outstanding garden performers that allow your staff the piece of mind to recommend any plant in the Plants that Work® container.
    • Plants that Work® informative tags and containers provide the basics for creating a colorful, selling display at your garden center.
  • Proven Winners®
    Proven Winners® is the world's most recognizable plant brand. Loaded with landscape performers and stunning new genetics, the brand in the white pot is the easiest sell at the garden center!...

    • Prides Corner offers the widest selection of Proven Winners® perennials and Proven Winners® Color Choice® shrubs of any grower in America!
    • Be part of the exclusive Proven Winners® Pay to Display program that offers you cash to create a Proven Winners® garden center display while increasing Proven Winners® sales at your store.
    • Prides Corner offers you the only customized 5 step program in America that offers you the best Proven Winners® plants at the right time to sell.
    • Proven Winners® plants stand out and offer your garden center the opportunity to sell plants at higher margin than generic black potted plants…they look special and they are!
    • Prides Corner's status as Proven Winners® Gold Key Grower measn that we will always have the hottest new plants on the market before other growers can!
  • Raymond Evison Clematis
    Raymond Evison Clematis are the result of 60 years od dedicated searching, breeding and developing truly modern flowering clematis for today's garden. They are simply the best, easiest to grow Clematis available!...

    • Prides Corner Farms grows dozens of Chelsea Award winning selections from Raymond Evison
    • Raymond Evison Clematis are easy to grow and easier to prune than other Clematis on the market
    • Raymond Evison Clematis exhibit long bloom time and a myriad of flower forms
    • Raymond Evison Clematis Boulevard® are the best available Clematis for us in deck containers
  • NewGen™ Boxwood
    NewGen™ Boxwood are a distinctively better family of Boxwood that bring increased Boxwood Blight tolerance and Boxwood Leafminer resistance to the market all in the form of superior looking varieties bred to shine in the landscape....

    • NewGen™ Boxwood are the most Boxwood Blight tolerant Boxwood selections available for you to sell today.
    • NewGen™ Boxwood are available in currently in (2) outstanding selections that have been bred and studied for over a decade ensure their market superiority.
    • NewGen™ Boxwood varieties are the most resistant Boxwood to Boxwood Leafminer available today at retail.
    • NewGen™  Boxwood are clearly dressed in colored pots and large, informative tags to make it easy for your customers to find them and you staff to recommend them!  
  • Sara's Superb Herbs®
    Sara’s Superb Herbs® are large, ready to use and ready to grow herbs in a huge selection of varieties all ready to thrive in the garden center and in the home landscape....

    • Sara's Superb Herbs® come dressed with unique, information filled tags and containers along with posters that are the basis for a selling display at the garden center.
    • Sara's Superb Herbs® are big, beefy, #1 container sized plants that are ready use and ready to grow!
    • Sara's Superb Herbs® has over (60) varieties available that will enhance the selection and salability of the rest of your herbs growing in smaller containers
    • Sara's Superb Herbs® are perfect for planting in the ground or for planting in containers on the deck for immediate use.
    • Sara's Superb Herbs® allow for increased profit margin for a plant category that has traditionally been treated as a commodity
  • Volcano Phlox
    The Volcano Phlox brand has revolutionized the world of Garden Phlox by offering you a shorter, denser, more floriferous plant in an array of outstanding colors!...

    • Volcano Phlox are the shortest, densest, most floriferous, mildew resistant Garden Phlox series available!
    • Volcano Phlox come dressed with distinctive pots and huge, colorful tags that make your sales are come alive with color even in early spring!
    • Volcano Phlox is available in (9) garden changing selections available exclusively from Prides Corner for your independent garden center!
    •  Volcano Phlox thrive with simply pruning in mid summer that produces and incredible second wave of color in late summer and fall.
    • Volcano Phlox are a pollinator and butterfly magnet when in bloom in the landscape
  • Hydrangea Fire Light Tidbit™
    New for 2021! Exclusively from Proven Winners® Gold Key growers like Prides Corner Farms, check out this compact, bloom filled Hydrangea with summer blooms that turn pink with age! Fire Light Tidbit™ has enough color to light up any landscape space!...

    • Fire Light Tidbit™ is incredibly compact with a 2-3'T x 3'W form that is perfect for small landscape spaces.
    • Fire Light Tidbit™ has white flowers that emerge in summer, covering the plant with color!
    • The color never ends as Fire Light Tidbit™ blooms age to pink then dark reddish-pink through the fall.
    • Fire Light Tidbit™ is perfect used singly in a small space or massed to produce a wave of landscape color.
    • Fire Light Tidbit™ is very hardy, easy to grow and can even be used in containers on a deck or patio!
    • Click HERE to view the Fire Light Tidbit™ video!
  • Hydrangea Quick Fire Fab™
    New for 2021! Exclusively from Proven Winners® Gold Key growers like Prides Corner Farms, you can jump start the summer bloom season with Quick Fire Fab™, an amazing upgrade from Hydrangea Quick Fire™!...

