Kankakee Nursery Co.

Aroma Park,  IL 
United States

Hello MANTS!

Kankakee Nursery is a 2,500-acre grower of exceptional shade trees, ornamental trees and evergreens. We specialize in both balled-and-burlapped and container production, and are located 1 hour south of Chicago in Aroma Park, IL with shipping throughout the USA and into Canada. 2021 marks our 96th year in business, each one led by 4 generations of the Worth family.

We understand the challenges your business faces when buying trees. You need straight trunks, pest-free foliage, healthy and fibrous root systems, beautiful canopies and sturdy root balls and you need them dug and shipped at the right time. Not only all of that, but you need the trees you and your customers prefer AVAILABLE! That’s where we come in.

Our minimum for delivery is just $1,000. We encourage you to reach out today to get a load of Kankakee plants rolling your way come spring.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope we'll be eating crab cakes with you again in 2022!

For orders, quotes or questions, please email us at sales@kankakeenursery.com or call us at 800-344-7697. 


A Spring Day at Kankakee Nursery

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  • Buy any 50 trees from this list and receive our EXTRA SPECIAL TREE PRICING!

    650 Red Jewel Crabapple 2"BB $95.00

    234 Sugar Tyme Crabapple 2"BB $85.00

    268 Sugar Tyme Crabapple 2.5"BB $95.00

    1,027 Platanus Exclamation Planetree 2"BB $100.00

    795 New Horizon Elm 2"BB $105.00

    364 New Horizon Elm 2.5"BB $125.00

    193 New Horizon Elm 3"BB $135.00

    327 Princeton American Elm 2.5"BB $130.00

    564 Triumph Elm 2"BB $115.00

    Check out our entire inventory online...it's updated daily!


  • Trees, Evergreens and Shrubs
    Shade & Ornamental Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs. Balled and Burlapped & Containerized....

  • We grow over 140 varieties of Shade, Ornamental & Patio Trees either balled-and-burlapped or container (#10 thru #25). We also specialize in field-grown evergreens including Arborvitae, Junipers, Boxwood, Spruce and Pine with an additional selection of field-grown shrubs such as Burning Bush and Viburnums. 

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2021! 

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