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Arborjet Inc. is the leading plant health care company, which for 20 years has focused on providing the most effective formulations and delivery systems to protect trees, shrubs, and plants from a wide variety of insect, disease, and nutritional concerns. Backed by years of research, Arborjet provides the most effective and environmentally responsible treatment options available anywhere, with 3900 service providers and over one million trees saved! As premier solutions providers, Arborjet is committed to advancing the industries it serves through thought leadership, product and technology development, scientific research, and exceptional customer service.


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  • Woburn, MA.,Oct. 22, 2020: Arborjet Inc., the leading manufacturer in tree and plant care is pleased to announce that the Plant Growth Regulator, Shortstop® 2SC is now available to be used on both trees and shrubs. Applicators may use it as a soil drench for trees and shrubs and as a foliar spray for shrubs.

    “Shortstop 2SC provides a number of benefits, which include the reduction in plant growth, the production of thicker, waxier leaves, increased fibrous roots, and enhanced flowering. With these changes in morphological characteristics, we are observing healthier plants that require less pruning and may express greater resistance to environmental stresses,” states Arborjet Director of Research and Development, Joe Doccola.

    The addition of the shrub label will provide the following benefits for end users:

    • One product may now be used for both trees and shrubs, reducing shelf space and label management
    • Above ground growth regulation means less time spent shearing & shaping
    • Less people power needed, allowing more time for other jobs
    • Less debris generated means less dump and disposal fees
    • Increased drought resistance - more fibrous roots help find available water
    • Increased disease suppression - thicker, waxier leaves make it harder for fungi and fruiting bodies to take hold 
    • Improved appearance – treated plants typically have denser, greener leaves, show less signs of chlorosis, and have more flowers  

    “This is the perfect time to treat for optimal spring results. We also hope our customers will take advantage of our early order program to be well prepared for spring applications. Shortstop® 2SC contains a far greater percentage of active ingredients than other shrub treatments and is very cost competitive. The higher level of active means far fewer containers needing to be stored in shops and vehicles, making it an ideal product for our valued customers. Additionally, like all other Arborjet products Shortstop 2SC is readily available locally through our national distribution partners.” said Arborjet President and CEO Russ Davis.

    Press Contact: Kelly Rostad


  • NutriRoot
    NutriRoot combines the Hydretain technology with micro and macronutrients, humic acid, seaweed extract, and a surfactant. Reduce the need for watering while promoting root growth and plant establishment even in stressed conditions....

  • Unique blend of nutrients, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and hygroscopic humectants designed to increase root development and reduce water stress in trees, shrubs, bedding plants, installs, and transplants.

    •Supplies organic matter and aids in the proliferation of soil microorganisms
    • Reduces water run-off from repellent, dry soil surfaces
    • Can be used throughout the entire growing season

  • Shortstop 2SC
    Shortstop 2SC is a systemic plant growth regulator that slows above ground vegetative growth in trees and shrubs....

  • Shortstop 2SC may now be used for both trees and shrubs. It slows above-ground vegetative growth by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis. Results last longer when applied to the soil near the base of the tree or shrub by soil injections or with a basal soil drench. Foliar applications may also be applied to shrubs. Shortstop 2SC benefits your trees and shrubs by redistributing energy to increase root production, altering leaf physiology to reduce water vapor loss, and increasing the production of chlorophyll to aid in the process of photosynthesis.

    Effective for: Slowing growth, reducing pruning frequency, reducing drought stress, reducing construction damage, enhancing fine root hair growth, and increase overall appearance. 

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