    • Quick Fire Fab™ is the earliest blooming of all paniculata types starting to bloom in early June!
    • Quick Fire Fab™ is more floriferous than Quick Fire™ showing off massive cones of full mophead flowers.
    • Quick Fire Fab™ has the longest bloom time of any of the paniculata Hydrangea with its early start and its long lasting flowers that turn brilliant pink as they age.
    • Quick Fire Fab™ makes a perfect single specimen in the landscape or can be grouped to form a breathtaking hedge or border planting.   
    • Quick Fire Fab™ is incredibly hardy and so easy to grow!
    • Click HERE to view the Quick Fire Fab™ video!
  • Hydrangea macrophylla Azure Skies™
    New for 2021! Azure Skies®, a brilliant new pick from Dr. Michael Dirr will turn your landscape the color of a summer sky with big, sky blue, mophead flowers. Dependable & hardy, this new selection is exclusive for Handpicked for You® customers in 2021!...

    • Azure Skies™ is a blooming machine loading up with big, sky blue mophead flowers in June and July.
    • Azure Skies™ is a strong rebloomer with flowers forming on both old and new wood, extending the flower season. 
    • Azure Skies™ is a big, bold presence in the landscape with its rounded form and stiff branches that hold its big bloom up without flopping. 
    • Azure Skies™ is a selection of Dr. Michael Dirr and is perfect alone, as a specimen in the landscape, or grouped to provide a mass of summer blue color.
  • Hydrangea macrophylla Rock 'n Roll™
    New for 2021! A brilliant new pick from Dr. Michael Dirr, Rock 'n Roll™ is a sport of Hydrangea Endless Summer® Twist 'n Shout® w/ stunning deep blue mophead flowers. Dependable & hardy this selection is exclusive to Handpicked for You® customers in 2021!...

    • Rock 'n Roll™ is a color machine with stunning mophead flowers in shades of deep pink, purple and blue.
    • Rock 'n Roll™ is a heavy blooming sport of Endless Summer® Twist 'n Shout® and blooms on both old wood and new for a long lasting flower show.
    • Rock 'n Roll™ has compact form that is perfect for using alone or grouping to create a sea of summer color.  Rock 'n Roll™ is a Dr. Michael Dirr selection featuring deep green foliage, strong, dark colored stems and fabulous bloom that is perfect for cutting! 
  • Petite Knock Out® Rose
    New for 2021! Meet Petite!™ Be first in line for the the First Ever miniature Knock Out® Rose. Amazing size, amazing color and amazingly easy to grow, Petite Knock Out® will bring break out sales for you this spring!...

    • Petite Knock Out® has the same flowering ability as all the other Knock Out® Roses in a revolutionary petite size. 
    • Petite Knock Out® is disease resistant and easy to grow. 
    • Petite Knock Our® is ideal for use in containers and even window boxes.
    • Perfect for small space gardens, Petite Knock Out® is also perfect for massing to create a show in small spaces or large!
    • Its small size makes Petite Knock Out® a perfect impulse item at retail.
  • Bloomin' Easy
    The Bloomin’ Easy brand is a collection of brilliant, easy to grow plants focusing on younger homeowners who appreciate the value of a beautiful landscape, but think tackling such a project is too difficult, time consuming and beyond their expertise....

    • Bloomin' Easy works with breeders to uncover slections that not only offer unique beauty, but attributes that make success easy for time strapped homeowners. 
    • Bloomin' Easy after-purchase support provides videos and tailored care reminders, designed to help you have the beautiful yard you want AND the time to keep doing all the other things you love. 
    • It’s as easy as Plant, Water, Relax!  Outstanding tags and showy containers make Bloomin' Easy easy to see and easy to sell at the IGC.
  • True Bloom® Roses
    True Bloom® Roses are a selection of roses you can trust. You can rely on their steadfast disease resistance. You get to relax because they are really easy to grow. You will love their masses of faithful blooms....

    • True Bloom® Roses are the next generation of Hybrid Tea flowered, easy care roses from Ping Lim, the breeding mind behind Easy Elegance Roses! 
    • True Bloom® Roses are repeat flowering with masses of bloom throughout the growing season. 
    • True Bloom® Roses have compact habits that make them easy to use in the landscape and outstanding disease resistance that make them so easy to grow. 
    • (6) great selections of True Bloom® Roses available all in standout containers with showy True Bloom® Rose tags that really catch the consumer eye.
  • 2021 New Plants
    Prides Corner Farms has been hard at work building inventory for 2021 and it is shaping up to be an exciting year with lots of new, spectacular plants and programs....

  • Are you curious about the new and exciting plants being offered for 2021?  Prides Corner Farms has been hard at work building inventory for 2021 and it is shaping up to be an exciting year with lots of new, spectacular plants and programs.  With the link below you can take a look inside the Prides Corner Farms New Plants for 2021 e-book!

    Prides Corner Farms New Plants for 2021 e-Book

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2021! 

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