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Enduraleaf® botanically correct artificial greenery provides synthetic solutions for hard to grow areas such as rooftops, irrigation challenged environments and shaded areas. A perfect solution to high maintenance costs, Enduraleaf® eliminates the need for watering, weeding and trimming. Well known for boxwood hedges, topiaries and green walls, Enduraleaf® also features a variety of other greeneries, grasses, flowers and succulents. An ideal product for accenting live goods. The polymer used in all Enduraleaf® branded products is a unique and proprietary formula that includes a class leading 5-year warranty against UV-degradation. 

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 Press Releases

  • Greenville, NC – New Growth Designs’ popular Enduraleaf® Collection expands once again with the addition of new Arborvitae Shrubs in 32” and 30” sizes.  Constructed for long life in the out-of-doors, these new Enduraleaf® products feature dense green foliage with spring green tips and green berries in two unique designs. 
    The new Arborvitae shrubs of Enduraleaf® are realistic options for adding lasting greenery to challenging outdoor spaces. Due to a weather-resistant construction, the maintenance-free plants can provide flexibility in exterior landscaping and patio-scape designs.  
    Each of these new introductions are created of lush overall foliage.  The 32” shrub is naturally shaped to a slender peak  while the 30” shrub features a fuller and more rounded profile.  At 20”L x 20”W x 32”H or 14"L x 14"W x 30"H, these Enduraleaf® faux botanicals are completely UV-stabilized. 
    First designed in 2019 to offer practical solutions for challenging growing situations and environments, Enduraleaf’s durability represents advances in product engineering by New Growth Designs.  Enduraleaf® products carry a 5-Year Limited Warranty based on accelerated weathering tests lasting more than 7,000 continuous hours.  
    For more information about New Growth Designs contact or 252-752-6195. 
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    About New Growth Designs.
    New Growth Designs, designer and manufacturer of fine faux flowers, plants and trees for the design trade is a family-owned business committed to being the best resource for permanent botanicals.  Started by floral artist, Ed Glenn, the primary mission of New Growth Designs was to be a source for incredibly lifelike with each stem, leaf and bloom exhibiting natural beauty.  Constructed in the USA by true artisans, each product incorporates the finest in materials including proprietary Enduraleaf® and Durt®. 


  • 28" Boxwood Ball Topiary, 48"H
    This realistic 28" Boxwood Ball is fastened in a square fiberglass pot creating a simple, versatile outdoor decoration....

  • Each ball has a wire support inside for stability. The pot is made of lightweight fiberglass with a matte lead finish and hole for water drainage.

    Overall dimensions: 28"L x 28"W x 48"H

  • 62" Boxwood Hedge with planter
    Made with UV-stable Enduraleaf®
    Material: LDPE
    Color: Two-tone Green
    Overall dimensions: 65"L x 14"W x 42"H...

  • Especially versatile for weddings and events, this hedge is covered on 4 sides and top with faux Boxwood, and is mounted on painted wooden frame to fit our 65" long planter, made of sturdy Fiberglass for outdoors. Boxwood foliage is made of Enduraleaf LDPE (Low-density polyethylene), engineered to last longer in full sun and weather exposure.

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