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Lily Looks™, Growing Colors™ and More...

2Plant International works with you to develop a great balanced perennial program with the newest plant introductions as well as the reliable standards.

2Plant International offers you

  • A complete perennial program
  • Competitive pricing
  • No minimums
  • Quality bare root, plugs & bulbs
  • Flexible ship dates
  • Easy ordering options

Brands: Lily Looks™, Growing Colors™, Chick Charms® and More...


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  • Lily Looks
    Lily Looks pot lilies can be grown anytime, anywhere. Several varieties are available
    in each color, ensuring a supply of uniform, full color range pot lilies year round....

  • Why buy Lily Looks from 2Plant?

    • Higher number of flowers per plant

    • Insensitivity to leaf scorching

    • Shorter forcing period

    • Wider range of colors and varieties

    • No PGR's (genetically short plants)

    • Produce nice, healthy plants

    • Can be easily shipped

  • Daylilies
    Our Hemerocallis are grown on the West Coast. The extended growing season there allows for bigger root development which means that after potting, your containers will fill out quickly. There are so many varieties- the options are endless!


  • Why Domestic Fresh Dug Hemerocallis?

    • Direct from the grower

    • West Coast production

    • Large divisions

    • Harvest to planting - 10 days

    • High success rate

    • Great color selection

    • Great selection of re-bloomers

  • Bearded Iris
    Tall bearded are an old fashion garden staple enjoying a resurgence in popularity. We offer a wide selection of colors and rebloomers, bare root and plugs. Their big showy flowers will bring nostalgia and drama to the garden....

  • Why Bearded Iris?

    • Top 5 recognized perennials with very low exposure at retail

    • West Coast production

    • Large divisions

    • Options - Fall plant bare root - Spring plant plugs

  • Succulents
    Chick Charms® are the plants you've been searching for. Hardy succulents that provide year round color! These collectable hens and chicks have been hand selected from hundreds of varieties
    to take all of the worry out of your production.


  • Why Chick Charms?

    • Hardy Succulents

    • Collection of colorful Hens and Chicks

    • Year round color

    • Trio's unique retail opportunity

    • Eye-catching combinations

    • Drought tolerant

    • Top selling item

  • Hostas
    We offer 71 varieties of Hostas. TC field bulk Hostas are the best option for virus free input and the newest varieties. Our bare roots are the ideal input to achieve full 1 gal. Hostas in a single growing cycle....

  • Why TC Field Bulk Hostas?

    Year 1

    Tissue culture plant planted outside in the field.

    Year 2

    Kept in the field, for virus tests during growing season.

    Year 3

    At end of year 2, we dig, divide, and replant plants.

    Year 4

    Plants harvested, sorted and shipped undivided

  • Callas
    Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia) are one of the most beautiful and interesting flowers.
    The Calla bloom, is actually a modified leaf known as a spathe that houses the true flower. Callas are very popular for potted patio plants or holiday cops.


  • Why Callas?

    * Direct from the grower

    * Reliable availability 

    * Early fresh crop availability

    * Year round supply

    * Specific varieties selected for pots

    * Special treatment

    * More even emergence of the crop

    * More flowers in initial flush

  • Peonies
    Our pre-finished peonies are ready to sell in the spring. They will finish in 8 weeks at 60 degrees F with an average of 7-8 eyes per container. Garden, Fern Leaf, Itoh, and Tree peonies available....

  • Why 2Plant Peonies?

    4 Easy steps

    Step 1

    We plant the peonies in the early spring

    Step 2

    We grow them under a shade structure for one year

    Step 3

    We ship the peonies dormant during the month of February and you put

    them in a cold frame

    Step 4

    When the weather warms up, they are ready to ship in bud with over

    80-90% flowering

  • New Varieties
    New varieties of perennials are introduced to our program every year, enabling you to stay current with the best performing selections.

    Select 'More Info' for a link to a full list of our New Introductions....

  • Our new perennial varieties are trialed in various climate zones and selected for hardiness, vigor, growing success, and of course... beauty.   Consumer trends are studied and considered in every new introduction.  You can be assured that the new varieties that you add to your perennial program will offer fresh interest, and outstanding performance.


  • 2021 Growing Colors™ Spring Catalog
    Click on 'More Info' for a link to a digital version of our 2021 Spring Catalog...

  • 2021 Growing Colors™ Summer/Fall Catalog
    Click on 'More Info' for a link to a digital version of our 2021 Summer/Fall Catalog...


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