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PBH Rice Hulls

PBH Nature's Media Amendment is a natural co-product of rice offering nursery and greenhouse growers many advantages. A product of Riceland Foods, Inc., PBH rice hulls are uniquely processed and parboiled to verify purity and cleanliness.  

In the nursery, PBH is used as a container topdress to help prevent weed seed germination and growth. A layer of 1 to 2 inches of PBH rice hulls prevents air-borne weed seeds from reaching the growing mix and germinating. This not only manages weeds, including liverwort, but can also reduce herbicide use, reduce phytotoxicity in herbicide-sensitive plants, dramatically decrease hand weeding and reduce watering and drought stress. All for just pennies per container. 

In the greenhouse, PBH rice hulls are used as a perlite replacement to create optimum porosity and drainage. PBH rice hulls are dramatically less dusty, provide a more natural color and available at a lower basic cost than perlite.

Available in 30-cubic-foot bales or 50-pound bags.

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The PBH Rice Hull Advantage


  • PBH Nature's Media Amendment in the Nursery
    PBH rice hulls are a product of Riceland Foods, Inc. used as a container topdress to manage weeds in the nursery environment. These uniquely processed and parboiled rice hulls are a readily renewable resource supporting sustainable plant production....

  • PBH in the Nursery

    PBH rice hulls are a uniquely processed natural product used as a topdress material on field grown nursery containers to help prevent weed seed germination and growth. With a sufficient layer of PBH rice hulls in nursery containers, weed seeds are captured in the rice hull zone and are unable to reach the growing mix and make the seed-to-soil contact necessary to germinate and grow. This grower-developed approach to container weed control is a simple process that works. 

    Consider the Benefits

    • Topdress of one to two inches helps prevent air-borne weeds seeds from reaching the growing media and germinating
    • Dramatically reduces container weeds, including tough ones such as liverwort
    • Excellent potential for fewer herbicide applications
    • Better use of labor by significantly reducing hand-weeding and expense
    • Can help reduce phytotoxicity in herbicide-sensitive material
    • Potential for reduced watering and drought stress
    • Apply PBH rice hulls at potting, prior to watering
    • Can be applied by hand or with suitable topdress equipment
    • Costs only pennies per container
    • Helps reduce input costs and improve profit margins
  • PBH Nature's Media Amendment in the Greenhouse
    PBH Nature's Media Amendment is a uniquely processed rice hull product used by greenhouse growers as a replacement for perlite in the growing mix....

  • PBH in the Greenhouse

    PBH rice hulls are a natural product used as a replacement for perlite in greenhouse growing media. It is a number one choice for sustainable plant production and a whole lot more. 

    Consider the Benefits

    • Ideal size, shape and bulking properties create optimum porosity and drainage
    • Lower basic cost and dramatically less dusty than perlite
    • Highly compressed standard bag or bulk bale reduces freight, labor, waste, storage
    • About one-third fewer deliveries -- 7 truckloads of PBH versus 10 of perlite
    • Natural color blends well with other media components
    • University researched, grower proven
    • Offers environmental, horticultural and economic advantages
    • Provides sustainability, quality and value

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