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The Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show, Inc. (MANTS ®) was established in 1970 by the Maryland and Virginia Nurserymen’s Associations. The West Virginia Nurserymen’s Association became the third partner in 1972. All three State Nursery and Landscape Associations are equal sponsors of the show. MANTS is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of three directors from each member state. They meet three times annually, including the day preceding the show. The Board elects its officers - president, vice president, secretary and treasurer at its first board meeting following MANTS, usually in February. Carville M. Akehurst was MANTS’ first Executive Vice President, a position he held until his death in 2001. Nancy Akehurst, a force behind MANTS from the beginning, was appointed by the Board to succeed her husband, which she did until her retirement in 2005. Vanessa Akehurst Finney follows in her family’s footsteps as MANTS’ third Executive Vice President. The first trade show was held in Williamsburg, Virginia in January, 1971 with 64 exhibitors and the second in 1972 at the Hunt Valley Inn in Cockeysville, Maryland with 79 exhibitors. During the ensuing years the show continued to grow with several more in Hunt Valley and three at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The January 1980 show was held in Norfolk, Virginia and all subsequent winter shows have been held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. 

Join MANTS Evergreen for hosted drop in hours: 

  • January 6th: 9 am - 12 pm
  • January 7th: 12 pm - 2 pm 
  • January 8th: 11 am - 3 pm 

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MANTS Means Business
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  • Place your order by January 8th and receive an additional $250 off our trade show prices! Discount applies to your first order.

 Press Releases

  • Due to COVID-19 concerns, ongoing restrictions on large indoor gatherings, and
    unforeseen unavailability at the Baltimore Convention Center, The Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show
    (MANTS) announced today that the 2021 show, initially scheduled for January 6-8, is unable to take
    place as an in-person event. MANTS organizers are, instead, working to provide an online platform
    where exhibitors and attendees can conduct business.
    Organizers had been optimistic about the possibility of continuing the 50-year tradition of MANTS in
    January 2021 but recently confirmed that the Baltimore Convention Center is not available for the
    scheduled dates due to its ongoing role as a State of Maryland field hospital. The Baltimore
    Convention Center has served as a 250-bed COVID-19 field hospital since April and will continue to
    serve in that capacity through the end of December. When factoring in additional time required to
    break down the field hospital and sanitize, it is impractical to assume proper access to the building
    even if the state should change its restrictions on large-scale indoor gatherings.
    “The health and safety of our exhibitors and attendees is our primary focus,” said MANTS Executive
    Vice President Vanessa Finney. “We’ve exhausted all other alternative dates for an in-person show,
    and while we are disappointed that we can’t meet in person, we are committed to keeping commerce
    within our industry alive and healthy. MANTS’ continued support of our show sponsors, the State
    Nursery and Landscape Associations of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia is critical despite the
    The Horticulture Industry has remained strong with interest in home gardening especially on the rise
    across the country due to quarantine. With many industry shows canceled in 2020 due to coronavirus,
    MANTS stands uniquely positioned to ensure exhibitors and buyers remain connected even though
    they cannot meet face-to-face.
    “MANTS has meant business for the green industry for 50 years, and we plan to continue this
    tradition into 2021,” added Finney. “We have long said that MANTS means business, and that has
    traditionally meant in-person and face-to-face, but over the next few weeks, we are working on an
    alternate way to keep that business relationship between exhibitor and buyer healthy and available
    through 2021.”


  • Azaleas
    Rhododendrons and azaleas are arguably the South's favorite shrubs. Many people think of them as entirely different plants, but they both belong to the genus Rhododendron, which comprises more than 800 species and 10,000 named selections....

  • Rhododendrons and azaleas are arguably the South's favorite shrubs. Many people think of them as entirely different plants, but they both belong to the genus Rhododendron, which comprises more than 800 species and 10,000 named selections. Even to the untrained eye, one difference between the two groups is obvious: rhododendrons generally have much larger leaves. From a technical standpoint, rhododendron flowers are bell shaped and have ten or more stamens, while azalea blooms are typically funnel shaped and have five stamens. By making their choices carefully, gardeners in almost every part of the South can enjoy some of these plants, even if that means growing them in containers. Rhododendrons generally do better in the Upper and Middle South, though a number of selections thrive in the Lower South.  Azaleas, however, are more accommodating; with the necessary attention to soil, light, and proper selection, they can be grown throughout the South.

    View our current availability list here for our complete lineup of Azaleas. 

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