Better Bilt Products, Inc.

Addison,  IL 
United States

Better Bilt Products is an Illinois manufacturer serving the needs of IGC's, Retail Nurseries, Landscapers, and Arborists since 1946. Our made in the USA products include TopHat™ container stabilizers to stop wind tip overs; wire Pot Grids to hold perennials, grasses, tropicals; Brute (multi-use) & Diablo tree ball/rock landscaping carts; Helical auger anchors; Earth Anchor Tree Kits; and Vine Spine™ Trellis System;

Since 1946, Better Bilt Products (BBP) has maintained a solid core business in professional landscape & nursery products & diverse custom-made wire products. 

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  • TopHat® container plant stabilizer
    TopHat® container plant stabilizer keep your plants upright and healthy! Our unique design incorporates self-adjusting wire fingers that securely center and grip the container and transfer weight outward to the extended base ring.

  • TopHat® container plant stabilizers prevent damage to plants/trees and promote proper plant growth.  Self-adjusting wire fingers securely center and grip the container and a wide and stable platform helps prevent wind tip over.  Available in 7 standard sizes.

    Get ready to say good-bye to tip-over headaches and back bending pains!

    TopHat® benefits: 

    • Solve daily wind tip over headaches, saves money on labor & fertilizer, prevents damage, improves diplays.
    • Able to overlap the outer ring to save space, add strength
    • Long lasting galvanized wire
    • Stack easily for off-season storage
  • Earth Anchor Tree Kits
    BBP Earth Anchor Tree Kits:
    Underground Root Ball Kit
    Earth Anchor Tree Kit with Cable Clamp (or Gripple)
    Palm Collar Earth Anchor Tree Kit

  • Earth Anchor Tree Kits  - install with minimal ground disturbance in a variety of soil conditions. 

    BBP Tree Kits offer adjustable tension and safe tubing for tree health and the Underground Root Ball Kit (shown) offers the safest method with no trip hazard.

    Count down to successful tree planting with Better Bilt Products:

    4 earth anchors tree kits

    3 holding capacities up to 3,000 lbs.

    2 more options for tree staking: Earth Anchor bulk packs and Speed Stake Anchoring System

    1 supplier for all your anchoring needs

    Tree anchoring systems are recommended for:

    • First year support for new trees.
    • Young trees, especially if in a very windy area or if the soil is too sandy or loose.
    • Bare root trees or trees with a small root ball.
    • Tall top-heavy trees with no lower branches, such as Palm trees.
    • Provides additional support to withstand high wind and extreme weather conditions.

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