Bamaplast S.r.l.

Massa e Cozzile, 

Bamaplast, the Italian plastic pots

Our pots are everywhere.

Made in Italy for the plants all over the world.
From small to big nurseries, the motto for Bamaplast is only one: your trust.
Trust that is recognized in over 50 countries around the world, thanks to our maximum willing, quality and attention to your needs.

Our DNA: inventing, designing, developing.

50 years of love for your plants.

An unchanged commitment to create the best plastic pots for your needs.
Bamaplast builds its own molds with cutting-edge technologies.
A feature value that has always allowed us to listen to your specific requests.
Our pots, tailored for your plants.

Brands: Bamaplast is an Italian plastic pots maker. Our product range is: Nursery pots, Floriculture pots, Garden pots, Buckts for cut flowers, Accessories.


Bamaplast - Italian Nursery Plastic Pots

 Press Releases

  • Meet our wide range square pot, antispiralling square pots and grid bottom square pots for all your plants.

    Bamaplast has already develop new system to grow organic soft fruits in container and make them healthy!


  • Nursery Pots
    Our Nursery pots line is made with high quality and recycled plastics that can be reused and lasts. They start from 0,5 gallons up to 400 gallons.


  • Bamaplast Nursery Pot series comes with:

    Nursery Pot

    High Nursery Pot

    Low Nursery Pot

    Reinforced Nursery Pot

    Net Pot

    Square Pot

    Antispiralling Square Pot

    Square Pot w/ Grid Bottom

    Tub w/ Side Handles

    Tub w/ Upon Handles

    Tub w/o Handles

    Pistoia Tub

    Container Pistoia

  • Square Pots
    Suitable for several kinds of growing, an extraordinary range of various sizes is available. Especially recommended for: fruit trees, ornamental and reforestation plants.
    The square pots will meet all your need as well....

  • Features of the square pots, the anti-spiralling square pots and the grid bottom square pots:

    • The square plastic pots allow an exploitation of the surface 44% more than any other round pot with the same capacity
    • The special anti-spiralling veins force vertically the root development and prevent its winding. It allows a rapid growth and a strong plant resistance.
    • The grid bottom square pots, thanks to the filtering of air and light, allow the roots to ramify.

    Pots trays are availble for 7x7, 8x8, 9x9 and 10x10.

    8x8, 9x9 and 10x10 are available with high feet (2,5 inch height).

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