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We are North America's leading wholesale horticultural distributor. It combines extensive experience, innovative thinking and world-class customer service to ensure professional growers have the best products, most efficient tools, dynamic growing solutions & More.

The Ball Seed field experts and customer service teams are the best in the business. From helping you choose the right varieties and cultural expertise, to trouble-shooting complex situations and managing your business through WebTrack®, Ball Seed strives to be the easiest company to do business with.

At Ball Seed, we are passionate about plants. Beyond that, we are passionate about this industry and the people involved in it. Our focus is on collaboration working with you, our customers, to find solutions that will bring SUCCESS to your business. Visit us today at

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Beacon Impatiens - Grows Stronger, Shines Longer
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 Press Releases

  • Ball Seed is excited to introduce the 2021 lineup of vegetative and seed new varieties for your upcoming Spring retail season. These distinctive plants feature attractive colors, unique textures, proven reliability and outstanding performance – all trialed and tested to ensure you'll have your best growing season ever.

    Download a copy of our 2021 New Varieties Brochure here or you can browse online virtually at this link. To request a printed copy, contact our helpful customer service team or your Ball Seed sales representative.

    Cheers to a new season of great introductions!

    (Click on the image below to view now.)

    2021 New Varieties
  • The Greenhouse Tech Team is a private Facebook Group facilitated by Ball Horticultural Company that encourages greenhouse professionals to engage, interact and share tips and tricks – so we can all grow the best crops to Color the World.

    Signing up to be a member is a great way to stay informed on new ways to produce the best plants. Information is organized into "post topics" to help make searching easier. If you have a question of your own, post it in the "ask an expert" topic. Or, if you would like to see a specific topic/challenge covered, post it in the comments section.

    One of the can't-miss areas is "In the Break Room," a video podcast from Ball Tech On Demand that shares technical training to help you make plans and implement changes. These digestible videos enhance your greenhouse production with topics such as sanitation, watering, plant nutrition and more.

    Have a question about the group? Let us know below. Or, submit your membership here to connect with the group admin.

    Ball Tech On Demand
  • NEW Supplier Rating

    To enhance the shopping experience for its customers, Ball Seed, North America’s leading distributor of horticultural products, is proud to launch the Quality Rating on WebTrack® its online ordering and business management system. The new Quality Rating is based on several years of customer feedback from hundreds of thousands of Ball Seed shipments. This evaluation system joins the Order Fill Rating currently on WebTrack, which tracks how well a supplier has delivered what the customer has ordered.

    Both the Quality and Order Fill Ratings are displayed with an icon (flower for Quality, star for Order Fill) as well as a numbered measurement (1-5, with 5 being the highest rating). The addition of color to the icons gives a clear visual reference during the ordering process, so customers can make an informed choice when making purchases.

    Supplier evaluations are continuously gathered and updated quarterly so an accurate rate is produced each season. Ball Seed believes the Quality and Order Fill Ratings will be especially important with late purchases, when customers may need to buy from a less familiar source.

    “Ball Seed is the only greenhouse distributor providing supplier ratings for both order fill and quality,” says Jim Kennedy, Sales Director for Ball Seed. “We are always looking out for our customer, and this enhanced rating system in WebTrack will build more confidence in their purchases.”

    See the new Quality Rating in action! Log on to to find top-rated suppliers. Not on WebTrack yet? Contact your Ball Seed sales rep or Ball ColorLink associate at 800 879-BALL to search, order and track your purchases today.

  • Ball WebTrack

    WebTrack Helps You Search, Order & Track Products

    With Ball WebTrack, you have instant online access to over 14,000 products from more than 225 suppliers. Place your orders with customized search options, suggestions for product substitutions and immediate order confirmations. Fast, easy ordering is available, along with culture sheets, shipment tracking, live inventory reserve – all in a clean, easy-to-use format.

    Easy order upload allows you to put an entire order spreadsheet into the system at one time. The system checks and reserves availability, and loads your shopping cart for you, filtering out problem items and providing substitute options, to save you time and reduce errors.

    An integrated barcode system provides an easy, efficient way to verify your order upon arrival.

    Receive weekly reports on orders and customized subscriptions, plus store order confirmations, invoices, statements, billing and more for up to two years for quick reference and easy reordering. Use custom reporting features for production planning and labor scheduling, so you don’t run out of what you need, when you need it most.

    Track order shipments in real time to see exactly where your order is so you can plan and schedule your labor needs.

    Access up-to-the-minute inventory information for the industry’s largest supplier lineup, then reserve it and place your order. Live availability ensures you will get the product for the date you ordered.

    Search tens of thousands of products, photos, culture information and marketing ideas from your laptop or mobile device.

    Find production tips and culture for thousands of products, helping you grow the best crop using the most current methods.

    Order tags, pots and POP along with your plants. Download and print bench cards for thousands of products, and use them at your own retail store, or provide them to your wholesale customers. You can select from over 20,000 FREE, high-resolution product images to download and use in your promotions.

    You can also tag and share your favorites, and upload your own photos.

    Get started now at, download WebTrack To Go® mobile from the App Store or Google Play, or call 800 879-BALL.

    Ball WebTrack  Ball WebTrack
  • Ball Mums – Excellence From Start To Finish

    Ball Garden Mums

    Ball Mums are the finest garden mums in the industry with excellent keeping quality. The Ball Mums Team stops at nothing to find the highest-quality products in the industry, so you can grow with confidence. We choose each variety after years of extensive trialing across North America. This results in the most superior genetics at all stages – from production through landscape performance. Our criteria include: Outstanding genetics, vivid colors, flower color retention, uniformity, durability and flexibility, excellent growth habit, reliability in production, and disease resistance.

