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Over 26 years ago, The Pack Manufacturing Company began developing and building automated solutions for production and material handling in the horticulture and agriculture industries. Pack Manufacturing focused very early on providing custom equipment for the customer, made to fit the needs of individual growers. This attention to customer needs has grown Pack Manufacturing into one of the leading providers of greenhouse and nursery equipment in the world.  With a wide range of automated solutions and decades of experience in designing durable equipment for rugged environments, Pack Manufacturing is able to offer growers all the tools needed to maximize their workforce and create new efficiencies in production. Whether you need to increase production, reduce workers in proximity, or do more with a smaller workforce, Pack manufacturing has the solutions for your business. Give us a call today at (931) 473-9980 or visit us online at to find out more.


  • Pioneer Filler
    The Pack Manufacturing Pioneer Filler™ is the Newest Economy Flat and Pot Filling system for all your container growing needs. The Pack Manufacturing Pioneer Filler™ is designed with the beginning small business in mind....

  • As you are pioneering your new horticultural venture, the Pioneer Filler™ is there to make sure your new business has all the tools it needs for success. This machine is designed to AFFORDABLY produce 1500 flats per hour and 950 five-gallon pots per hour. The Pioneer Filler™ is 100% Plug and Play, so as you build capital and expand your operations, your new equipment will automatically work with your existing Pioneer Filler™. The Pioneer Filler™ works from a standard 230 VAC plug, so you will not need any expensive changes to your facility’s infrastructure. If you are ready to go to work filling your containers and flats in the most efficient way, look no further for an affordable solution with consistent quality and vastly reduced labor requirements. Pioneer Filler™ comes equipped with all the standard features included, and any premium or custom feature can be added. The Pack Manufacturing Company is offering all this with the lowest price tag in the industry! 
  • PM20 Combination Mixer and Flat Filler
    Deciding which jobs to automate and which jobs to do manually can be a challenge. Pack Manufacturing is making that decision easier with the PM20 Mixer and Flat Filler....

  • The compact Pack Manufacturing PM20 Combination Mixer and Flat Filler is an economical solution for new or small grow operations. This innovative new design combines the functionality of a batch mixer with a high volume mobile flat filler. The PM20 is equipped with a 1 cubic yard hopper and an integrated internal mixer. A clear polycarbonate lid allows you to watch your media mix and provides the additional safety feature of an automatic cut-off if the lid is opened. Standard features on the PM20 include an adjustable rotary brush, adjustable pot sweep, auger soil return, and a 15-inch-wide filling conveyor. The Pack Manufacturing PM20 is utilitarian, compact and versatile- capable of filling about any container type including liner trays, nursery pots, and hanging baskets. Many customization options are available for a piece of truly unique equipment to fit your operations. Instead of spending limited capital on manual labor, make an investment that will repay you many times over in increased productivity and lower costs.

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