    Visit to browse our latest catalogs, podcasts, tools and videos.

    Garden Mum Growth Tracking Tool

    Ball Garden Mums
    Download the Excel file above to see a projected model of development for each Ball Garden Mum you grow.

    New Varieties from Ball Mums


  • Impatiens Beacon® Rose
    Beacon has high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew, and offers the same habit and plant structure of traditional garden impatiens....

  • Bring Impatiens walleriana back into production without the risk of disease! Beacon impatiens offers high resistance to the currently known and widely prevalent populations of Plasmopara obducens, which cause Impatiens downy mildew. For lasting colour, you can rely on Beacon impatiens to thrive. Visit for more information. Rose joins the rest of the series of 7 total colors and 2 mixes for spring 2021.
  • Echinacea Artisan™ Collection
    The new Artisan collection elevates seed Echinacea....

  • The Artisan collection from Kieft Seed elevates seed Echinacea to offer consistency of plant structure for uniform and highly branched, full plants. It also provides uniformity of flowering, so all plants are ready to sell at the same time. The benefit of a seed input provides flexibility for production so it fits better into your schedule. Two colors are available for this award-winning coneflower collection: Red Ombre and Soft Orange. They are Zones 4a-10b hardy and are attractive to songbirds and other pollinating wildlife. Visit

  • Petunia Easy Wave® Rose Fusion
    Easy Wave has a versatile habit for hanging baskets, retaining walls, landscapes or any place you have a sunny location....

  • Always a standout in the petunia market, the Easy Wave series lets you design with a wide array of decorator colors, like NEW Rose Fusion. The mid-rose-colored blooms have a deep rose veins. (It was named by our Wave Fan Club!) Easy Wave has a versatile habit for hanging baskets, retaining walls, landscapes or any place you have a sunny location. Best of all, these all-season salesmakers deliver customer-pleasing performance all Summer. Follow us @WaveGardening on social channels.

  • Petunia Shock Wave® Purple Tie Dye
    Masses of color from an amazing number of petite, high-impact flowers....

  • Shock Wave hanging baskets are blanketed with masses of color from an amazing number of petite, high-impact flowers. Their smaller bloom size helps them bounce back quick from rain or overhead watering. NEW Purple Tie Dye has a variable purple-blue and white bicolor flower pattern that is very appealing and playful for the modern garden. Follow us @WaveGardening on social channels.
  • Petunia Bee’s Knees
    Lush, flower-filled plants put on a high-impact show all season....

  • Bee’s Knees from Ball FloraPlant brings the most intense yellow petunia to your designs. It blooms into a lush, flower-filled plant and puts on a high-impact show all season long with very little maintenance. Great performance in baskets or landscapes, and holds its yellow color better than any other yellow petunia. WINNER of the 2020 Medal of Excellence Reader's Choice Award. Learn more at

  • Calibrachoa Cha-Cha™
    A vigorous calibrachoa perfect for patio containers or hanging baskets....

  • Cha-Cha is a vigorous calibrachoa perfect for patio containers or hanging baskets. It features large, cascading blooms, and is easy to grow. Mixes well with other sun-loving annuals. The stand-out color in this new series is Diva Hot Pink (shown), a color-shifting novelty of yellow and pink with massive textural appeal. See all the colors at

  • Sky Petunias
    Two new colors for 2021 join the Sky Family of Headliner petunias....

  • Headliner is quickly becoming growers' first-choice for petunia baskets. This medium-vigor, mounded series from Selecta One boasts a dramatic color range. New for spring 2021 are additions to the “Sky Family”: Electric Purple Sky catches the eye with vibrant color and the trendy sky pattern. Crystal Sky is a softer lavender version of the popular Night Sky constellation pattern. Learn more at

  • Signify Linear LED Toplight 2.1
    Growth like never before. Break the barriers of yield and quality....

  • Philips GreenPower LED toplighting delivers very high light output, while radiating much less heat than HPS toplighting. That means you can control light and temperature more separately from each other to reach unprecedented lighting levels for your plants and gain more control over growing conditions. Philips GreenPower LED toplighting combined with our dedicated light recipes, opens up new opportunities for every greenhouse grower to increase their quality and yields and move to year-round production. LED toplighting can shorten growth cycles, increase yields, reduce energy and enable more economic use of space.

    Contact your Ball Seed sales representative at to learn more. 

  • S.B. Machinerie From Ball Seed
    Greenhouse equipment that saves you time and moves more product....

  • Machinerie from S.B. Inc. is powerful yet simple greenhouse equipment that helps you cut labor costs, save time and maximize your work efficiency. From pot fillers to conveyors and bale breakers, Ball Seed offers the machines you use daily to get the job done. S.B. Machinerie has been updated! Check out our latest information sheets to learn about each model. Download the S.B. Machinerie info sheets here.

    Have questions? Contact your Ball Seed sales representative or Tomas Urbonas, Hardgoods Manager for Ball Seed: 630 588-3494,
  • 2021 THRIVE Regional Landscape Recommendations
    The latest Ball Landscape brochure is here....

  • The 2021 THRIVE Landscape Solutions brochures are filled with regional plant recommendations from the experts at Ball Seed. These top-performing plants are varieties you can count on for landscape success. Download your region today at For more information about these reliable color choices, talk to your Ball Seed sales representative or Ball ColorLink team member at 800 879-BALL.

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2021! 

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